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Apocalypse Cockroach
June 13, 2017
Status: --
The story started off great with a good character's setting. (It's nice to see a protagonist develops through battles and isn't omnipotent, walking library, he-who-sees-all-knows-all.)

The world is described in details, as well as the monsters, zombies and people. There isn't much to say about this part because it's good as it is.

But later on, our protagonist became a huge disappointment for me.

... more>>

At first (when he wasn't strong enough yet), he kept saying that his dream is to marry a good woman and live a happy, relaxing life. But guess what, later, when he was powerful enough, he started treating helpless, useless in battle women like an inferior species as if their life's whole purpose was to be slave for men. When he used the excuse "World has gone to sh*t, everyone must do their part, and women's is to serve the man.", I have to ask our protagonist this: housewives are caretaker of the family, would their fate be also slave as well? A slave that can be abused and humiliated whenever the husband, the male want?

Haha. Pathetic.

Anyone who has that kind of thought, just as a reminder, think about what is your mother, sisters, grandmother's gender first.

I swear, the ideology of the old generations in Asia just makes my ass itch endlessly. No one is born superior, and no gender or race is better than the others. I really do feel pity for the ones who still think like that. They are just simply pathetic.

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I Can Turn into a Fish
July 1, 2018
Status: c40
"I can turn into a fish... and a cliche xianxia MC as well, " should be the title for this novel.

So you came here to look for some comedy?

- Then be prepared to lose some brain cells while trying to find it.

... more>> Or, you came here out of curiosity for the mc's power?

- It's very unique, alright. And he's making the best use of it. Kudo for that.

Then you became curious, how exactly would the MC use his power in earning money, fame and success?

- Before, because he is running an ornamental fish shop, he sold fishes. But now, thanks to the newly acquired system, he simply makes bigger bucks with bigger fishes.

But then, you started to think, why was this man complaining? The MC sure looks like he has full of potentials.

- Well, after having his cheat, his very existence revolves around only 3 words:




First example:


Fish boi got slammed by a car while delivering tofu these two cool expensive fishes. Driver boi demanded compensation for his car. Fish boi didn't even mention dem 2 fishes that were worth more than 2 of dat car combined. Nah, fish boi wanted sum fcks. Fish boi called the cops, cops arrived, fish boi explained, driver boi flexed his big thighs, fish boi finally brought dem fishes into discussion, driver boi paled like in those cliche "Aha! Got chu weakness", fish boi wrecked the driver boi's car WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER as compensation for dem fishes (who obviously were still alive).

And what do you know, driver boi family had some influences on the field of fish farms. Fish boi was surprised, even I was surprised, like, NOT EXPECTING THAT AT ALL. Driver boi with his gang wrecked fish boi later newly bought car, fish boi sweared revenge.

And me?

"Yo, much plot twists, so dramatic, slow claps, short whistles."


Second example:


After selling dem 2 fishes, fish boi is rich now! Waifu dragged fish boi to her class meeting (fish boi is graduated while waifu still in college), fish boi got sum trash talks from waifu's pursuers, fish boi aint give a sht, fish boi didn't even flaunt his wealth (wow, so modest). Nah, fish boi only wanted sum fcks. When sum trashes came to pester his waifu, streaming palm-reading and shts, fish boi was all like "Okay fam, go ahead", but when streamer boi kissed his waifu hand, fish boi fcked dem up real bad. "Do u know who I am" a trash said, and all those bullshts, and it turned out, what a small world! One of the trash bois has big thighs in the field of... fish, or something like that. Security came, fish boi's friend in the cloud district also came (no its not Nazeem), face-slapping ensued, panties-dropping continued.


So my conclusion is, the MC is simply too drunk on power (he has also mentioned that after having the system, he has already felt like he is above everyone else). And it led to arrogance, hot-headedness, bloated ego, and placing everyone else under him (yes, including his waifu, not mentioned, but the hints are already there.) <<less
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The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort
June 17, 2018
Status: c33
Honestly, the whole story is just a packet of daily antics between female lead and the handsome man. Very relaxing and full of fluff.

