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Release that Witch
July 24, 2016
Status: c27
I had good hope for this novel and I was even enjoying it.

Right uptil Chapter 27, where I learn the Main Character wants to introduce 'the gun' to the world.

Although at this point it's not yet certain whether he'll succeed or not. I find it downright annoying that introducing firearms into a swords/archers (/magic) type of world seems to be 'the' technological solution that the MC wants to bring into play.

History tells you that the gun brought significant change to the world, but that change was wrought through a lot... more>> of bloodshed. I find it debatable that 'inventing' better weapons is the solution. At least not something that's so highly abusable by all. It's not without reason that weapons are banned in some countries and that other countries where it's 'legal' have a higher (firearm) deathrate.

And although you might argue that people will continue to kill regardless of the introduction of firearms. The death toll would be significantly less without such a powerful weapon. And in this type of world, it should be powerful.

I was honestly hoping that if he kept on the path of inventing, he would stick to more constructive things that would help life in general. And by that I mean more convenience like structures... Pipelines for sewers, watertaps, transport... I don't know... I'd like to be surprised, not write it myself, lol.

On a side note... At least it wasn't some MC getting into a magical world, who promptly decides to "Let's invent 'Gun Magic'", cause clearly that's the most imaginative thing to do in a world full of... magic. Then again, that's probably because this MC can't use magic to begin with.

I sincerely hope his 'gun-plans' fall through. And he no longer sticks to it.

For the rest it's still a decent novel, so I won't say I'll drop it immediately. So for now I'll rate it a 2. It might've been a 4, if it wasn't for the gun thing. Yeah, that seriously put me off. Although I'm sure some people would like it instead. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
Terror Infinity
January 7, 2016
Status: --
I’m sure you’ve all seen movies of which the world the movie was in gave you the feeling of “I sure wish I could live in that type of world”.


This is a horror series relying on movies as a big part of the content. Specifically movies with horror or thriller elements. The type of movie world you don’t actually want to live in.

Basically it’s an enjoyable thriller series with all the horror elements you could possibly imagine. Or rather, all the elements that could’ve been in all those movies... more>> (and more).

There’s actually quite a bit of worldbuilding over the course of the novel, but instead of that slowing down the story, the action inside the story is usually fast paced and it only slows down inbetween movies. Which will actually give you the feeling of a breather, which you and the characters in the novel need. Trust me.

What happens when you’re dropped in a ‘horror’ movie world?

Well... you try anything and everything to try to survive it. Not all of the movies are typical ‘horror’ movies, but they do share elements which could be horrifying if you were in that movie.


The main trick is that once you survive the movies, you gain points which you can use to upgrade your body and mind. Think of stuff like vampire bloodline, Qi, magic, mental powers.

These are the type of movies that are being covered so far. (not adding sequels)


Resident Evil, Alien, The Grudge, The Mummy, Final Destination, Jurassic Park

And my main advise is. Read the parts per volume. It’s much better for your heart and more relaxing for the mind. (so you might want to wait for a volume to be finished before advancing)

Each volume will 'usually' cover a movie and the aftermath.

We’re currently (as of this review) upto Volume 12, so you’ve got some reading to do! <<less
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Draeghe rated it
9 Heavenly Thunder Manual
January 6, 2016
Status: --
A sort of modern xianxia. Stereotypical.

There are however two very offputting factors.

1. The Author is very racist. This part becomes clear at Chapter 40+, but even more so at around 60 or so.

... more>> 2. The Author speaks of girls as if they are sullied/ruined even if they were raped. The way women are described and their characters is nauseating as well. They all think the MC is the best thing ever, even in passingby. It might be easier to say they have no personality at all.

I personally wouldn’t recommend reading this stuff to anyone. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
God of Music
July 12, 2016
Status: c44
It's a 'time travel to the past' type of novel.

