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I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?
October 3, 2017
Status: c50

The interaction between the main characters are very engaging. The MC is a transmigrated man into a novel and he just loves the soft, sticky boy he thought his younger brother is, while the ML is the younger brother who reincarnated from the future of the novel and is full of suspicions on the reason why his older brother is acting so nice towards him. Until he concludes that the new older brother is the gift bestowed by the God to compensate for every bad thing he experienced in his past life. And he goes YANDERE MODE from there.

Another thing I love is the MC's monologues, on how he compares the ML to every other child he meet. He goes 'As expected. My younger brother is the... more>> best. Other kids are so undiscipline! So arrogant! So unruly!' and somewhere along the line. He even compares the ML to his previous younger brother, saying that ML is much more cuter. Apparently in his eyes, the ML is the best, softest, stickest, younger brother one could ever had. And it ain't helping that ML acts all innocent with him, further solidifying his views.

I am so looking forward to the translation, because MTL is just..... MLT. So much details are missing when you can't understand more than half of what was written in the sentences.

Very RECOMMENDED for everyone to read! <<less
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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
June 29, 2017
Status: c4.11
Absolutely stunning! I truly love this story.

I, personally, love overpowered MC and Zhou Yun Sheng, with his knowledge from thousands years of hosting villainous characters learnt various skills that he later used on his slow-and-steady-virus-planting revenge plan.

But the aspect I truly love is

... more>>

the romance! Du Xu Lang is such a likeable character and their relationship as lover in the first world is truly heartwarming. I love how Zhou Yun Sheng stayed in that first world to be by Du Xu Lang's side until his death. Once he died, Zhou Yun Sheng immediately left the world and recovered from heartache for a long time in the hidden world he own. And when he went to the second world, turned out the next love interest is the same person. At that time, both of them have different names, different background, different personalities, and different everything but it was HINTED and I was CONVINCED, that the love interest, Nian Si Nian, is the reincarnation of Du Xu Lang. If Zhou Yun Sheng is trapped to be the villain, then there is a very high probability that Du Xu Lang/Nian Si Nian is also trapped by the God Lord and experienced the same kind of repeated lives like the MC.

In the third world, the love interest even have double name (maiden name? Can't remember) that is Gu Si Nian. Gah! The romance though!


Of course, not to say that the whole other plot is useless. The MC is very capable and never stray from his objective to slowly cause changes in the worlds so they would no longer in the control of the Lord God.

I really can't wait for the ending, though. Will the MC succeed in returning to his real world? Will the MC and ML meet in real life? So many questions~ <<less
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ABO Cadets
June 25, 2017
Status: v1c12
I love this story! Omegaverse is written very heavily here, with the omega regarded as precious rare species, but lack the most basic human right. Their births are recorded and their Alpha will be chosen, they can only give birth over and over again. But it seems like the ML is very sensible so I won't worry much.

... more>>

The MC, Lin Yuan, is registered as a male Beta but actually is a extremely rare male Omega. He undergone s*x change program and has been taking injection to suppress his instinct as Omega. If the injection is taken continuously until 20 years old, he will become true Beta. But Lin Yuan entered a military academy and his mother can only provide pills for him to consume.

It was hinted that Lin Yuan is the son of the Marshal, Rosen, and fell-out-of-grace Major General, Lin Yu. Lin Yu had been using Omega Inhibitor and entered the same military academy as Beta, raked in various achievements and became a Major General with an independent corp. In an operation, the inhibitor failed and he entered omega estrus, became hot and bothered. His friend, Rosen, who is crushing hard on Lin Yu, helped him go through the estrus.

Unfortunately, the military took offense in Lin Yu's lies and striped him off his achievements and sentenced him to life imprisonment. Our lovely Rosen managed to get him out because Lin Yu was pregnant, and the punishment became house arrest instead, in Rosen's apartment. But...... Lin Yu didn't want to tie himself to an Alpha. So he drugged Rosen and escaped. The spacecraft he used was later found in a wreckage caught in some kind of space storm with his blood on the debris. Rosen created a tombstone for Lin Yu right at his back garden and became a cold person ever since. I truly wish for Lin Yu to still be alive though. Poor Rosen.


Anyway, back to the MC.