And I like it. A lot.

But I don't like how the translators do their works. Yes, I have read the notice about cutting new chapters into half to be able to update every day. But in the name of Talos, each daily "chapter" would have like 800 words at most, some would be a tad more than 500!

You may defend with something like, "You are just reading... more>> their translations and not donating anything! How would you know how long it would take to translate each chapter?!"

I can assure you that, while Chinese isn't a language I have learnt in university, Korean, Japanese and German are, and for the purpose of my study, I have done my share of translating random stuffs, whether they were school works, mangas or novels. You think 1000 words are a lot? Wait until you see my 10000 words assignment, and I finished it in half a day.

Because of such, I think that the translators aren't putting much efforts into translating this wonderful novels. And to be honest, to see a wonderful like this fall this low? I'm deeply saddened and disappointed. <<less
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Epoch of Twilight
May 27, 2017
Status: c144
You just need to know this: It's good sh*t. *Edited: Not so good anymore, and I am finding a way to reduce it to 3 star.

*Before edited:

... more>>

The main character, unlike any other chinese novels, doesn't get into fights constantly and when he does, he doesn't always walk out safely as well, only sometimes in fact. Our protagonist is a rational person, a healthy male (very healthy indeed), and he is realistic. He knows right and wrong, cares for his friends and even helps those who are in need. Better, he doesn't kill for no reason and doesn't kill actively (unlike some characters who "hunt" vilians), and most of the blood on his hands is justifiable.

About the world (in this case, China) after its changes or perhaps, evolution: It is gorgoeus (if you don't mind some gore and bigass monsters roaming amok), and from the author's descriptions, you could easily be engulfed by the excitement of watching mother nature claiming back her lands and restore their vitality. Also, the struggle of humankind in the fight for survival could literaly make you have goosebumps.

Others than that, the characters are realistic as well, decent, rational, but most of the names introduced from the start has been long since slipped out of my memory, meaning, why the hell did the author introduce some characters and then just throw them away? For example, a military officer got introduced in detail, showing his name, his backgrounds, his inside thoughts at that moment and then "poof", no one ever remembers him again.

Another part I have to criticize is the translation.

How the hell a 1.45-meter long blade got described as a "knife" every single time? Doesn't the translator feel an itch in his ass when he reads it? Oh, better yet, later, it got described as a "machete".

*flip table* *face palm*

Other than the irritable blade description, the novel is a good read; the system, the environments, the fights, the monsters are all very detailed, as if it was a breathing world. And don't worry about getting bored, the novel constantly introduces lots of new stuffs, ranging from people, threats from the environments and monster to discoveries, explortations, adventures or just downright monsters' ass kicking.


*Edited at chapter 144:

I am now seriously disappointed in the main character.


At first, our protagonist didn't actively come seeking for women, but, later, he did.

The first time was when he rescued his ex co-worker from an underground bunker because he felt owing her. And on the way killed a few people for convenience sake, which, was unnecessary and bloodthirsty as well. Only because they didn't let you into their home, which was very rational, and provoked you, would that give you the right to kill all of them? How would you feel if someone broke into your house and killed people in your family, mc?

Give me an excuse, please. But anything that comes out would prove how pathetic you are.

Oh, and he knew the area was about to get dangerous soon but he didn't warn them. Had he done that, there might have been a few people took the risk and left with him, or just went on their separate path. But noo, the MC was too cool for that, too chill for that, and when a giant ass volcano erupted, bye-bye people at the bunker!

Next, the second time was when our protagonist met his pre-apocalypse housemate, sister what's-her-name, who he got laid with.

Now, the situation here is definitely unjustifiable.

Our protagonist was on a scouting trip, coincidentally stumbled upon a small survivor camp which led a very barbaric life.

