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Eldau rated it
Versatile Mage
March 6, 2016
Status: --
Pretty good story at the latest read chapter of 40. It's like a xianxia with limited (fixed) cultivation in a 'modern' setting, where magicians (cultivators) have a star (single element) they can cultivate in order to grow in strength (physical and magical) and use more advanced magic within their cultivated element. Currently not much more than this is explained in the way of the magicians, so it can be hard to grasp what the actual pinnacle of strength is.
The protagonist does get away with just a bit too much... more>> in terms of his arrogance due to the world being set up with a protection for the younger generations, and strength is more or less equal to time cultivated (and talent, but mostly time cultivated), which seems to be the defining trait of magical strength. In other words, the MC is too arrogant for his strength and he isn't being directly tested (combat) yet, so he is in a way being let to run loose.


No real combat, not counting him trying elementary magic on some 'bullies' in Chapter 16'ish, but it should pick up in the next couple of chapters as it is set up for them to gain combat experience.

It does contain some weird expressions (Cursing and internet slang) which also takes getting used to if you expect it to be similar to a xianxia.

TL:DR: Nice 'modern' setting world, but MC isn't properly tested in terms of his strength so it feels a bit unbalanced. <<less
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Eldau rated it
The Lazy King
March 1, 2016
Status: --
This is an incredibly lazy novel as other have stated, I quite frankly fell asleep reading this several times, I might have been tired, but I did fall asleep far more than I usually do, due to the weird pacing. The universe is diverse and with switching characters following a theme of the seven deadly sins, we are told the story from their perspective.

Due to going into details of their characters you do get involved with the characters and wish for (if not all, then most of them) them to... more>> succeed in their errands, but if you can't manage slower paced novels, you might have trouble reading this. <<less
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