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EcoJakk rated it
Absolute Choice
December 26, 2016
Status: c54
A disappointing read, Not really recommended. Read if you're out of other novels.

First the Description is false as Shi Xiaobai already knows at this point in time that he has to choose one of the choices and the choice shown in the description has not happens yet so it must happen in the future if at all so why would he act like that.

While the MC is offered the troll choices he doesn't get anything from doing them not even the lowest level of rewards.

The Author has ripped characters... more>> appearances and occasionally personality straight from Hunter x Hunter, and other anime/manga. Not really a negative trait for a rookie but most certainly not a positive one either.

The Chuunibyou antics of the MC are unique and funny. The MCs brash and self-confidant personality was nice but the author had a chapter that explains that its just a facade. <<less
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EcoJakk rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: c11
MC goes to play a new virtual reality RPG and his soul is transported into the body of a secondary character.

He apparently has the ability to learn anything if he has been hit by it, at this point in time (c11) he has learnt an inborn ability, and an ability you would need to train for by getting hit once per power.

MC also has a mini-map and a status screen which the inhabitants of the world seem to lack (they need to use a special tool to check their level).
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