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Release that Witch
June 30, 2016
Status: c207
Loved it, truly a beautiful read. I didn't expect a Chinese novel could be like this. The title and the cover for this novel doesn't do it justice at all. Don't let the title or the cover hinder you from reading this! A mix of realism, kingdom building, fantasy, mystery, witchcraft & science, it is a pleasure to read slice of life novel at the early chapters. The latter chapters however, will also shed some light into the 'darkness' of the world Roan transmigrated to. Relatively speaking, it's not as... more>> simple as it seems in the surface, but the 'darkness' is not anything gruesome or heavy things like r*pe and all, it's more like the dark dealings of the church and the pain caused to the witches. All in all, it's actually pretty light.

The MC is transported into a world very similar to medival times in Europe but in fact it is not. Supernatural powers truly exist here, magic exists in a minority of females who are somehow able to wield magic, these witches are however, hunted by the people as they are labeled as demon kins by the church, which have succeeded to brainwash the people of the continent. It has now been the goal of the MC, Roan to help these witches and build a kingdom where witches and humans alike can live together.

RTW tries to pursue realism to a certain degree, which most fantasy-web novel story does not usually do. It has also tried to integrate a big believe of medieval times, nonsensical superstitious. Which is done well at first but late into the novel you can see that this plot has been forgotten.

As the MC used to work as an engineer before, the author has used a lot of knowledge from the division to build the kigdom. One of the problems I can mention is that the MC Roan had lots of information stored in his head that even coupled with his work before, almost doesn't really make sense, this is specifically evident as more time passed. The novel has done itself decently in the romance divison, well, much better than most cn wn that is. If you like the novel you'll probably end up rooting for either of the main love interests or both of em.

As the story progresses, You will feel like this story has more secrets to it and is not simply what it looks like in the surface, and on the later chapters, mutated beasts and.. So called-devil would also appear.

All in all it's an awesome work, a slice-of-life fantasy and kingdom building with tinges of medieval darkness. 8.5/10 this is one good read amongst the sea of web novel. <<less
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I’m Really a Superstar
May 31, 2016
Status: c440

Just before you read, I love IRAS. I truly love it, but because I love it so much I became utterly disappointed at the direction the author is bringing IRAS in. Really, I really2 loved this novel.. Sigh.

The genre is Comedy, almost a pure comedy. Within the first 250s or so chapters it's a really fun read but after that, it just seems to be getting bleaker and bleaker, the jokes are not as funny as before. It is not making me laugh every chapters or so again, it seems... more>> like the author had forgotten this novel's very core and instead went on to a scolding free of other nations.

Style : For 300 or so chapters, One could argue it's a bit repetitive, although I am not too bothered by it. But beyond that.. Questions started to be asked.

It has a kind of a rythm to the chapters for around 300 or so chapters.

Short arcs that goes by :
Zhang Ye started something new -> Zhang Ye is very good at it -> typical xianxia enemy starts to appear -> more hate and injustice -> Zhang Ye smacks them in the face -> Zhang Ye saves the day. And in between every new arcs, there can be great relaxing chapters that can make us read at ease and laugh. Although the pattern may seem continuous, the author actually made it so that we are still hooked depsite the pattern, props to the author for this.

But.. It all changed, I don't know when exactly but more and more annoying scenes of Zhang Ye taking advantages of the girls came out, which is absolutely and totally unnecessary at all. I usually skipped this kind of scenes 90% of the time, I don't know if this was meant to be a fan-service but this is horrible. This, is the 1st big flaw it has.

The 2nd big flaw, is something that most of us I believe do not appreciate this at all: Racism.

Racism, no matter what form it is, is absolutely disgusting. It brings a good novel a level down and causes readers to not enjoy it so much.

Actually the racism in it is not too evident, especially in the first 250 chps when there are almost no hint of racism. Only nationalism.

Warning, a bit of a rant and slightly spoilerish below.


One might argue with me, " but this is nationalism! "
Well, Nationalism and Nationalist are in no way BAD, some would probably even respect you for it. But nationalism and racism are two completely different things lying on a very distinct border.

The author might try to hide it by saying a few good words here and there but there is no way to completely hide it. It's there, and it's getting worse as more chapters get by.