A guy who utterly failed as a music planner goes back in time 10 years. The introduction/premise of the story is rather simple and merely used as a quick set up to start the real story. A 'planner' is the person in charge of leading a 'singer'/'idol' to succes, by various means. It's basically a manager.

Aside from having pre-knowledge, which he uses to his advantage succesfully right from the start, the Main Character (KangYoon) also gained a useful ability to judge... more>> a persons singing in the form of a 'halo' above the singer, that is either showing grey (for bad singing) or white (for good singing).

This cheat-like ability sounds simple, but it puts him ahead into the game by a large margin. Under the spoiler tag is a further explanation of his ability, but not necessary to read.


It seems like the white/grey light will also show up during other types of performances, such as dancing. It helps KangYoon judge whether a performance is good or not. This helps during recording, dance practice etc. And it helps him show the part where it goes wrong, cause it turns grey then assisting him in noticing what to do or say.

KangYoon's ability further 'evolves' later on during the novel. He can see more types of lights and other difference makers that weren't initially shown.


The story so far is very promising. I personally always enjoy any type of 'music story'. It feels similar to other reincarnation/time lapse story's, as the MC is obviously building towards an epic standing in society. (It's a little bit similar to "I’m Really a Superstar" in that aspect)

The main difference is that the Main Character is the 'behind the scenes' man. He 'lifts up' others and slowly gets well-known due to this ability. He maintains a hardworking attitude and is not strolling through life just because he has a 'cheat' ability.

As an added aspect in the story, the MC also dotes on his sister, who's ill (she requires dialysis). The parts with his sister feel a bit like an interlude, a way to pass time, but also as a way to give the MC an added goal on what to do in life (cure his sister/improve her health).

So far I'm enjoying the read, so I'm just giving it a solid 5 for starters. The writing isn't bad and the story is easy to follow. There's no overly complicated parts anywhere. And it appears to be translated well. My rating is partly influenced due to the music link, I admit.

I want to know where the story will lead to and if it'll stay an interesting read. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
Stranger’s Handbook
July 13, 2016
Status: c32
The story is a fantasy comedy, with a tint of darkness filled humor.

A couple of points to start with:
- At the end of almost every chapter, with the Main Character as first-person-view, there's a kind of thing he constantly says/repeats. Which turns it into a running gag.
- Another thing to realise is that the Heroine has such a high darkness affinity, that everything she says or shows is almost always completely different from what she feels/thinks inside.
- The MC is basically super strong, but somehow remains a... more>> coward despite that. Which appears to be part of the humor. Which leads to the initial running gag.

All of this make the story rather unique as well as entertaining. And at the same time you can't really take the story very seriously.

Someone remarked in their review that they are discriminating. One of the tag lines in the story is 'misunderstandings'. This makes me think that that person who said that didn't read very far... or basically ignores part of what he was reading. In any case, that person seems to take the story too seriously, for what it really is.

In the story they do take discrimination very seriously. There's obviously a difference in culture, so you ought to keep that in mind when reading the story. A difference in culture will often lead to misunderstandings.

The people inside the story (namely the faction the MC wound up with (beastmen)) have their own strange code of honor. This code mostly means they need to be strong and just (and apparently swift in judgment), and that's where where the heads will roll whenever they meet 'opponents' (opponents heads that is).

The whole summoning was to obtain the MC, not the other people. It all revolves around him. I imagine the other persons who were accidently summoned with him, were basically forgotten by the author. Maybe at one point he'll leave more of a remark about it, but not yet. The author seems to love to leave things hanging, causing readers to misunderstand as well.

A few running gags:

The MC says something along the lines of "I'm going to die" or a version thereof at the end of almost every chapter his perspective is shown. (or he says something else 'negative')


One of the presumed running gags is him wetting himself a little at occasion, which the 'beastmen' perceive as marking his territory. Making them think he's strong instead, rather than afraid.


I must add that the story makes use of a lot of 'tropes'. Basically stuff that's been commonly used and re-used in other stories as comedic relief. Although that gives it a recognisable feel, it's also the reason I won't give the story a 5. I think I'll judge a 4 for now, for what I've read so far.

