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Against the Gods
July 12, 2017
Status: c606
This boys and girls is one of the worst novels to exist.

Perverted MC, who despite saying I love you I love you, doesn't care about YOU. Instead of searching for his pregnant old lady (over 40 years older than MC) he asks some guys to search for her.

Major change of character in less than 2 chapters. First he was seen as a serious and smart person, but then he changes and says like is all about women, then why did you ****ing have just one love in your previous life,... more>> mister very smart?

Anyway, don't even try to read it, in less than 400 chapter you'll get sick of it. <<less
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Chaotic Sword God
July 12, 2017
Status: c522
Novel is very good in some parts, however the harem is half good half bad.

Mainly because the princess Xue, despite having no skill whatsoever is given a not existing skill to become a smart girl who leads the mercenaries, then comes his cousin, Qian, who also despite being so weak, MC spent many heavenly resources to progress her cultivation, and still in the end she is just like P. Xue.

Those two, I hate. However I rate it a 4, 7 Rating.
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