Lin Yuan truly think he is a Beta, no clue whatsoever from his mother. But his roommate, Prince Caesar, have nose better than a dog and can detect his Omega scent, though the prince doubted himself.


Since the story looks light-hearted, no tragedy or anything, I'm looking forward to it.

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I love this novel! The writing style is very hilarious. The MC's monologues are laugh-inducing, blaming the Doujinshi (his life-long companion), the hearing aids (that always going on strike), the plotlines (that deviate from the original) and etc when the events that occur goes wrong (because he took over the harem members' role XP). I also love how the MC's expectation is so high for the protagonist but the protagonist just goes his own way without a care for the world. I have great expectation for this novel yay!

I... more>> want to thank the translator for translating this story! Recently, there are many BL being translated. It's truly a bless for us fujoshi haha. <<less
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Emperor of Solo Play
August 14, 2017
Status: c160
Some people said this novel is worst than LMS, others said they are on par. Some others said it's better than LMS. Everyone have their own opinion. I do too.

I agree with the last group in which ESP is better than LMS. For one, its pacing is faster (LMS is too draggy and too repetitive, the only reason I keep reading until now is because of my desire to finish everything I've started reading). For another, the MC is not put out as the worst guy on Earth. He's not... more>> a good guy but the author at least didn't insist that he is an evil guy. (I still remember LMS's MC kept saying he's evil because he struck first in the Jagolath-something when obviously it's the correct decision to do, not to mention he's the victim in the situation. If he says something along the line of 'don't blame me. You're the one with evil intention' then yeah, I can relate. But then he said 'I attacked you first so I'm evil', like wtf? Is he trying to gain sympathy? Because it only made me angry.)

Back to ESP, I really like the MC. He sticks to his goal, that is to become the best in the game by playing solo. He'll try his hardest to solve his problem in game (related with monsters, of course) and only reach for others if he truly is unable to do so. Even so, he still strictly treats the cooperation as business, no touchy feely, either with a popular guy from the past or his enemies the 30 Great Guilds. In fact, I think he mostly took advantage of the guilds lol.

I enjoy his development in game. I especially love the reaction from the world and the development of his videos. The MC is truly OP but people misunderstood that he was born with silver spoon in his mouth (he's actually dirt poor he needs to eat ramen most of the time).

I'm looking forward for more adventures. I find the game Warlord actually quite interesting with its fixed story line, though I'm not into MMO so I can't tell if it's actually good or not.

Truly recommend it for others to read. <<less
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Rebirth of Chen An
June 26, 2017
Status: c24
I totally love this story!

The humor, the story line, the mysteries, the anticipation..... It makes me want more.

In Chen An's path to return to his former glory, he attracts all kind of attention from all kinds of males. The translation haven't progressed far in term of the BL aspect but I'm very much expect it to come with a bang.
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Liking it so far. The MC does not excessively try to integrate her way of life into that of ancient time which is quiet refreshing. She talks without those flowery language (at least not too much), she does not mind showing some skin, she'd kissed those 'children' freely, etc. Though she is quite a Mary Sue, she practically knows everything. The face-slapping is quite satisfactory too, but just so-so. It's good that she is not excessively cruel that she'd kill everyone in sight. Only those that wronged her but even... more>> then, only if they went too far. She still has her humanity intact.

Another thing I like is the slow building of romance in here. MC has not show any interest in any man yet, not even towards the ML. She has a bunch of admirers though, each one with very high profile.

Less one star because I don't quite like the ML. I understand that MC kind f**ked up his cultivation of one year, and then kissed him (who is a mysophobia), but that does not warrant him to make her drown in the lake for no reason but jealousy. Not only that but I also think that Calamitous Star, Lone Phoenix whatever is actually a false divination because he does not want other men near her, which is disastrous, because it invites all kind of bitches who are too jealous for their own good and mess with the MC. Yes, I love how the MC face-smacking everyone in the end, but that still does not stop how irritating it is when people badmouth her right in front of her face.

Her admirers (except the Sixth Prince) are very decent and very likeable. It made me regretful that the ML is not on par. Not to mention that the ML is some kind of deity with admirers left and right, which mean there'll be more scheming in the future. Kinda repetitive.

Can't it be someone scheming against the male admirers instead? The story makes the female admirers of ML (and MC's admirers) too low while the male admirers of MC too noble. <<less
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