And to remind you and I hate to say the same thing as others, but it's true so here goes: "It's advisable to keep reading till Ch.11 (It won't take long to get there) in order to get the right feel for what type of story it really is. " <<less
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Draeghe rated it
Chaotic Sword God
March 12, 2016
Status: --
I’ve finally had enough after reading till chapter 387.

The story goes nowhere. The Main Character is simply dumb and wanders about doing absolutely nothing significant. He stirs up trouble and then gets out of it, over and over. His cultivation path is an utter mess, it’s like the author had no clue where to go with it (as with pretty much everything in the story) and simply changed his mind over and over.

The only good point is the mindless entertainment the story provides, except even that wears thin after so... more>> many stupid antics. Especially when the killing streak (the mindless entertainment) is halted for some nonsensical cultivation technique.

I’ve tried to stick with it and a few times it was still fun, but I can only bare so much stupidity in a story and it simply doesn’t look like the author intends to stop with that anytime soon. His writing/story telling doesn’t improve unlike other novels. I can spend my time better by reading those novels instead. There’s more fish in the sea. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
January 6, 2016
Status: c837
The first thing I want to read when I get up in the morning. As well as the last thing I want to read before I go to bed.

For some this masterpiece (because it is) might be too slow to start. However the more the main character grows, the more you get to know of the world. You literally learn more as he learns more. There’s no big info dumps anywhere and even the slow pacing (at times) serve a reason.

The main brilliant part of this Xianxia, is that often... more>> there will be parts of the story that has been touched upon somewhere earlier on in the novel. And the current happenstance is some sort of revelation. And although it might be hard to remember at times, the translator (deathblade) often helps us out by dropping a link to the parts underneath the chapter to those previous occasions. (The translator does the story justice)

There’s also parts of humourous events or simply comedic relief hidden in the story here and there. This keeps the tone of the novel entertaining and not too heavy-set or dramatic (or too self-important as many xianxia seem to be).

I personally wasn’t bothered by the world building at all. As I said before, you learn more of the world as the MC knows more. And during the first few books the MC is going through a harsh part of development, relying mostly on his wits and perhaps some luck to muddle through it. It takes quite a while before he starts to grow much much stronger and grasps more techniques and abilities, that he either develops himself or got through a bit of luck again :P. However, the foundations that were laid in the first few books, are properly exploited in the later ones.

As of writing this review, I am currently at chapter 383... And I don’t regret reading it at all.

Update: Still reading at Ch. 837


Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life! When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!

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Draeghe rated it
God of Cooking
July 15, 2016
Status: c79
Reading about so many recipes really makes you hungry. Hungry at wanting to read more.

Food addicts unite! I'm almost sad I can't taste the dishes as I read.

Oh right, to say something 'review-ish'... I would like to eat more... err, read more. It's well-cooked, I mean well-done... ?? eh, well written yes. That's it.

I do think non-food addicts can also enjoy 'God of Cooking'. There's enough quality to leave your palate satisfied. I'm not going to say anything about the tags added to this story. You shouldn't judge a book... more>> by it's cover. I simply think you should give this story a taste first.

Anyways, I'm giving the novel a solid 5 simply cause I binge-read all the way to chapter 53. I only got around to reading this today and I'm writing the review right after I finished chapter 53. That's how much I wanted to express my feelings after reading the novel. Doesn't that say enough?

If I can add one more thing... it would be... Bon Appétit.

Edit: It's still appetizing at Chapter 79. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
February 3, 2016
Status: --
So far it has been an interesting read.

The author delivers a ‘somewhat’ different story, compared to things I’ve read before. Although to be frank, I’ve read “a lot”, so there isn’t really an entirely new concept in here to me.

I like the ‘decisive’ MC so far.

... more>> However, this story seems to be developing well. It’s slightly different compared to many other stories.