Every koreans in the novel are branded " the bad guys ", so far I've seen there are no such things such as " good koreans. " Ofc Zhang ye himself will mever say it but there are side characters who will further intensify this subject.

He even released an episode of him scolding the koreans in the whole episode just because a korean artist is being a b**h to him, come on, if you want to scold that artist, fine by me. But scold the entire koreans? Please.

Oh just a slight warning, I heard that other countries will not be safe from it too in the future, not just Korea.


Story : The story actually feels like a xianxia that is not a battle but instead a battle using words and literature, the typical xianxia antagonist is here with their unable to see Mount Tai character but is not much of an annoyance to me.

Until chapter 250s the joke is still very fresh but just like what I stated above, it goes downhill from around there.

The objective of the MC is very simple and oblivious from the title : to become a superstar. With the help of a ' system ' he had paved his own road to become one with ordinary looks and ordinary skills to achieve his goal.

While this might seem interesting, eventually as more chapters go by, I felt that the author is losing sight of this too.

Firstly, Zhang Ye's dream is to be the biggest star in the world, but.. He is actually borderline-racist? Hell me, this would never be possible in the real world, especially when he scolded the koreans so much, he is still talking about being the No.1 artist? Please.

Secondly, the novel pretty much strayed a bit fron the original intent: to be a superstar, more like vs the koreans.

Characters : Some of the characters are funny and interesting. Zhang Ye's character himself is already evident since the start, so there is no character developments at all, he will be the same dude throughout the story, just more apparently racist.

Tldr; IIRAS is an excellent read if you are looking for something fun and with hype as long as you can ignore the repetition, racism, the mc's character, the author trying to justify that the MC is great and useless fan service.

There are very awesome moments of the novel that is blood boiling but alas, the author's racism and MC praising have really destroyed this WN. 8.4 for all the fun and early chapters but with it's apparent flaws added a 4.3 would do. Oh, let's not forget the plagiarism plaguing this novel. <<less
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Dusk rated it
May 1, 2016
Status: c136
As the second most recognized KR novels in NU, Reincarnator is seriously lacking the attention it deserves. Maybe because KR novels doesn't have the large fanbase compared to CN & JP novels but I truly feel that it deserves to be at the very least in the top 30 of the rankings.

Beware of slight spoilers below ! Read at risk.

Theme : 3 genres compiled together describes this novel a lot; Apocalypse, Transported to another world & Travel back in time. Instead of normal Apocalyptic novel, Reincarnator does not use the... more>> leveling & rpg like system, instead it uses ' runes ' as a method of powering up the characters. The author doesn't go much into stats and rune collection adventure, this is especially true as the story goes on. As such, when reading this novel don't expect for it to be an mmorpg like adventure, and it's not about hitting the monster and it takes XXX damages, nope don't expect Reincarnator to be a story like that, in fact most of the battle scenes are not even shown. It's more about an adventure in an apocalypse and how to survive on it while becoming stronger while Kang Hansoo, the MC is onwards for a mission to save his race.

Style : The style of Reincarnator is quite similar to lms, maybe most KR novels are like that, I don't know since I haven't read enough kr novels. I can't really describe the style but if you have read LMS before you will understand me.

If I have to say, the most lacking thing in the novel is the lack of emotional touch, there is a lack of backstory for the other side characters but it could be justified since only very few characters in the beginning would stay with the MC later on.

Also, sometimes the style of writing limits the battle imagination for me, making it a bit bleak but still okay.

Story : The summary pretty much sums up the premise to the story, The MC Kang Hansoo is chosen to travel back in time to when he just arrived in the other world with the goal : To save the human race. Alright, his goal might not seem that important at the early chapters but when you reached chapter 50 and beyond, this goal becomes very evident and will probably be the main plot for a long time.

For the story, I have read till chapter 136 when I updated this review and I can say that Reincarnator is NOT perfect at all, it has it's ups and downs and when it is down I could probably only rate it as a 7.5. Compared to it's best moments where I could even give it an 8.9. This is especially true during the transition chapter from the Tutorial part and the Zone, starting from chapter 60s you will start to feel that Reincarnator is heading into a different direction than you first think of.

