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Donniestorm rated it
Tempest of the Battlefield
November 22, 2017
Status: c485
I, will only say this the MC isn't afraid to try new things with the female leads and he has an interesting background, and he carries himself very well. I don't want to tell you too much, but, yeah the story the doesn't begin until after chapter 460. The first 459 chapters are all about world building, relationship building, and you see all the things the MC had to overcome to get to where he is when the story begins. Wang Tong doesn't win every fight. Sometimes getting your butt... more>> kicked helps you learn a lesson, and not every lesson comes with a powerup. You, become very attached to all the characters, because they all have time to shine and show off their personalities. The side characters are not cardboard cut outs; they, are people you grow to like. You basically get to be Wang Tong as you grow with these people around you until the real story starts at chapter 460, and the world where you thought your dreams, goals, and love were all finally going to be fulfilled gets shot to hell in a mess of blood and destruction. Oh, yeah on a nice note the Author doesn't forget how to use Wang Tong's powers different power ups as he continues to change and grow. He's also not one of those people who kill someone for offending his honor. Because as far as Wang Tong's concerned he has no honor defend. Wang Tong acts kind of like Shanks from one piece at certain times. <<less
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