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Elizabrush rated it
Light Beyond (LN)
December 14, 2016
Status: c4
This is a story about a young girl who dies and wakes up in someone else's body. The twist is, she only has one year to occupy that body before she dies again for real, and the original body was someone truly detestable and cruel. MC struggles to fit into her new role and not cause too much suspicion, but also does her best to live her one year without regrets and leave behind a better legacy for the original girl.

The author really focuses on character development and it really... more>> shines in this novel. The MC's emotions feel genuine and she acts pretty much like you'd expect a bewildered young girl in a difficult situation to. That said, she still has that strong, kind, and stand-out MC quality so you want to root for her. The romance feels like it's gonna be sort of a reverse harem with a strong male lead; I'm really pumped to see how MC and Male lead's relationship develops further.

The religious/political/social undertones also look promising, and the translator did a great job with this. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapters! <<less
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Elizabrush rated it
The Struggle of Returning to The Other World
July 4, 2018
Status: c11
The "I'm just a normal girl trying to live a commoner life but these powerful guys/nobles keep pestering me" trope has been somewhat exhausted by now in Japanese webnovels but its popular for a reason, imo. This series also does a fresh take on it, so even if it's not taking any huge risks plot-wise, the story still has something to set it apart from your typical version of this trope.

Unlike other novels where the MC remains "normal" by purposefully hiding her specialness/sainthood, this novel's MC is an ex-saint so... more>> therefore lacks all the fancy powers and privileges she had before. But, being an ex-saint, she is familiar with what it's like to be one, which adds more depth and complexity to her struggle to adapt to her new normalness in this fantasy world.

In my opinion the MC is written pretty realistically:

she feels both nostalgic about her old privileges and relieved to be a commoner; she seems determined to go home but is also practical about settling in temporarily; she feels envious/jealous of the new Saint but not hatefully so, more of a from-a-distance kinda feeling; she has lingering feelings for her old crush (which is completely reasonable imo bc judging from the text they hung out together almost 24/7 for a year and she says she was pretty dependent on him) but she did/does her best to let him go after being rejected; she doesn't tell everyone about being the former Saint but knows she needs the help of her former associates; etc. Etc.

It makes a novel more enjoyable as a whole when the primary character feels more relatable.

At the time I'm writing this review the story is just be getting started so I'm only gonna give it 4 stars as I feel it's still too early to reeaally judge the series. But with the recent update the plot seems to have picked up a lil so I'm eager to know what happens next! Thanks to the translator and editor for their great work :) <<less
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Elizabrush rated it
There’s No God in Show Business
January 29, 2019
Status: c6
It's a bit early to comment on the plot since we're still figuring out what's going on as of this review (ch 7), but the writing feels fluid, tight, yet detailed. The story is taking its time with its progression, but it doesn't feel like there's really any much unnecessary fluff/padding. Then again, that could just be due to the excellent (and I mean excellent) translator. My only slight quibble is that right now MC's progression is insanely fast (like practically a nobody to trending on Weibo overnight) but hey,... more>> who doesn't enjoy some guilty-pleasure Gary Stu-ness lol.

I'm looking forwards to see where the story goes!! <<less
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