And yes if I have to say, the first 60s chapters ? Master class, top top chapters there but the following chapters becomes a bit more boring in comparison but when you go through this phase, All I can say is that you must hold on to it since it's like a transition period to me, and when you have reached the part where he is going to the Orange Zone, it comes back with a bang, a really good one too.

In the end, Reincarnator is a very good novel although it has it's.. Up and downs. I would recommend it to anyone especially those who love apocalyptic genre. 6.0/10 <<less
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Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
July 7, 2016
Status: v1c5
I'm not saying it's bad, actually it's an okay kingdom building novel, an okay read but I really don't get the super high ratings. It's pretty interesting actually, the author puts in lots of knowledge from today's time, fully using the use of "Summoning from another world". But the thing is, the usual JP trope preetty much exists here too, although not too bad. Characters could have totally been fleshed out better, , few things are just too nonsensical (like the attitude of the people, character of the MC,... more>> etc.), this is what lots of JP novels are bad in, the nonsensical are soo bad.

The world feels like it is totally on the mc's hand and everything he would do will lead to a "right" decision, that's very bad too, and it's not like he's very smart either, I don't get it, the world doesn't play out like you think.

Then, I don't get why the author decides to tell the reader their future positions, to me it's a really.. Dumb move. It just takes the slightest bit of tension away, turning it into a completely 100% Slice of life easy read, I really don't get it. But anyways it's a good novel for those who can handle the few tropes and wants some kingdom building-slash-slice of life read. Not for me though, can't handle the trope >.< 6.9/10. This could have been a better read if the author has more common sense Intergated to the story. <<less
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Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (WN)
February 18, 2016
Status: --
Typical JP trope.

Slight spoiler below, Read at risk

MC is partically a half-saint I could puke looking at his actions, he has power enough to bring destruction to the kingdom but still bows his head and be very very humble to the king that bought him to the world, he recieved some money from the king and thought that the king was a sly fox and made himself indebted to him ? Wtf, if it was like 10% of the kingdom’s money then it would have made sense but a freakin... more>> pouch ?! God knows how could that meager ammount could possibly made him indebted to it. <<less
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Gate of Revelation
June 3, 2016
Status: c219
The Gate of Revelation, previously Gate of Apocalypse is one of the few CN novel in NU that does not get the attention it deserves, it is really really underestimated. All in all, GoR can be actually described as a "fun" read, yes, even if it has apocalyptic-game world theme. But it's the slightest bit of " dark ", instead it's very fun and this is very true as more time passes.

To rate this novel as a 4.0.. Is truly an underestimation to the greatness of this novel.

Beware of slight... more>> spoilers below ! Read at risk.

Theme : The theme of the novel is apocalypse in the real world, with game like elements appearing in the world. This, however, only affects certain people and very few people knew about it's existence. The earth they are living in is basically 'invaded' by people from higher realms who calls themselves ' players ' making the original habitants of earth NPCs. The players treat the world as a game and the NPCs fought to exist, they don't just battle in any place though, but instead a dungeon like place where there are mysteries and puzzles they need to overcome to beat the dungeon, so not only brawns but brains too. In addition to that, the dungeons doesn't mean it always has to be something like the original dungeon concept in dungeons & dragons. Anything can be a dungeon! From a secret location, an island, a mausoleum, all the way to an entire city! The scale of the ' dungeon ' is so big I wouldn't be surprised if t the end of the novel the entire Earth would be a dungeon.

Style : Actually, this novel practically improves at every part from style to story as the story goes on, so at the early phase you might not agree with me at all if I say that I like the author's style.

Also, it does not use the leveling system that game like world usually uses, there are distinctions, like A rated, B rated, etc. But the author doesn't focus on that at all so there is not much complications stats and all those things, in fact the battle scenes are not a strong point of this novel, it's strong points lies in it's mysteries, real-world knowledge use, fun read and excitement.

The translator is Podao and he translates 7 FREE Chapters a week at the time I am reading, so no need to worry about quality and speed either.

