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Enyhrye rated it
Demon’s Diary
February 8, 2016
Status: --
I would like the author to use his identity as a person that grown up in harsh environment, has rich battle experience and learnt some strange techniques more. Apart from that it’s a good story. MC is not a moron, everyone else in his vicinity is not a moron, villains have more to say than typical “DIE TRASH!” 20 times during one fight... Read it, rate it, support the translator, let’s have some more chapters!
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Enyhrye rated it
Age of Adepts
February 14, 2018
Status: c204
Really good story. You wont find many novels that I would want to read more of so much that I actually go, rate it and write a review. I read a lot of novels not because those are good but because I can do it for free, dont have to think while doing so, etc. If most of those would stop being translated I wouldnt even bat an eye. This story was droped once and I was really sad about it. Now its back and I want more...

This is one... more>> of those stories where you can find real characters. You can like them, hate them, but they are there. Its not like in most novel where you read over and over again about 3 people just with different names and in different places: bad person ("you dare!?"), good person ("let me explain younger brother") and a pet. Story does not repeat itself in every other city/place MC travel to. Characters have their own goals that are not any better or worst than MCs.

In other reviews you will read that its similar to WotMW. Its not. There is magic and a chip, thats whats similar. Age of adepts is much more... realistic than WotMW. Just try it <<less
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Enyhrye rated it
Ze Tian Ji
January 19, 2016
Status: --
This is easily the best CN I ve seen.

Characters are “real”, they have real motives, real emotions and psychology. In most xianxia novels characters can be divided in probably less than 10 categories and within those categories all that differentiate one from another is their name. You have “young-master-this-is-my-woman”, “brother-please-save-me”, “extremely-jadelike-proud-beauty”, “not-so-strong-anymore-good-father”, etc. If you open up few random chapters you will find the same conversations: “die trash!”. Not in Ze Tian Ji.

Story is actually really good. There has been at least 3 times that I thought: “oh! this is... more>> the place that MC will get his new super artefact!”, “and here goes the super expert that will help the MC solve his problems”, “now he will get powerful for sure!” – NOPE. Not even once was I right.

There are actually real political schemes going on... And Im not talking about “sect A doesnt like sect B so they send dumbest of their young students to show them who's boss”.

Things that characters say to each other really matters! This is new! No “die trash! you die! my power is stronger! such profound strength!” god, why... But we have real dialogues here.

I would love to read this much faster so guys! Go support the translator pls! <<less
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