It is basically a survival game to the extreme.

I’ve read upto Ch.14 so far.

I don’t feel comfortable commenting much more on this story, just yet... I’ll make sure to come back and redo my review or give more details on it later on. (if I’m still alive, #deathflag, lol)

Update: I've read upto chapter 52 now.
So far the author has avoided several pitfalls and continued to deliver a good story.
The MC, as an reincarnator, has pre-knowledge of many things to come. His reincarnation went back into the past. This does take away some of the thrills and excitement, because so far you're left with the feeling the MC can handle anything.
It will be interesting to see how things will develop as the future starts to deviate from what the MC knows (due to the changes he himself introduces compared to pre-reincarnation).
Sadly, you're not told of how the Main Character handled certain situations pre-reincarnation. So you're left with no comparison.
I stand by my previous choice of giving this novel a 4/5 rating. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
Celestial Employee
July 27, 2016
Status: c7
The novel starts off with a swear word, which I personally find to be in poor taste. Or at the very least a lack of proper imagination to start off your very first chapter with. I imagine wanting to start your story off with a 'bang', but I would never suggest to do it in this manner.

From the swear word, the author proceeds straight towards 'toilet humor' (which I personally didn't find to be all that), then to a weird call from his 'boss'?, straight into a flashback which doesn't... more>> end till chapter 3, and by then the 'boss' call is promptly forgotten.

The story then proceeds without any coherence. It easily rambles on till chapter 7 without anything significant having been said. And still without any bearing on what the story will be about.

I know it's supposed to be comedic relief, but after having read 7 chapters of nonsense. I simply didn't feel like this story is worth my time anymore. Although if you're into toilet humor and bad writing, this story is definitely for you.

I might come back and try this story again when we're further along, but for now I really can't give it a high score. I even find it a pity, because I do enjoy 'Path to Heaven' from the same author. Except this (first 7 chapters at least) was so poorly executed, I can only imagine it was his first attempt at a modern xianxia or his first story ever. Maybe it does improve later on. We'll see. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
Instant Kill
July 25, 2016
Status: v4c6
it's good.

It's a Xianxia, yes. But it has it's own type of flavour.

The Main Character is a boy who awakened from his third reincarnation at the age of 8. His first life was as (reclusive) monk and his second as a farmer? With wife. This gives him some pre-knowledge, but since his third reincarnation is in an entirely different world, things are still fresh to him. So he has some advantage, but is also unknowledgable about many things. This helps a lot towards explaining the world in a more natural... more>> way, instead of the MC suddenly being like "oh yeah, there's this and that, I forgot to mention". Which is a common trope/fault in other reincarnation story's.

All the typical concepts of a xianxia appear. You have the disciple growth period and various competing sects within this world. The world has it's own dangers and you're slowly lead through a solid understanding of this world.

The pacing isn't very fast, but it's not overly slow either. The volumes are clear indicators of change about to happen.

One of the things that give this novel a particular 'flavour', as I put it, is the usage of the word Fu (and Zhou). I understand why it's left 'untranslated', you'll pretty much get informed about their meaning as you read the story. And you'll get used to the word usage as you get further along in the story. The "FuZhou" concept is basically the cultivation method of this world, which can be separated in several parts. Fu warrior, Fu knight, Zhou Knight, Fuzhou knight and the higher ranks (master etc.). It gets explained in the story.

The applications of the cultivation method are also outside the norm, although not entirely unusual. It's more along the lines of inscribing symbols onto a person to enhance strength or onto a 'wooden tile'/'paper charm' (rune stones). Once you give the story a try, you'll know what I mean. This brief explanation isn't doing it justice. (It reminds me 'a bit' of the rune system of 'The Death Gate Cycle' from Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman)

One thing I dislike:

The MC once found some ancient chants, which strengthened his soul and is the whole reason he's able to reincarnate and have his former memories. Except apparently the chants also somehow inflict him with the inability to produce off-spring (he can't have kids). I somehow find that addition to be somewhat ludicrous and I don't understand how his soul would make him infertile, when that should be purely a bodily function. I personally enjoy it when a MC at one point can have children. To cut that path off at the very start is a minus to me.