Story : The pace of the story is just right to me, not too fast nor too slow. It has it's own one-off jokes and when it does, it is very funny. At first, the story picks up very slowly. The mysteries and puzzles of the dungeons are very entertaining and it adds a premise to the story, if I were to say one of the things the novel is lacking, it's in it's battle scenes, because I myself does not feel too into it when the battle scenes occur, and compared to some other Master-class battle scenes writer, GoR's battle scenes indeed fell short, there is a bit of improvement after 150 chapters or so though.

As time pass, the story will reveal more and more secrets about the world they are living in, and the mysteries that it will reveal gave me chills everytime I read it, it is one of the best aspects I loved about GOR. This however, does not appear in the beginning chapters so to fellow readers out there, I beg you to stay with it for awhile before deciding to drop it because it gets more and more interesting as time goes on, especially when it reaches the 70s or something chapter, it only gets better and better.

Another aspect that this novel is falling short of is that the author doesn't really put too much attention for some small details, he is much more focused on the " bigger picture " of the novel, but this, also improves as time pass.

Tldr; Basically, Gate of Revelation is NOT a perfect novel, it has it's own perks and faults but the faults are few to mention (things like small plot holes in the system, C.X's unwillingness to remove garfield & his reasons, etc) and as time passes, GOR has evolved as a novel in the entirety and it tops my list as one of the best of NU. I can even say that this is my favorite Apocalypse novel. If you are willing to be a bit patient and is willing to ignore some small aspects, then you are up for an exciting, great read in a fresh take to the apocalypse genre.

Go try it out ! 9.0/10 <<less
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Dusk rated it
Valhalla Saga
December 10, 2017
Status: v6c2
Honestly all I can say is that it's decent, it's a story of a gamer sent to a world of warriors who are a bit lacking in common sense and only knows how to fight without caring for their lives, praising the names of Gods like blind believers.

There is no real depth in the characters, the plot is straightforward with logic urks occasionally. Only read it if you have nothing else to read and want some 'snacks' to munch on, basically imo it's overpraised, overhyped and overrated but all in... more>> all it is still better than some (most) of the top ranking novels here which are complete garbage, at least, this is readable.

And probably the fact that it's KR helps, with all those KR praise-boys everywhere, if this was released in let's say, a year or two it would prob be nothing special. <<less
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Return of The 8th Class Mage
September 15, 2016
Status: c60
Another KR novel, another second chance-turn back in time novel.

Pros :

- It's an average read.

... more>> - At times it will spark excitement.

- A decent read for anyone new to these genres.

Cons :

- The novel chose the generic route.

- There are some bad writing here and there, either it doesn't really flow fluidly or the author skipped the bothersome process, those kind of stuff.

- The prev team who does this, their editing, I don't recommend at all. Also, they don't have schedules.

- There will be logical inconsistencies from time to time.

- Too much 'fateful' meetings and happenings, it's a lazy plot device.

Past Review :
R8C is plenty promising, the start of the novel is one of the run in the mill betrayal scene, but the execution of the plot is good enough to hook you in it. There is a degree of excitement when reading it, even if it's still on the early phase.

The character used to be an unparalleled magician that sheds lots of blood by his hand, after reincarnation though, he did not want to shed blood anymore. However, this doesn't mean that he would be against in killing, in fact he would resort to it should he meet with tr*shes. (60 chapters in I think the author totally forgot about this.)

The MC can be appealing to some and be contradictory towards another, because he is so cold and decisive that it might cause some people to be deterred by it. To me, it is actually in line with his actions he did in his previous life and since I am fine with his personality, I can enjoy this novel with no problem. However, if you are the type to not like such a cold MC, I am just warning you beforehand. (This plot has also not been used after 60 chps)

In conclusion, this is another second-chance novel that you can read if you have nothing better to do. Rated 5.2 <<less
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Dusk rated it
Conquering Hero’s Heroines
July 8, 2016
Status: c10
Sigh.. This is probably one of the worst reads I have had.

