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Dragn555 rated it
Invisible Dragon
October 16, 2016
Status: c50
Absolute masterpiece.

Undoubtedly the author's magnum opus.

If you're looking for a good novel, look no further because Invisible Dragon is here, and it's ready to fry your brain (with greatness).

... more>> The MC of the story is impossible to describe, mostly due to the fact that he's just that complex of a character. Just the author describing his appearance brings wonder.

But what about the action, you ask?

Top notch. Never before seen. Can't even begin to describe how awesome it is.

The romance?

Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to begin... Just know that it's on a whole new level when compared to other novels.

The plot?

The beautiful story of Invisible Dragon is unbelievable, breathtaking even. Truly at the pinnacle of the genre.

11/10 would destroy my brain again <<less
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Dragn555 rated it
September 15, 2016
Status: c198
A lot of this review has spoilers and it's very long.

... more>>

The novel starts off good as they usually do. Right off the bat we're introduced to this new world with these evil fairies, a power system, and what seems like a very unforgivibg world. The main character, Hansoo, uses his head and acts like an experienced badass. Sure, the first villain is pretty meh, but that's just because the main focus isn't him!

To be honest, I did like when it was in the first phases of the 'tutorial' of the other world.

Unfortunately, it just goes downhill from there.

Things start to divert away from Hansoo and more towards the random jerks around him. Sure, his perspective is shown, but it's more like you're reading a brief summary of his actions. Compared to other unimportant jerks, it feels like Hansoo gets very little attention.

By the way, referring to the side characters as 'jerks' was no joke. Everybody is an assh*le in Reincarnator. It's like there's only one type of person.

That guy seems nice? He'll abandon and betray you at a moment's notice.

You saved their life? That person will try to f*ck you over.

It just gets old. I can understand how the world is geared toward the jerks surviving, but for f'ck's sake, some of these idiots need to chill. At least some variety would be nice.

The villains aren't much better.

It seems that many times in Reincarnator, the villains will do exactly the thing that will doom the human race. They all have pretty much the same personalities as well. Rest assured though, they will be stopped as easily as throwing a pebble.

Whenever you see a new character's perspective, you'll find yourself rolling your eyes.

And about any of Hansoo's friends, don't get attached. Not because something bad will happen to them, but because they probably won't appear again for more than five minutes.

So now that we've covered the sh*t characters, let us cover the plot!

The plot of Reincarnator is BORING.

There are no real moments of suspense, epicness, or even emotion. It just feels like you're listening to an old veteran talk about his desk job.

Each time he gets to a new zone it basically follows this formula...

Power up > beat up the things > set up stuff > leave

And it is just as bland as it sounds. Without losing much, you could probably just read the first chapter of an arc and then skip to when Hansoo kills the thing.

But you'll miss the fight, you say?

Well here's the thing; Reincarnator skips over the fights anyways. Especially if it's a big bad, Hansoo will only fight it offscreen.

So who does he fight, you ask?

The cannon fodder.

There are also no real breathers in Reincarnator. It's very much a sustained 100 in threat meter and such, only rarely dropping to 90 here and there. To some, this is fine. To me and some others, this gets tiresome.

I will say that at the beginning, this novel was four stars. However, it quickly deteriorated after its strong start. If you're looking for anything more than a time killer, Reincarnator isn't it.


TL;DR: Reincarnator is boring with bad characters and a plot that is nothing but words on a page. It's a decent time killer, but not much else. <<less
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Dragn555 rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
October 27, 2016
Status: c49
EER is fun to read, just don't expect deep characters or plot. The characters and plot are about as deep as a puddle. They only exist for a very simple reason-- so the author can write about cool sh*t. And this is true for most of the novels on NU. So why bother? Well EER is a very fun read, and that's all I can really say about it. It's something I look forward to reading, and something that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
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Dragn555 rated it
Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
January 6, 2017
Status: soba
Kumo Desu ga started out SO fun. Yeah, that's pretty much it.