I'm giving it a 4 for now. The initial novel description felt a bit lacking. I hope my review at least gives you more incentive to read. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
Ace of Ace
July 19, 2016
Status: c3
It's a bit early to properly review, I know.

But I've been waiting for someone to translate a sports novel.
And just considering the tags alone (and the description), I've got high hopes for this one.

Game Elements + Sports is a win in my book. I actually wish there were more novels like this translated.

So far I can say the author at least tries to give a proper reason as to why the protagonist receives his 'soon-to-be' powers. Unlike most novels where it's just sprung onto the MC (often ending... more>> the life with Truck-san) and then given a lackluster reason afterwards. Though sadly a truck is still involved. And the whole start of the novel feels a bit forced.

Luckily after the first two chapters, which are basically the set-up for the novel to really start, it does slow down and becomes less hectic.

His 'emerging' powers so far give him a stats table depicted with letters. Health, Strength, Agility and a couple of others. As well as 'accelerated' 'self-healing' ability.
Like with most other 'game element novels', more powers will most likely reveal themselves the further along we get in the novel.

I'll make sure to update my review once we're further along. So the entire review is subject to change.

Updated and the part below will probably be deleted at one point.
Response to the other review: Questioning the MC's reason to be the best baseball player is rather weird. (or rather the Authors choice to make it so) Sure it's a niche branch, but aren't all reincarnating novels pretty much the same? They have a cheat power or pre-knowledge to propel them to be the best in whatever life choices they make. Saying he's disallowed to compete because of his cheat power is silly...
On those grounds even having reincarnated to begin with, would disallow him to compete, cause he could potentially abuse his pre-knowledge to give him an 'unfair advantage'.
Why did you even bother reading a 'game element' sports novel to begin with? There was bound to be a cheat in it for him.

On a side note. If it does turn into a hidden xianxia, I wouldn't even be surprised... it is a chinese novel after all. lol
It's a bit sad to burn a novel like this before it even really started. Grain of salt included.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <<less
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Draeghe rated it
Long Live Summons!
May 27, 2016
Status: c252
This story is a sort of rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.

It's actually quite a funny story at times, there's plenty of humor... Especially the first 100 chapters or so (can't remember precisely, but basically before he got all gung-ho with so many girls at once) were quite fun.

Think the story kind of got downhill as of late (pretty much when he got into the school it got worse) with the weird cultivation/innate power/hero ranking things. Sure it's fun to read the main characters Antics... and the world the story... more>> exists in is somewhat interesting too.

But sometimes it's very confusing to read what exactly is going on, because the story shifts from one part to the other in absolutely no time. And to me this is a major drawback, it takes away a lot of the momentum the story has and leaves you wondering with "what the hell did I just read"/"what just happened"... and not in a good way. And the author has the tendency to do this just a bit too often.

It feels like he wants to tell you more and more about the world he created, and then describes something and explains it... and then leaves that part hanging with absolutely no follow-up whatsoever later on in the story. This actually happens a few times. If any of this stuff actually gets used later on (which I doubt), I'm sure I would've forgotten about it by then, since it just doesn't leave any lasting impact.

- Funny, plenty of humor. MC can be amusing.
- Interesting world
- Too many story shifts/sudden changes, which makes no sense. / makes it confusing to read.
- Cultivation system is all over the place. (no offense to those who actually like this) Some parts I do like, but some I don't.

I would've given it a 4, or maybe even a 5... if it wasn't for the confusing writing at times, which takes away the reading pleasure.
I hope I could purvey what I meant. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
September 12, 2016
Status: c142
I've decided to be brief. Hope I can manage, for once. So I'll start off with pro and cons!