I really don't get the high rankings. The MC has a grandpa, he told his grandpa about everything, yes everything. He has to save the world from the heroes by capturing the heroines, he is a reincarnated person, bla bla bla. And you know what? The grandpa actually believed in him! Whew. I can't go any further than that, too dumb too s*upid, the trope is too much to deal with. The heroines are all your average jp joe,... more>> oh and it has economic dealings yeah, that's the only good thing I can remember from this novel. <<less
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Emperor of Solo Play
July 7, 2016
Status: c10
Second rate LMS, really. Early 10 chapters could totally be sized down into 3-4 chapters. It has too much filler at the early chapters that it has become a bother to read. Don't understand why people would rate it 5* on the early phase when it's clearly full of fillers.

The whole thing is nonsensical, not much but it still irks me. The problem is that the author tried to convince us this is in fact "right". If he could just normalize the whole thing a bit, sigh.

Example : the MC... more>> died, he traveled back in time and to buy the v-gear he needs money, what would smart guys do? Betting of course, you should at least remember some big events in the past that you can bet. But what did he do? Loan Shark, smart? Nope, sorry pure dumb.

There really is nothing that can discern it from other revenge-vr. I don't get the high ratings but this could just be me since I am not willing to continue reading beyond chapter 10. <<less
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Dusk rated it
Dungeon Hunter
August 23, 2016
Status: c16
Easily one of the best KR novels I have read. Starts off a bit slowly but after 3-4 chapters.. Hook, Line & Sinker!

Dungeon Hunter follows the story of a Demon Lord that is defeated by other Grand Duke Demon Lords, he died and travelled back in time to the past when Dungeon starts sprouting on Earth.

Dungeon Hunter is easily one of the best dungeon management novels I read, it's just exciting and full of dungeon fantasy. Till the point where I have read currently, it's just only the world-building phase,... more>> but it's qualities shine through and through.

The MC is a Demon/Dungeon Master, he is a dungeon master in a dungeon in Korea, other Demon Lords resides on other countries. He starts off building his dungeon and invades the human population to raise and nurture the humans so that he can get benefits for his dungeon. As the name implies, later on in the story he will attack/ raid other Demon Lords' dungeon. To those putting DH off because of the low chapters, please note that DH's chapters are considerably LONG. Some chapters are even longer than LMS chapters so 1 chapter is like 2-5 or more CN chapters.

One of the most anticipated update amongst my reading list, 9.2/10 >.<. <<less
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Dimensional Sovereign
October 3, 2016
Status: c28
DS is a very fun arena-esque read, the story tells the tale of a man who has been chosen to participate in a dream-game like world where if he died there, he would die in reality.

The unique point in DS is that it integrates the mc's real life and economy as a part of the game which makes the novel even more interesting, we will see the MC being active in the real world by the use of his dark magics, earning money and buying more territory so it would... more>> help him in the dream world.

Slight spoilers below, read at risk.

In the dream world,


his first mission was about building a base or something similar based on his goshiwon (room), then he has to fight off against invading monsters and eventually enlarge his territory. He would later be able to summon his own group of monsters and other unique things to fight for him.


The only lacking thing I felt in this novel is the lack of character interactions, some of them just felt.. too rushed. But aside from that everything is fine.

Oh, and it's turtle translating so... no worries.

That's all for now, hoping for more!

8.5 for the early arcs. <<less
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Dusk rated it
Great Demon King
May 9, 2016
Status: c137
Great Demon King, one of the very few western oriented novel here in the community. It's CN but it feels more like a western read, especially if the cultivation parts are erased and Han Shuo's name is not well.. Han Shuo I'm not sure I would be able to recognize it as a CN novel at that point.

The very first advice to those who wanted to read this novel is that you must be patient. I too, used to read GDK up till chp 40s then stopped because I felt... more>> that it wasn't that interesting. However when you reach chp 60s and further, the story becomes more interesting as Han Shuo finally decided to ditch school and travel alone delving into the world, meeting dwarves, other races and fellow humans or let's say woman in his adventures, it then pretty much stabilized as a solid 8.4 read all the way till chapter 130s when I truly felt that as time passes, GDK has only gotten better and better.

Oh and GDK is a harem novel, remember you have been warned. A big one too if I did not hear wrongly. The interesting part here in GDK lies on 2 points.

1. Although Han Shuo is a necromancer, he is actually not a mob-wave necromancer esque human-wave tactic. He is actually more focused to a particular summon in his lovable skeleton and the unique method he obtained from the memory of the expert.