The plot was almost nonexistent, but that was fine, since the story was of Kumoko's fun adventures in the dungeon. It didn't need to be complicated. It didn't need any side characters. All the story needed was our extremely cute and likable protagonist Kumoko, the unlucky girl reincarnated into a spider's body.

But sh*t went south right quick when Kumoko left her plotless little adventure behind...

... more>>

As soon as the main plot of Kumo Desu ga starts to unfold, we leave the dungeon and set foot into the greatly anticipated outside world, which actually turns out to be a major disappointment. It also leads to the events that kill any enjoyment or good will built up in Kumoko's past exploits.

What I mean by this is, throughout the story, you will read side story chapters about the 'hero' of the world. This is fine since it breaks the monotony of things and serves as an intermission of sorts. As this side story goes on, we are introduced to a huge conflict, teased with some awesome developments, and then cut off.


Or at least where the problems become more frustrating.

Kumoko's dungeon adventures take place a significant amount of time BEFORE the side story's events. This would be fine, except the author thought it would be a great idea to write about EVERY LITTLE EVENT LEADING UP TO THE TEASED CONFLICT.

It also doesn't help that these mind numbingly 'meh' events are padded by mental monologues so long that bond villains would say, "that's enough."

But if you want to get really into it, a lot of the problems seen in later chapters began the moment Kumoko left the dungeon. We're introduced to all these side characters, and given sh*tty reasons to care about them. Their perspectives are a chore to read about, especially since the Kumoko chapters become so lackluster compared to before.

But back to the plot. Oh yes, the god awful plot.

Within the hundred something chapters after we exit the dungeon, there have been TWO notable conflicts, with one just about to start. ****IN' TWO. The only chapter that 'wowed' me was a chapter where Kumoko got super mad, and it was a surprising break from the character we've come to know.

Everything else has been quite the boring slog after the dungeon.

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Dragn555 rated it
I’m Really a Superstar
August 2, 2016
Status: c462
IRAS is an extremely fun read, but could use some more variety.

While it has never failed to make me smile and want to read the next chapter, it is undeniable that IRAS is going to have a somewhat repetitive plot. It pretty much boils down to...

Get a job > success > some assh*le does what assh*les do > Zhang Ye rebels > back and forth between boss and ZY > ZY gets fired after a big event > repeat

... more>> OR

Event happens > Zhang Ye shows his prowess > people love it

Of course, the events filling in these points are still funny and enternaining despite the repetitiveness. But, it is that repetitiveness that might put a few people off of the story.

Another thing that will definitely irk some is the blatant, or at least implied, racism that's shown in brief instances. It's not enough to ruin the story by any means, it doesn't pop up too often, but it's still enough to make one sigh.

Some of Zhang Ye's acts are also highly questionable, and feel forced.

At one point, he blows all of his cash on a $5 million armored car.

His reason?

Because someone may try to assassinate him after he's famous.

Throughout the story, he seems to break into hysterics at the slightest injury, but seems to overcome any danger presented to him in a confident manner. This can be considered a character trait, but it just feels way too out of place for my liking.

The phenomenon can be described like this:

The MC will seemingly break character for some random and forced humor. One minute the MC is acting all badass and cool, and the next he's a shameless character that's painful to read about.

There are also scenes, sometimes lasting a chapter or more, where Zhang Ye gropes the women he comes across. Something similar actually lasts for, IIRC, five chapters. All of these sequences are extremely uncomfortable to read, as you're essentially reading about a creep who doesn't know boundaries. What's worse is that these women put up with it. They don't dole out a thousand slaps when Zhang Ye obviously deserves it. If I had to pick the worst part of IRAS, the 'steamy' scenes would win by a country mile.

All this being said, it is still extremely fun to read about the MC 'slapping' faces and shocking the crowd. Out of all the novels I've read, I don't think any of them can beat the amount of satisfaction IRAS provides.

IRAS is full of faults, but its entertainment value and humor easily overshadow them. Unless you really want to, it would be hard to not enjoy reading about Zhang Ye's exploits. <<less
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