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Dreamless48 rated it
Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman
July 22, 2018
Status: c77
This is my opinion-

This story is alright, depends on you as a person. At first, I loved this story as I love rebirth stories, but as time goes on I just started to hate the story due to the male lead. Also, the translator is amazing.

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this story is about a woman who marries a man in love with another woman and then she dies a sad death due to being isolated, while he takes that woman as his concubine and treats that woman as his main wife than her, who just a victim of this marriage like he was. I hate him! I slowly started to hate him! So she rebirths and tells him she's aware of his feelings of his feeling for the other woman and plans to not get in the way, yay..... this is where it starts to change.

They pretend this fake relationship sigh* the other woman (the one he's in love with, she hasn't married in yet) doesn't like her and bullies her because she's a normal woman to me that's jealous that this woman (MC) has the position she always wanted (his main wife). So as time goes on, he tells that woman the truth that it's all lie (the MC's and his relationship) and she doesn't believe him (understandable as she thinks they slept together and she fears losing her man) - remember women depend on men to survive in this society.

So she doesn't believe him and becomes a little vicious, again, understandable to me. Then he has the audacity to start to like the MC because the woman he loves doesn't believe him and isn't what she seemed as she isn't as gentle as before and she's obsessively jealousy🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Screw him.

To me, you should understand where your woman is coming from if you were in the same position. Like in novels we see a ML kill another man for touching his woman so I get why she's mean to the MC. She's a insanely jealous woman whose fears her man loving someone else..... it's not right but I get it.

However, his love is so flakey that he easily likes the MC as she's such a gentle character. I feel like he just loves the idea of a beautiful gentle woman than the woman herself. It's sad. I hate him. I dislike the other girl too but I understand where she's coming from. However, I just hate him the most as he's the root cause of everything and the reason why the woman he loves becomes horrible.

I bet there's happy ending for the MC and him but I feel deeply for the other woman. To me, she's a victim that's blindly in love.

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Dreamless48 rated it
My New Life, Won’t You Please Become Peaceful!
November 25, 2017
Status: 19
I love this novel so far, the MC is hilarious and I love them 😍 This is extremely funny and the story is pretty interesting so far, the characters are interesting and the story plot is good so I encourage people to read it x
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