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Ediej rated it
Versatile Mage
November 19, 2018
Status: c232
I read it up to this point and all I have to say is that this isn't some academically sound iteration of a world where magic replaces science.

It's meant to be a wish fulfillment novel with all the bells in whistles, from "YOU THINK THIS IS MY FULL POWA" to the multitudes of women who fall in love with him for doing virtually nothing.

The novel keeps a bare minimum of how he aquires his incredible powers but it's more attributed to luck or *cough, cough* plot armor; then anything else.

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he starts off with dual elements thatare also the strongest possible elements and a mysterious pendant that increases his cultivation speed


This is where the colors of an ordinary Chinese translation show their colors.


despite all his incredible luck he is still easily over taken once he enters the next arc. This is a lazy trope Chinese novels in particular use to incorporate many weak to strong arks but it truly becomes apparent in later chapters as in a normal Chinese novel you will end up in a zone filled with gods supposedly the geniuses of their generation despite the MC being a genius of his generation by chapter three


All in all it's average for this site sad as that may be. Sexism isn't as apparent as in most web novels here and I didn't notice any racism.

I enjoyed reading this and was able to slog through it because of cheap wish fulfillment but it isn't exactly interesting in any way. <<less
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