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This is probably the fastest I dropped a novel.

Following spoiler is only up to c3

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The MC knows that she has to avoid the death flags or she will most probably die. She knows that the necklace her brother gifted her in c1 is a death flag trigger, if taken to the upcoming meeting and handled improperly. So obviously you leave it at home and just pretend you forgot or lost it, to avoid any problems, right? Well of course she takes it with her to the meeting. Now, this would be fine, if she kept her mouth shut about it, hiding the pendand. Easy, you say? Not so for our MC, the second she is asked if she is "... holding some special ornaments...?" by the brother of the girl that killed her in the future because of said pendand, she immediately shows it to him and tells him everything about it, including the death flag trigger. This happens at c3. Did I mention that her mind is that of a 18 years old?

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Dr.Death rated it
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
October 23, 2018
Status: c516
Overpowered MC with a dark past gets blackmailed by the female MC (threatening to kill herself otherwise) into marriage. It is agreed upon that the marriage is in name only, with almost no responsibilities from both sides ("the MC has to find a job" beeing the only nameworthy exception). The MC proceeds to live his life while ****ing his harem and expanding it every now and then. He will also slap the faces and / or kill the ignorant masters every so often, just like in any other CN cultivation... more>> story.

Some time later after the MC saved the life of the female MC a couple of times she begins to open up little by little. While she behaves like a total b***h almost all the time, I could deal with it thanks to the other female companions of the MC.

After this point the "story routine" is established: The story will bring them closer every ~50 chapters. The MC will try to better their relationship, while the fMC will deny all his advances with a cold face while feeling shy / happy / bashful inside. Then the fMC sees the MC with another girl (in 90% of cases) and their relationship gets reset. Repeat.

All of this was bearable and even entertaining most of the time, except the chapters that contained interactions with the fMC. It is incoprehensible that someone with zero social skill and zero reasoning power can become a CEO of a gigantic fashion company. A couple of times I almost dropped it because of her, after finally, at ch. 515 / 516, she has gone full re**** and I coudn't bear it anymore, dropping the show like a hot pill furnace.

At this point of time good translation quality and speed.

TL;DR: dropped it at ch. 516 because of the total b***h female MC going full re****. All in one entertaining read with an insufferable female MC. Not recommended if you dont like harem shows. Not recomended if you are female.

3 Stars because the first 500 chapters were pretty entertaning with a slap in the face every time the fMC is mentioned. Worth a read, especially if you like tsundere charachters without the dere part. <<less
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