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The outline of the story is okay compared to most, but the way the MC is written is utter garbage. I cannot stand this MCs attitude at all especially towards the parents. The attitude this MC has is completely inexcusable towards his former companions regardless of the way he viewed them in the past. I can only describe it as unreadable. I gave it a 1-star simply because the rating will not go any lower.

I had to edit this review after seeing Morakai33's review. First, I love the Gender... more>> Bender category, and if you look at my reading list which is public, you will see many of these stories on it. My main issue with this particular story is how the author has written the MC's attitude towards her new parents. Peeping at the former female companions and getting caught once, the "punishment" from that action was apparently enough to form a phobia that transcends actual death and follows him into his new life where now she will not even eat correctly as a baby?

The rivalry in the past life he had with the man who is his new father is not being written as just rivalry, it has gone into the realm of hatred. I am sorry, but rivalry does not equal actual physical hatred which is what this new little girl is showing her father in this story.

This is what I have an issue with for this particular novel. That is why I said I feel absolutely no connection to the MC at all and only feel sympathy to the parents and why I said that for me, this story is unreadable. It isn't just a "prideful" character, and I have no clue how you can talk about Wolverine in a setting like this.

The only way to even think about adding Wolverine to this conversation would be if he died and became Cyclops and Jean's daughter and went from loving Jean to nope... I won't drink your milk and by the way, I absolutely hate dad even though neither he nor you had anything to do with me being reborn as your daughter! <<less
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Dissimilate rated it
May 5, 2018
Status: c57
After reading the translated prologue and 57 chapters that are currently available, I have taken a full week to figure out how I would rate and review this story.

First, I will list my personal criteria that I consider to be the minimum required for an "Overpowered Main Character" to be rated as Good (Good being the lowest at 3 stars).

Then, I will make a spoiler section where I will list some of the many ways that this story fails to meet those minimum requirements.

Please keep in mind that... more>> this is my own personal opinion and everyone's opinions vary so not everyone will feel the same way.

My personal criteria for this type of story can be broken into 3 sections: The Main Character ; The Environment ; The Interaction between the Main Character and the Environment.

I will now break down each of these 3 sections.
  • The Main Character- For the overpowered main character type story, one of these two things needs to be well written: Write how the MC slowly becomes OP over time, or if the MC starts the story as OP then write flashback style histories that shows how the MC grew to become OP.
  • The Environment- This category has 3 parts: the World, the People, and the Politics. This section should also include the reason for why the MC needs to be OP. Whether it is the world changing, or an individual or group trying to take over the world or whatever reason it is, the explanation is part of this group.
  1. The World is what can be considered the "Law of Nature." Things such as Gravity, Physics, Magic that can bend physics, Technology Levels (the levels only at the start of the story since it is possible that the MC may make those levels increase), Monster types, Demon types, Demihuman Group types. Of course you will only need to give an overview or description somewhere if they will appear in your story, if not then it is fine to leave them out.
  2. The People are the individuals that are part of the MCs story in some manner. People such as side characters, love interests, individual antagonists (not group antagonists such as "The Assassins Guild" or "a group of bandits"), individual political figures such as the king, or the prime minister, or the adventurer's guild master (again this does not include the groups).
  3. The Politics are the inner workings of the groups or countries that affect the MCs story in some manner. A country of birth, a country that the MC travels to, the adventurer's guild that the MC joins, or the thieves guild that the MC fights against. The story needs to have the foundation of these groups written or the reader will see no reason for them to interfere with the progression of the main character, either in a good or a bad way.
  • Lastly is the interactions between the MC and The Environment. This can be the MC learning how to handle the newly acquired magic capabilities, or the MC learning the rules of the Adventurer's Guild, or how the MC is punished for breaking the rules of the country they were born in. Each of the interactions the MC has with the environment that affect how the MC grows, learns or acts needs to be well written or the story will fail.
The following spoilers will show how this story fails to meet my criteria.


-The Main Character

  • In the prologue, it is stated that the MC is not affected by poison or paralysis but the story has yet to show why she is not affected or how she became immune.
  • In the prologue, the MC's shoulder becomes extremely damaged by the final boss but the story does not mention any kind of healing ability or healing potion that fixes this damage to her body.
  • In the prologue, the MCs experience and level are clearly shown to the MC and the reader. Although it is stated that the MC cannot write, it is not stated that the MC cannot read. Also, the MC is suddenly able to read numbers the first time she tries to check her level in the first town, but she somehow is not able to read the numbers of her level while in the dungeon at floor 100. At the same time, the MC knows what floor of the dungeon had certain floor bosses because she read it when she killed them. This ability to read, then sudden lack of ability to read, as well as the failure to tell her friend or the people in the guild really makes no sense.

-The Environment

  • For this section I will be focusing on the Adventurer's Guild and the actions of its staff and members. Any reader would feel that if the guild did not know of the existence of a dungeon that is mentioned by someone, instead of immediately dismissing it as a lie, shouldn't they at least investigate the possibility by sending a group to check or at the minimum ask the girl to show them the direction she came from or perhaps have her guide a group of known adventurers to it herself?
  • If the guild believes that the MC is lying about the dungeon, they only need to look at what she is wearing. She is obviously not in regular clothes and it is stated by the author that she is wearing the furs of different animals that she killed in the dungeon since the clothes she wore at 5 years old no longer fit her. Apparently no one in the guild building during her interview can recognize badly worn homemade clothes made of monster furs! Have these people never seen monster furs before? Maybe they don't know which monster those furs are from, but they should at least recognize that she acquired those furs from SOMEWHERE!!
  • Also there is no mention of any kind of spatial magic or item box so how do these guild people not see the huge black sword she is carrying?
    Well, she must be carrying it on her since there is nowhere else to put it and she didn't leave it anywhere?