Ps : slight spoiler.

There will be more 'unique' summons later on, although not an en masse one.


2. Han Shuo's personality who can be said as.. Naive& pure in the early chapters gradually begun to change and become more " evil " lol, although not in a truly evil way. This is very unique in novels and it can either deter some readers or bring the readers who liked this type of novel.

Some of the drawbacks to some people is that Han Shuo will be involved in a two-err.. Three-timing in the future, although it will be resolved, this may not be within everyone's palatable taste, so be warned. <<less
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Path to Heaven
June 19, 2016
Status: c28
Early review so it may be subject to a change in the future. Oh, and beware of slight spoilers below, read at risk!

Path of Heaven is a classic xuanhuan/ xianxia where the MC, who was weak and poor (not crippled though, genuinely poor with no great heritage or bloodline whatsoever) stumbled upon a jar with an artifact spirit inside it. Hence, meeting a ' grandpa ' who would help him on his path to cultivation, but the artifact spirit does not provide him with a huge amount of advantage,... more>> compared to most other ' grandpas ' in other stories. Due to some circumstances, it also could not appear for a full day till where I have read, and because it is a jar instead of an easily portable thing like a ring, the MC had rarely took it out with him. Thereby, the MC must be quick-witted and capable to survive on his own on the oustide world.

Style : The style of the story felt a bit different to me but still had some similarities with regular Qidian novels. It has lots of interactions and good amount of jokes, albeit vulgar ones mostly. The jokes doesn't feel forced and with just a few chapters in, we can already have a vivid understanding of the MC, whose personality cause us to naturally laugh at him. The translator is pumpkin, which we may all know as the translator of Stellar Transformations, so you can be assured of speed issues.

Story : Up till where I am, the MC is not OP at all and is not showing any hints of someone that could be challenging a cultivator of higher cultivation in the near future, therefore he is forced to use talismans to survive, much like many other low leveled cultivators in the story where talismans is an important part in them surviving.

The story may not pick up until a set amount of chapters, which to me is around chapter 12 or so. So you have to be a bit patient while reading, there is a bit of information flooding in the early chapter, around 8 if I'm not wrong which causes us to be confused of the terms but it is not important to remember it at all.

All in all, Path of Heaven is a great addition to the myriads of the current xianxias & xuanhuan list in the web, I wrote this review when I had just reached chapter 28 so my opinion may differ in the future, but I hope it will turn out to be a long-term favorite in the future since the premise is very interesting. Rated 8.2/10 <<less
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Dusk rated it
Lord Xue Ying
October 4, 2016
Status: v5c16
If I were to describe my experience reading LXY, I can summarize it into 4 parts according to the book.

• Book 1 - Average, World Building Stage. Very slow read, even slower than the early ST.
• Book 2 - Average-Slightly Mediocre, Transition Stage, which is kinda borish and slow.
• Book 3 - Starting to be Good - Plot starts to unfold.
• Book 4 - Awesome - The Story has finally reached where it is on the level we expected it to be as an IET work, it... more>> has been an exciting and eventful read.
• Book 5 - The start of XY's transcendent life, and shows that the book has finally found it's feet, awesome. Lord Xue Ying is a very slow paced novel, clearly evident in Book 1-3. This is probably IET's slowest book at start not mentioning how long it took DE to rise into brilliance.

There is also an interesting fact to note that LXY's MC, Xue Ying, while almost a carbon copy to other IET Mcs, has a very different way in pursuing cultivation in contrast with other IET Mcs, unlike the normal IET MCs who frequently ventured out on life-death situations and gain insights on those moments, Xue Ying likes to be in secluded mediation more as he build up his foundations, gaining insights as time goes by and has much lesser exposure to the outside world when comparing to other IET mcs.

This is a very recommended read to any IET fans or those who want to see spear wielding mcs. Be patient though, and try to get through book 3.

Rated 8.5 Nice change of pace. <<less
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Miracle Throne
March 24, 2016
Status: c10
A unique reincarnated / transported to the past genre where the MC is mostly using his brains in the novel, along with his knowledge of the the world thousand years later, his arrival is destined to change the world.

