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Dosahder rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: c3
Having read the three chapters put out initially, this looks like a comedic slice-of-life of an OP disguised monstergirl.

A short summary covering the first two chapters: In this verse Arachne young eat each other during development because they have a 'gain strength from eating monsters' ability. Protagonist doesn't want any part of that, and escapes into a human settlement. She has a human disguise and sets up shop as a tailor secretly using her own silk. From there she sets out to become the best clothes shop in town, acquiring... more>> more and more ridiculous materials to work with as she gets stronger.

The story has potential, a fairly interesting premise, and is quite funny (I genuinely laughed at what happened with the demon king). Considering it's relationship with pseudo-kunochi, one might wonder if there's going to be yuri in the foreseeable future. Possibly, there's no romance at all yet, but yuri is teased at. Either way though, it's an enjoyable light-hearted read so far. <<less
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