(To me, I don't care that much about pissing in public, barbaric s*x, unhygienic life and the like, but MC and gang seemed to be very agaisnt it. Bruh, in real life who gives a damn, let them do what they want.)

Then, our protagonist met the girl, his ex roommate, who now led a very good life with a bigass mutated dog, people who revered, and a boyfriend.

Life was good, but everything changed when the fire nat- the MC arrived.

He and the gang killed the leader, bunch of innocent people who were only trying to defend their home, then kidnapped the girl, and her dog- who acted like the camp's guardian, because it chased after her, left behind countless bodies, a leaderless and unguarded camp, making them vulnerable in front of countless dangers from the new world, which, in another word, signing their death certificate.

Later, when the girl asked him why the f*ck he did that, the MC brushed it off with "Because you are mine."

*flip table*

Wow, I so damn respect this protagonist very much. Because when he sleeps he doesn't feel or dream, or think sh*t about all the lives he took and the wrongs he did.

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Edge rated it
Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor
July 13, 2017
Status: c126
This novel can be described in one sentence: 3 bros are having the time of their life.

Seriously, the story is mainly about 3 bros playing vr games and doing stupid sh*t while at it. Oh, and pissing others off as well.

But, of course, because this is a chinese novel, it bounds to have some serious moments. Why? Don't bother asking about it. Finding a novel that doesn't have any cliché dark past stuffs (which, to be honest, make me cringe all the time) is just like finding a needle in... more>> a haystack.

But fret not, the seriousness in this one won't make you cringe, that's for sure.. Well, at least only a tiny bit.

Aaaaand, the one thing I like the most about the protagonist (the white-haired one, not the muscular nor the dumb one), is that although his past is.. Well, not all sunny, and he's stupidly OP, he doesn't go around bragging about it like the other protagonists in other novels. ("Oh no, my past is dark and painful so I won't tell you about it, but because you only asked my once and I only met you for the first time, I'll brag about it anyways.")

So yeah, that's all. I hope this review will help some of you set up your mind on reading or not because this is a fantastic read. <<less
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Fishing the Myriad Heavens
June 15, 2017
Status: c13
Maybe this is only my premature review, but I don't see the reason that this novel deserves one star, as if someone didn't read it but gave it one star just for a giggle.

And no, icarusburnt, this novel has nothing in common with Heavenly Farmer, CCG or Red Packet Server. The protagonist just cast a line, reel somethings in and then ta-da! A giant ass chicken! A damn huge fish! A super badass cultivation technique! Yeah, nothing in common. If I have to say, it feels more like Gourmet Food... more>> Supplier (maybe the atmosphere).

Anyways, like the summary says, our protagonist got sick up the overly complicated city life (Wow, huge surprise. As if there isn't anyone who does.) So after he got sacked, Bye bye city b*tches! I'm going to the countryside. At there, he found a well, a magical well, which could not only fish out... well, fishes, but also chickens, magical equipments, and I suspect Shen Long when he hit level 9000 with a rod made of dragon's balls. Lol.

So yeah, there is nothing much to criticize about it. It's a good read for lunch break or before bed. <<less
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Pursuing Immortality
January 15, 2018
Status: c40
This is probably a premature review (What, another one? You have to stop that, me.) but I really like this novel. The main character is just your typical chinese MC nowadays. Cool-headed, he-who-sees-all-knows-all, walking wikipedia, calculating, self-proclaimed introvet, and all sorts of those typical and extremely overused bullsh*ts. But he is different from others (at least for now I guess), he doesn't go around and piss everyone off, or slaughter upto someone's 18th generation just because they look at him wrong. He cares for others, and prefers words over getting... more>> physical.

But there is just something that rubs me the wrong way.

Why the flying furnace all the girls he is close to are either beauties or bishoujos?!

Are normal looking ones not girls as well?! <<less
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