The only downside is the incredibly s*upid heroine and annoying characters. I just can't bear to read past chapter 10, it irks me by a lot.

If you can ignore these parts which I do not like, then I'm sure you can be reading a good story probably, since I did not continue... more>> anymore. 6.5/10 <<less
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Possessing Nothing
October 1, 2017
Status: c47
Possesing Nothing.. simple, catchy title. I read this novel with a simple hope of it not being a generic one, like the general novels that are flooding the community now and well, I was rewarded with this.

I'm sick of geniuses, I'm sick of cripples who are only geniuses in disguise, I'm fed up of the so called average but gained the lazy plot device 'cheats' or whatever you call em. A crippled MC will only become a genius, we all know it but what of an ordinary? Let me rephrase... more>> it, an above average not a genius who towers others but a true, bonafide above average. This is, Possesing Nothing.

In a sense the MC does possess something, of course. But if we look at the bigger picture and how he started this journey, he truly is... hollow, and when you come back to see the title of the novel after reading a certain amount of chapter you might also feel it's.. hollowness too. Yes the MC came back to time and he can reap rewards using his future knowledge but he simply possess nothing, even he come back in time, so what? He might be able to improve his life compared to his previous one but in the end, he is still 'nothing'.

What changed him is the people he met, he grew out of his shell, the 'shell' I'm talking about here is the mindset of averages. He challenged his limits and when I say challenged it's not just one line where the author mentions " he work harder than normal people, normal people would collapse at 10 tries but he did 100 " no, not some tr*sh lines like that but we actually get to see, feel and experience his hardships at least that's how I felt. Anyone can just write ' he worked like a madman bla bla bla ' but to get the people reading feel the hardships, that's something different altogether.

I saw someone saying him as the most dim witted MC he had ever seen, whining about his future and all. Well, I beg to differ. In fact I don't think this 'someone' understands the MC well enough, I don't think he understands the meaning of 'averages', I will not elaborate on that cuz there's no meaning cuz this review is not aimed at him. In fact, if the MC can change to a bright, optimistic person in 10 chapters then I'll be the one cursing the author instead. The world doesn't work that way. This is a novel, true but people always aim for realism in novels like this and I have to say it is one of the better ones I have seen.

Hmm.. in the end this feels less of a review and more of an impression. I won't put a TLDR even tho a lot of people would want that cuz they are lazy to read (even though this is a novel community) because a tldr simply can't capture what I said about this novel. It has it's flaws yes, but it's something I personally enjoy nonetheless. After swimming through countless of web novels my taste have more or less improved, it'll be harder to get an 8 out of me now but for this I'll place an 8.1 <<less
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Dusk rated it
Master Hunter K
November 17, 2016
Status: c186
To those of you who liked game element-apocalypse and turn back in time, especially Reincarnator, this is a novel I very much recommend. The plot is very2 straightforward and although it clearly has no essence, the novel doesn't try to claim that it has, the author knows it's just a generic work and he did a decent job on it. Basically it's good to read if you have too much free time.
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Dusk rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
August 7, 2016
Status: c117
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord is a novel full of ups and downs, although it had gradually stabilized after a certain set of chapters there are still various moments of uncertainty.

Tbh, sometimes I feel as if the author is a mad man, a freak who loves details and world building so much that I admired him. But other times I can be greatly disappointed on how he executed the plot.

There are certain moments that the author isn't able to bring the parts of the novel to life, I felt as... more>> if I'm reading a narration instead of a novel instead. Chapters like that are a real downer. The way how the author slowy builds the world is definitely enchanting, but just as I said, the plot execution is a horrible flaw of the author.

I'll be jotting down my thoughts below when I was reading chp1-50. So this is more like an impression I have of this novel rather than a review.

Note that the chapters might not be perfectly accurate as I didn't read all 50 chps in one go.


- Chapters 1 -13/14 -

These chapters made me muddled headed reading it, it's full of info dumps that is written as if the author do not have a way to construct the world building in a better way. Pacing of the story could be better, the slight confusing order of the story inhibits a relaxing read and there are some details that could actually be left out.

