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Dinosquash1 rated it
God and Devil World
June 1, 2016
Status: c309
Unlike most novels I read so far, God and Devil world had a decent start and the story itself is quite interesting, hooking me in only a few chapters. Long story short, "god" decides to kill of a large majority of the population (assumingly worldwide), turning the now deceased into what is described to be Zombies, along with turning most of the natural wildlife into Mutated beasts and bugs (and birds I guess if birds don't fall under the beast category). The leftover folks are now stuck in a world... more>> where they must fight and overcome to survive. The story revolves around our MC, Yue Zong, a normal school student who actually had some balls (and a lot of adrenaline) and killed a zombie, opening the path for him to become the badass he is today (currently at 309). He goes onto save some of his fellow students, meets and makes reliable friends (and LOTS of chicks), and together they carve their way forward in the midst of a world that has literally gone to Sh*t.

Warning: This novel is not for the faint hearted or those butt hurt people. Like the tags show, its has pretty much showcases most of the things that we consider wrong, unjust, or pretty much inhuman. From Rape to Racism to Cannibalism, this novel tries to show what human nature would succumb too in the face of a unknown, unexplainable, and almost impossible situation. I personally like the novel as it goes to show the reality in a totally unrealistic scenario, is doesn't give walls of text to explain the world, and it has decent progression. The story has both its exciting moments and its rather lackluster ones, the "level up" system in this case is rather interesting, and the characters themselves aren't a bunch of bullsh*t.

The MC himself is a normal guy thrust into a really abnormal situation, which, in my opinion, he deals with quite well. Sure, he is ruthless, biased, sometimes selfish and unorthodox, but he still cares for those close for him and tries his best (within his limits) too help others. His character progresses and rapidly adapts to the now post-apocalyptic world, and in doing so he is able to survive and become stronger. Overall, I give this novel a 5/5, a definite must read if u like survivor genres.
Recommended reads:
Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils (its similar but has obvious differences)
Terror Infinity
Reincarnator <<less
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Dinosquash1 rated it
Coiling Dragon
June 3, 2016
Status: rwx's afterword
Ok, Like Soooooooooooooooo many other people, CD was one of the first light novels ive ever read, and was actually my first Xianxia. Its completed, and was 100% certified awesome, really its like the DBZ of Xianxia.

It is a VERY recommended choice for anyone wanting to step into reading xianxia or wuxia as it has already been completely translated (top notch translations too).

This story has everything, from magic to cultivation to dragons to romance to bro's to immortals to comedy and it starts with him as a kid, with the... more>> story progressing into him becoming the ultimate badass. I cannot stress how much people should read this, heck you should be ALREADY reading this.
I wont dive down into any details, cuz that'll be spoilers and too long of a post.

I give this Novel: 5/5
Recommoneded reads:
I Shall Seal The Heavens (Another MUST READ)
Against the Gods
Stellar Transformations (same universe pretty much a sequel of sorts)
Desolate Era (shared universe)

To be honest, you should try most things from I Eat Tomatoes (and Er Gen as well) <<less
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Dinosquash1 rated it
Stellar Transformation
June 8, 2016
Status: v18c45 part3
Ok, I gotta say, when I first started reading ST, I didn't really like it much. But as most things written by IET, that notion got thrown out the window pretty fast.

As the sequel of Coiling Dragon (if you dont know what CD is, search it up, Its a MUST READ), ST brings a new setting with new rules. It starts off with Qin Yu, a little tyke who couldn't train (cultivate, practice, etc) like the normal folk so he goes and does something else entirely -... more>> become a bad ass. With a heart of determination and courage, he walks the path of becoming truly strong, and on said path he gains a lifelong brother, Hei Yu, and later on he meets another life-long brother, Hou Fei. Now everything should be as normal right? He trains, get stronger, meets bad guys, beats bad guys, etc... but NOPE.

At one point in the story he meets his love of his life (dont forget these dudes live a very long time) and then he


finds true love, they bond, he finds out her family is too OP for lil old mortal him, so she has to go, and he's left all alone


Finds his new goal in life, to become stronger and to reunite with his little lover (buts thats some minor stuff). So throughout his life Qin Yu's goes through a lot of stuff, from creating black holes to training on darkstars to becoming an uncle, his life is full of ups and downs, but its truly interesting throughout.

Now this story, its really is and was (its currently completed) an awesome read, having its fair shares of laughs and tears, it is definitely a Must Read.

I give this novel a 5/5 for its non linear story and it being a pleasure throughout its' entire translation period.
Other recommended reads:
Coiling Dragon (prequel, MUST READ)
Against the Gods
Martial God Asura
Peerless Martial God
The Great Ruler <<less
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