This lack of common sense shown by both the guild staff as well the the already registered adventurers shows the the foundation of the guild politics is completely missing and so each time it affects the MC the story just gets worse and worse.

-The Interactions between the MC and the Environment

For this section, I will not relist the failures between the MC and the adventurer's guild.

  • The MC being a relatively short and youngish looking girl standing at the entrance to the first town and staring at the walls, is immediately talked down to by the normal commoners going into the town even though she is wearing beat up, probably very dirty monster furs instead of normal clothes while wearing a big black sword and yet no one cares or questions this poor little girl either about her appearance or why is she even looking like this.
    Please tell me how this makes any kind of sense?
  • Where is her main black sword during the tournament that she wins? She uses it during the attack on the town afterwards so she obviously has it on her. Again, very badly written interactions between the MC and the environment.

Each of these categories are individually very poorly written. There is no cohesion between the 3 at all. So no matter detailed or descriptive the author gets about a town, or clothes, or a characters appearance, or a battle, the story as a whole will still fail.

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Dissimilate rated it
Le Festin de Vampire
April 26, 2018
Status: v2c1
Okay... where to start with this one. The story was pretty good, until.....

Her birthday celebration is more important than going to the authorities after almost being killed?! seriously??? Then she is allowed to ride in a carriage alone for days, after her entire family has been put to sleep magically.... in their own home..... and she was almost killed? just so that she could go to school??

Then she gets attacked in front of the school, and simply turns him over to someone without giving any kind of statement or... more>> at least making sure he is locked up and she does not inform her family and the school does nothing??

The MCs family are not part of the country they are living in, they are not its citizens. So why is there no ambassador going to the king and demanding a full formal investigation for the protection of these guests??

Pure contrived drama with absolutely no foundation of any common sense at all. I would normally rate this as a 1 star but it is getting a 2 star rating for the storyline of how she begins her magic training at home. <<less
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Dissimilate rated it
I Said Make My Abilities Average!
April 10, 2018
Status: c179
I rate this story as a 2, though I am still keeping it on my reading list. Here are my 2 reasons for this low rating:

  1. Translating and editing have spiraled out of control. Please fix this issue.
  2. The author tried, but failed miserably, to merge the MC's memories and personalities. "Adele" is now only memories and "Misato" has completely taken over the body and life of the MC. Even though it's Adele's world so all smells, sounds, sights, tastes, and feelings should keep the Adele personality in charge, apparently that for some reason does not matter. It would be one thing if Misato was 40 or 50 when she died, but she was barely starting on adulthood then was completely gone for 10 years so why is this the personality in charge? It makes no sense.
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Dissimilate rated it
Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (WN)
April 10, 2018
Status: c58
There are a few things I want to say in regards to this story.

Overall, the premise is okay.... not the best but also not the worst.

Here is my list of good and bad things so far:

  1. There are missing chapters. I personally hate reading a web/light novel only to find out that not all chapters are available. Chapters 30-33 are missing.
  2. I like that the MC did not get his abilities due to the summons. He had them already on Earth and is solely relying on them in this other world.
  3. I do not like the fact that the author specifically mentions his limited items that came with him to the new world, but there is no mention of certain spells he cannot use due to that, or that he needs to locate replacement items.
  4. The MC's reason for not joining his friend is absolutely sketchy. He is obsessed with returning in order to finish his work but the issue is that it is not his work, it is his father's work. I cannot buy into this line of reasoning at all.
Overall, I cannot give a rating higher than a 2 for the simple reason of the missing chapters.
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Dissimilate rated it
Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist?
May 1, 2018
Status: c8
So far after 8 chapters, I am thinking that even with the god blessing the skill learning and increases are too fast. It seems like he will go beyond OP and into godmode. Maybe the Kami-sama is looking for a husband actually??

I rate it as such:


... more>> 5stars = Awesome ; 4stars = Good ; 3stars = Okay ; 2stars = Meh ; 1star = GodHelpUsAll

I put the story just above halfway of 3stars as at least it isn't a regular "Hero" story and I liked the Goddess conversation. The rating may rise or fall in the future.


5stars = Awesome ; 4stars = Good ; 3stars = Okay ; 2stars = Meh ; 1star = GodHelpUsAll

I rate the crafting at the low end of 2 stars as it seems this character has learned all about crafting from anime, manga, and video games. My issue with this concept is that unless you actually do it yourself by hand for a while you will not learn the nuances and though you may make a product that Looks the same, its functionality should be horrible and the items should break after a few uses.

Overall score is currently just barely at 3 stars. <<less
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Dissimilate rated it
Dragon’s Bloodline
April 19, 2018
Status: c7
I read through chapter 6 and had to stop. I will vent a little bit here but my venting will explain why I will never finish reading this novel.

Reincarnation, whether or not memories remain, is not so that the soul can keep living the same life on the same path over and over. It is so that the soul itself can continue to grow by experiencing new and different things. The way the author writes the main character's complete and utter aversion to the change in gender tells me that... more>> they do not understand the most important part of reincarnation.

If I was the god in this story, I would appear in front of the main character and flatly tell her that the first time she tried magic to become a man again both her life and soul would be forfeit and would cease to exist any longer.

I am extremely tired of authors of reincarnation stories that just simply do not get it.

Authors.... before you write your stories, please be sure to at least understand the concept of the genre you are writing into. <<less
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