- Interesting Main Character
- Plenty of Scheming opponents
- Scheming MC.
- Interesting world. (though not that different from other xianxia)

- Cultivation drabble is often too long and fills chapter after chapter endlessly
- MC cultivation method is overly complicated, even if it's what sets him apart from others. I somehow doubt it was needed to that extent.
- There's some logic issues in regards to the MC's... more>> behaviour and his opponents. As well as how he acts towards females (and his female master). Nothing worth getting a headache over though.

Yet... I'm still reading, so that means I can bare with the often long times of filler material.

Give the novel a try, to see if you can stand the authors method of writing. There are definitely some interesting and well-done parts, but sometimes 'even I' glare angrily at my screen trying to fathom what the author was thinking... crap, I'm writing too much again...
Just see for yourself.

The 4 rating will stay until I've actually grown tired of this, then it's probably a 3 instead, ;p.
I don't expect anyone to like this review, I just wanted to get my annoyance with the cultivation method off my chest. lol <<less
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Legend of the Cultivation God
April 26, 2016
Status: c144
This is a slice-of-life cultivation story. More details follow now.

The story has a slow build up. It's not surprising it has loads of chapters and is still ongoing. I disagree with anyone who says it's not slow, but just because it's slow doesn't mean it's bad. That's a misunderstanding. In this case it's very good.

The author is slowly building up the world. He does this by giving some background for some nearby events as well, which most likely will play a role in the future.
But somehow this all doesn't... more>> feel boring (to me), as you are that much more informed about the ongoings in the world as the story develops. Giving you a solid background.
I imagine that after all the world building, the plot will start to develop faster.

To me it is clear that the Main Character (MC) is the youngest boy of the family "Zhang Xiaohua". However he doesn't get that much 'airplay' at all (at first), as the author is exploring a lot of ground around his family. Which may give cause to some confusion.

If you're looking for something fast-paced this story clearly isn't for you. However unlike most martial arts/xianxia stories, this one clearly develops the characters, which gives you more to relate to whatever happens to them.
And since it describes other characters outside of the MC's direct daily life, you feel much more familiar with them when they make a reappearance in the story (and come into contact with the MC later on).

Another reason it may feel like a slow story, are all the 'realistic' interactions between the characters. It doesn't feel rushed at all. It's actually well-done compared to many other Xianxia.

All the extra background/information given to you, is one of the solid powers of this novel. Since you don't have weird sudden appearances of strange characters that provide a quick plot armor or fix to the story. So far everything has been build up well.

I would like to see more action goes, it's still rather rare and far inbetween. It's pretty much sticking to the occasional happening, while focusing on life itself. I'm giving it 5 stars, simply because I find myself wanting to read more. Which I deem a good sign.

At chapter 48 the MC is still not following a martial path, but there has been some foreshadowing. It's more of a slice-of-life feeling thus far. He gets settled into a new place at around chapter 70, where he gets more into contact with martial arts.
At Chapter 118, Zhang Xiaohua is pretty well settled into his current 'role'. He's been getting more and more 'airplay' (as I put it) and you feel at ease reading about his daily life.

(updated the review a few times) <<less
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Draeghe rated it
Peerless Martial God
January 13, 2016
Status: --
An average Xianxia... no real plot or anything. Just the brainless “I need to get strong, because *insert poor reason the MC came across*.”

If you like mindlessly and repetitiveness, this story is for you.

One of the main things that disturbs me is that the MC often goes on a killing spree, while repeatedly saying stuff in the line of “oh, how arrogant others are and why must they kill so much, this world is a b****” and then he goes and kills some more people.

The highest death count in the... more>> story is entirely on the hands of the MC.
Don’t get me wrong... I don’t actually mind that he kills so much. I do mind the way he goes about it. He’s a pretentious prick to be honest.

The story doesn’t really progress and goes all over the place.


It felt like the author didn’t know what to do when the MC was in a sect... so he decides to kill off the sect, just to make the MC wander around again and give another motive for revenge.


