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Erilyn rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: c1129
Well, as the translator I feel somewhat obligated to give this 5 stars, but it is definitely one of my favorite web novels and might just be my favorite. I'm not giving it 5 stars because it's perfect, and there are things I could complain about if I didn't want to be super aware about not spoiling anything, but even my most major complaints don't ruin the story, and I enjoyed reading it the whole way through. Even those complaints are mostly around the late middle chapters, so I can... more>> especially recommend reading the chapters that will be coming out for a while. <<less
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Erilyn rated it
Adachi to Shimamura
May 19, 2019
Status: v8
I really like this story, but it's hard to explain why in a review. What makes it hard is that it's a slice of life story that reveals the personalities of the two main characters as they narrate what happens, so listing the personality traits that make the story interesting (to me, at least) is basically giving spoilers for the story. The most important thing to note outside of spoilers is that it's a slow (like, probably slower than you're thinking) and introspective slice of life story to the core.... more>> As for the mostly non-story but personality spoilers:


This is the story of the hopelessly gay for Shimamura (but kind of in denial about it) Adachi girlfriend-zoning Shimamura, and Shimamura mostly just going along with it. There are hints throughout that Shimamura cares for Adachi more than is obvious from a surface reading of the story, but they're mostly subtle. Shimamura is the first (and only) thing Adachi has ever been interested in, and she's a blushing, stuttering, immature gay mess. On the other hand, Shimamura patiently endures some things caused by that immaturity (for reasons that might not be clear until more of her personality is revealed) and has a lot of fun teasing Adachi, especially since Adachi's lack of interest in other people has led to a lack of common sense when it comes to all things social.

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