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Eishun rated it
God and Devil World
April 22, 2017
Status: c539
I gave this novel a 3.0 rating before, but now I would like to change it to 1.0 because I found that the writing got worse later on.

Why do I say that?

Well, I LOVED it at the beginning. When the zombie outbreak happened and he's running around killing zombies and saving people. The ideas were fresh. I found the leveling system to be interesting and I got excited when the zombies started dropping Skill Books and Treasure Boxes.

I loved how Yue Zhong organised the group and I loved the way... more>> he drove out the useless hanger-ons. He's right. If you can't contribute to the survival of a group, then you don't deserve to be in it.

Anyway, Yue Zhong and Qi Qing Wu fought right at the beginning and they were rewarded for their courage. That's great. Loved that bit too. Hard work and courage should be rewarded.

BUT... BUT then things got kinda stale 500 chapters later. The author used the same plot every single time. Yue Zhong came. He saw. Then he conquered. It's true that every city he conquered were cesspits of corruption and the leaders totally deserved to be removed because they were useless and corrupted, but things got kinda repetitive.

Also, I kinda got sick and tired of Yue Zhong's behavior during the Vietnam and Japanese story arcs.

I felt like I was reading propaganda material written by a Communist Party official instead of a fantasy web novel written by an independent web novelist.

In Vietnam, almost all Vietnamese were portrayed as racist murderers out to kill all Chinese. And Yue Zhong felt justified in killing thousands of Vietnamese. A majority of Vietnamese killed by Yue Zhong did murder Chinese nationals but there were many Vietnamese who probably did not hurt the Chinese living in Vietnam. But it's okay. They were Vietnamese so Yue Zhong did not think it's necessary to treat them like, you know, real people.

In one chapter, he marched up to a village and kill the village head without even bothering to negotiate with him first. Yue Zhong simply want the resources in that village. So BANG! The village head died. Why? Because. Don't ask. Shut up and eat your dinner.

Later when he went to Japan, he immediately ran into unrealistically 2-dimensional Japanese survivors. Upon seeing Yue Zhong, they tried to drive him away from their village and started talking about the Diaoyu Islands dispute with China.

For real? Really? Does this author really think that's how Japanese people behave? Has he even visited Japan before? Has he even left his house to interact with real humans before?

That scene was too unrealistic. I mean, look. Look here, author-san. Put yourself into the shoes of a real human born in Japan. The world changed into a Resident Evil scenario a year ago. Your neighbors, family members and friends turned into flesh-eating zombies. You suddenly became a RPG character and gained strange game-like abilities. And yeah, starvation was nigh.

And the first thing that popped into your mind after meeting a Chinese national in this strange new world was the Diaoyu Islands dispute??? Really? Really really?? Really really really???

There's a limit to my patience, you know. I can put up with all sorts of bad plot developments and idiotic story characters, but when you go all out to make your characters as 2-dimensional as possible, that really pisses me off.

Having just finished reading Chapter 539, I can no longer consider this to be a sci-fic fantasy novel anymore. It's just nationalistic propaganda. And as a Chinese person myself, I am really tired of State propaganda. Even if you add in zombies and game elements, propaganda is still propaganda and I can't enjoy it.

Oh yeah, that's not all. The author introduced way too many characters! I can't keep up with all the characters! I can barely remember the core characters who were with Yue Zhong from way back when! Who's Lu Wen? Who's Guo Yu? Who's who? I can't even remember the name and skills of that school girl he saved from a certain group of bandits. Because there were way too many school girls and bandits in the story! Before introducing new characters, please develop the old ones first! Properly and patiently, to ensure that your readers do not forget the core members of Yue Zhong's team.

In conclusion, mainly (99%) because of all the nationalistic propaganda and partly because of the huge mess of secondary characters, I can only give this novel a 1.0 rating. Unfortunately, I gave a 3.0 rating several days ago and I can't change it now.

And it's really unfortunate that I have to give such a low rating. Because the novel had a really good start. When I reached Chapter 10, I gave it a 500.0 rating. It was that good. I felt that I had to give it the highest available rating (5.0) and multiply it by a hundred! But then the nationalistic crap started happening... And when I started reading the Vietnam arc story, the 500.0 rating dropped to 3.0. And when Yue Zhong arrived at Japan, it dropped to a lousy 1.0 rating.

Finally, I have one advice for readers who absolutely love novels with gaming elements. You can try Gate of Revelation. It's also written by a Chinese author and it also has an English version. It also contains gaming elements (such as the Leveling system). The difference is that there's none of that nationalistic propaganda that you find in God and Devil World. And the core characters do stick together even when new characters are introduced, so it's less confusing to read. <<less
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Eishun rated it
Peerless Genius System
July 3, 2019
Status: c584
Your typical weak-to-strong story. An average salaryman broke up with his girlfriend, got into an accident and died. As his compensation, he received a System, which worked by awarding points based on the amount of awe or anger or fear the protagonist inspired in others.

And using the accumulated points, the protagonist bought skills such as Constitution of the Mercenary King, Sinew Metamorphosis and Dragon Subduing Palm from the System.

At first I liked the story and empathized with the protagonist. He was humble and mild-mannered unless someone provoked him. Just like... more>> myself in real life. And using the skills bought from the System, he punished evil-doers. If you like face-slapping scenes where arrogant assholes get their comeuppance, then there are a lot of such scenes in this novel. Very cathartic.

And then, after chapter 300, Nationalism reared its ugly head. I put up with the evil Emperor-worshiping Japanese MLM agents and the racist Navy SEALS soldiers because the author did not go overboard. For example, instead of portraying ALL Americans as Chinese-hating racists, the author made a clear distinction between American civilians and military personnel. And he explained that the American soldiers tended to display hostility towards Chinese soldiers because the Americans used the PLA as imaginary enemies during their drills.

Fair enough. It's more acceptable than the usual crap where every single white person in a Chinese novel is a Chinese-hating villain.

But then around chapter 584, the protagonist did something unforgivable.

Both the protagonist and the female lead were involved in some business rivalry you see. And during the business meeting, the female lead correctly deduced that the protagonist was the real backer behind her business rival. So he lost his temper and raped the female lead, who was also his wife-in-name. AND benefactor. The female lead had helped him earlier when he was getting defamed by an online celebrity.

After the rape, the female lead truly fell in love with him and handed over her company.


At this point, I thought that the story was too stupid for me to continue reading. I gave up and stopped there. The end of the road for me.

Later on, there's supposed to be some fighting in Japan where, no doubt, more nationalistic bullsh*t can be found. <<less
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