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DogsareSweet rated it
The Trembling World
April 11, 2017
Status: c216
To anyone looking to read this, and this was said by the TS as well, very little happened in the first 60-80 chapters, so if you don't like slow things, just turn around. Now my opinion, fist MC is a straight asshole, but is refreshing when compared to somethings that are out now. Now alot of people say he is an ass for no reason, which is false, it explains all of his choices logically and clearly. If we look at MC in the first 30c he is like what... more>> people say, but once we get past fatty, it really picks up. And most of the complaints are cleared up in the first 60-80 chapters. To any that cared to read this, stick with it, give it a chance, I promise you, once you get past chapter 70 or so, you won't want to put it down. I read all 216c in 2.5 days, that is how much you will enjoy it if you just stick with it. Thanks for reading. <<less
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This is an unconventional story. It is not about the hero who will stop the evil CEs. It is about the kid who will only be remembered as the stepping stone for that hero. He is the one that is "harmful to man." The "snobby" kid who is the enemy at the start of every school story. But that story of the hero is a lie. This is the true story of the widely known hero epic. The tale of the struggles of the weak, of the misunderstood, of the... more>> disposable foot soldiers who see the real war. The tale of the true hero, crushed under the false.

Now, this is a novel that will make you hate it, but love it. You will love the struggle of the MC and his heroism. There is something you need to know, this has two story in it. The story of the MC. And at the end of some chapters, the recorded history of the world. The first time you read it, it will throw you through a loop.

It has a slow feeling pace to it, but we are on the 4th arc at 30 chapters. It is not the best written story, but it is an good read. It has varying chapter lengths, but is a short read. And with only 120 chapters, it won't be to long when it ends. I suggest that everyone at least gives it a try. If anything you will enjoy the premise. <<less
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