- Chapters 15~21 -

Much better progress, the love story arc is old-fashioned but cute. The arc brings out more personality of the MC than the previous chapters. It is also done a lot better than the previous chapters, the read has been relaxing and easy. Info dumps had mostly lessened to a few and tolerable.

Actually, after reading chapter 14/15-21, I have gotten in a trance reading it, Felt like reading it while sitting in a chair inside a wooden house in medivial times, it just encaptures me and sucks me into it. I was not willing to digest fast-paced novels for the next hour because of it. At the time, I truly hope this novel can make me feel like that again.

- Chapters 21-26 -

Meh, another boring set of chapters that actually came out of nowhere that is dull enough to make me stop reading around chp 24, this part of the story tells the tale of Locke and one of his best friend, Els, how they meet and the events that led to how close they are.

Some details are very funny and intriguing, but the sudden introduction of this arc is poorly executed, but once you lived through this arc.. Get ready for exquisiteness.

- Chapters 27~45 -

This arc made me totally lose track of time reading it, what seemed like a borish chapters of Locke participating in the duel (finally) is actually the arc that made me fall in love in how detailed the author actually is.

The duel, which is orchestrated by the head academy and his friend, might seem incredibly annoying at first at how our MC is actually played around by the academy, but you would later find out that it's not actually all like that, the academy actually deeply cares about him too and his wages are considered astronomical when compared tp normal earners or his friends.

Chapters 45-50

Probably the most exciting arc yet to come for this novel, with the true story, described from the synopsis only starting from here on out, then you can truly understand why the TL writes out such kind of summary, I'll leave the details out, because when you are able to reach this point, I'm sure you are already an intrugued fellow reader too.


The characterization is mostly good, although the MC Locke might have some views that we, as a modern person might not agree.

The story is fairly realistic with touches of good ol' middle ages, pacing is indeed a bit lacking with some totally unnecessary details, had to admit it.

Execution of the plot is clearly not the best and is one of this novel's big-big downsides, but the world-building and intricateness of this novel has managed to keep it's ranks up.

For those who is going to read it, I suggest you to have very very great patience, and if you have problems with the of the way the author narrates the story then you might not like it.

8.4/10. On better times it could reach 8.7, but when it hit down low it could be lots lower. <<less
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Dusk rated it
Dungeon Defense
July 27, 2016
Status: v3c2
Before reading, I am warning to those who are..

1. Biased towards shounen hot blooded mcs,
2. Biased towards typical wimpy JP mcs,
3. Unable to handle deep plots,
4. Unable to read between the lines.
5. Expects DD's Dantalian to be a lazy sh*t who only wants to sleep and laze in the bed all day round, he has an objective for God's sake.

I am warning you that DD might not be the one you are looking for.

As long as you have experienced reading a KR novel,... more>> you will notice that they tend to have a phrase or sentences that kinda feel out of place when you translate it into english, thus resulting in a not so perfect reading experience. However, DD doesn't have a single one of them, showing just how impressive the author's writing is, which sometimes makes me wonder if this is even a translated KR novel..

Dungeon Defense is one of the front runners to me in terms of characterization and writing, especially it's deep, unique and living characters, they are something that I have only seen in very few novels and DD is the best one so far.

DD is compromised of peculiar main characters that complicates the novel's plot, their actions are sometimes hard to predict or understand, which is in fact another unique point of DD. We will probably get confused in some parts, only to have it answered in another chapter.

The story tells the tale of a human reincarnated into a game world, with him being a demon lord in the story. The MC is one of those lazy " I don't wanna get out of the bed " MCs but this is the best one I have ever read so far, the rest pales in comparison to it. Actually, the rest seemed like a 6-year old imagination compared to Dantalian's acts.

Another interesting point of DD is that Dantalian, the MC of the story, no matter how refined he seemed to be at the start, is constantly developing his character in the story, at times we may see him confused, another time we may seem him as 'mad'.

The romance is also another unique point of DD, in DD, the romance is not those served hot and warm, but rather cold and chilling. It is love, yet at the same time it might not be love. Lastly, all I can say is that don't get tricked by the low number of chapters, each of them are very long and totals to a lot of words each chapter. Rated 8.9/10, beautiful, beautiful characters. <<less
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