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Droma rated it
The World Online
March 21, 2018
Status: Completed
This is very much a kingdom building novel. If you're not a fan of kingdom building type stories this will not be for you. Do go into it expecting it to be a MMO novel or cultivation novel.

If you're a fan of stories like I am the Monarch, Tales of the Reincarnated Lord, Zhan Long, Release That Witch, or The Amber Sword then you'll probably enjoy this as well. Do no go by the listed recommendations as they are wildly inaccurate with the style of the story.
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Droma rated it
January 29, 2017
Status: c31
Edit: Issues with MC's personality not matching background and lack of sword use start being corrected around chapter 33 when the tutorial arc ends. This bumps it to a 4 star for me.

TLDR Version: Interesting death game scenario, interesting side characters, MC's actions and personality in the Rite of Passage don't match his backstory.

Some annoying grammatical errors and incorrect word choice in the translation make me think the translator is good with conversational English but not prose. A proofreader would help out but further slow down the already relatively slow... more>> translation speed. The story feels slower paced than it actually is because the translator is breaking chapters into 3 or 4 smaller chunks. So as of the 31st release it's really only 10 chapters of actually reading.

For the story itself the initial setup of the death game scenario isn't bad in comparison to other stories like Reincarnator or King of the Battlefield. What it lacks though is the main characters reasons for going back in time which is vaguely hinted to be related to a lost love interest. The initial couple chapters spend more time on character creation than they do setting up the main characters backstory or personality.

One of the strong suits to the story is well developed side characters. Unlike Reincarnator or King of the Battlefield this story seems like it will focus around a group of people rather than a single powerful MC.

The problem so far is that so much time is spent on the side characters that the main character simply feels very bland. We know before getting sucked into the death game he was a sergeant in the Korean army and then spent 10 years in the death game before going back in time. The MC desires to be low key during the Rite of Passage part so that his overpowered stats and class don't get rumors spread about them too early which make sense. However the author seems to confuse hiding his strength with a complete lack of leadership. Anyone who's been through military training, gotten rank, and been on a battlefield should be taking an obvious leadership role over people who haven't when an emergency/dangerous situation breaks out and that's just not happening in this story. The MC is the most wishywashy hardened killer I've ever seen written in a story.

The other issue I have with the way the MC is written is that he's a swordsman class right from the start and been a swordsman for 10 years but he uses a crossbow throughout the entire Rite of Passage. It simply doesn't make sense.

I'm interested to continue reading to see how the party dynamics change and how the group develops as that part is written fairly well and is interesting. You just have to ignore how the way that the MC's actions and personality don't match his backstory at all. I'm hoping things improve when they move onto the main area after the initial Rite of Passage and the MC is no longer trying to hide that his stats and class make him a badass. <<less
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