This type of thing happens over and over.

The MC is highly revenge driven, and steps on other people constantly.
An example. At one point the MC breaks an unwritten rule, which causes others to step up (rightfully so), just because it interferes with his training... And with no mercy at all, he goes and kills the people who try to stop him. (he could’ve just as easily let them off after showing his strength, that sort of thing simply never happens)

There’s also plenty of people that are nice to him, for no apparent reason at all. Because he’s strong? or something...
Almost all the other characters have no real personality at all. They’re all just there to give the MC another reason to go on a killing spree.

The MC is anything but benevolent, kind or whatever. He seemingly goes by his own weird set of rules and in the process tramples on everything else. <<less
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Draeghe rated it
Coder Lee Yongho
July 25, 2016
Status: c55
A novel about a computer programmer (/nerd) with a (customized) cheat.

The cheat itself gets explained in the story. It's basically a code breaker. (couldn't help myself, had to say it, lol)

So far the novel isn't so much about dealing with the coding problems, but with managing the problems that the people around it cause. In other words 'social obligations', 'work pressure', 'deadlines', 'work atmosphere'. Those type of things. It's almost all work-related.

You're pretty much getting informed about the workings of the Korean working life. Which is simply different compared... more>> to how 'western/american/european'... work... But not something you would be entirely unaware of, if you've just read or seen manga and anime before.

A couple of few negative (bugs) things:
- The writing is sometimes a bit confusing. And I actually don't think that's the translators fault, it's entirely the authors issue. It feels like the author is skipping small steps of the thinking progress and simply assumes you're grasping the connection between them. (That's how it feels anyways).
- Due to the 'Korean nature' of the novel, you might get a bit annoyed at how much the Main Character gets pushed around during the start of the novel. Although not entirely negative, since it's simply part of the story, it may still influence your reading pleasure. (it's still happening at c55)

Anyways, You can still read the novel (and enjoy it) even with zero knowledge of computer problems/programming. You might even learn a little about the computer world instead.
I'll still rate it a 4 star, cause I enjoy the story. Despite the few minor bugs in it. <<less
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The Six Immortals
February 3, 2016
Status: --
It’s an average Xianxia. Although it’s entertaining enough to read, it’s not exactly a good novel either.
There’s a couple of points that bother me while reading this story. (and may eventually cause me to drop this)
And those points cause the demerits that makes me give this only 3 out of 5 stars.

– The battles are lacking substance. The training parts are also lacking. It all pretty much exists out of “name the technique”. There’s often hardly any explanation as to what the training technique entails. You mostly... more>> have to guess from the name of the technique itself.
Although this is perhaps not entirely justified when I say this; but the battles mostly exist out of ‘he uses this technique’ and finishes off his opponent with ‘that technique’. Some battles are even glossed over entirely.
Whatever he’s training, it goes like this: He obtains this technique, the technique does this, he trains it. Done. It’s immensely lacking in details. So this pretty much makes all the consequent battling he does very lame, as you have no clue to what he’s actually doing.
Which is a pretty bad thing for a xianxia. So most of the enjoyment you get out of this novel will purely come from the interactions, rather than the battles. (and I must add the interactions are... average too)

– Any characters the MC encounters are pretty bland and forgettable. Sometimes I even wonder “huh, when did that guy show up” or “who the hell is that again?”.

– The MC itself is also rather forgettable I’m afraid. Unlike some novels, I don’t remember the MC’s name until I resume reading the next released chapter. (sadly this isn’t the only novel where that happens, and partly might be contributed to the fact I’m bad at remembering names, lol. But it’s still a factor)

Again... it’s not a bad novel, but it’s not a good one either. There are certainly points that could use improvement. So far I’m not overly impressed with it.
I do intend to keep reading, even if I’m having a rather hard time mentioning the good things in this novel. There must be some? surely? why else would I read it? Hopefully another reviewer can point those out.

(read upto Ch.52 as of this review) <<less
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