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DidYunCheGoddamnDieAgain rated it
Against the Gods
October 21, 2017
Status: c945
This is probably the easiest way to describe the plot of the story:

    1. Yun Che dies
    2. Everyone is sad
    3. "Ha Ha! I'm actually very much alive, and much stronger than before!"
    4. "Oh, wow! He's actually very much alive, and much stronger than before! I'm soaking wet!"
    5. New wife obtained!
    6. Yun Che dies
    7. ....
That's all.. Seriously.. Don't expect anything else.. One time he literally shows up, just to get trapped in a goddamn cave like 2 chapters later...

It wouldn't even be that obnoxious, but every time he dies, you have to read like 15 chapters about his wives standing in front of a window, staring at the sunset with a tear sliding down their face.. When it happens for the first time, you're fine with it.. Hell, it even gives you some feels.. The second time, it starts to get awkward.. When it happens for the 10th time, you seriously wonder about why are his wives still giving a crap.. When he's leaving the house, they should be sarcastically asking him wether he's coming back for dinner, or if he plans to "die" again...

Another thing is, that the way he powers up is very different from regular novels. Usually, the MC has "his thing", and that one thing is the main reason why the MC is the MC, while supplementing it with other techniques, items, etc. (Wang lin with his knowledge and comprehension, Leylin with his bloodlines and A.I. chip, Bai Yunfei with the upgrade technique), but not Yun Che.. Nuh uh.. Yun Che doesn't do anything that requires effort.. Whenever he needs to power up, he just gets a brand new busted ability.. It reminds me of that one episode of Red Dwarf (

https://youtu. be/AOE7qTAK87o?t=2m14s

). At this point in the story, Yun Che is essentially a huge cumbucket of most divine and primordial beings in the known universe. Even the spiritual veins of whatever god that made him able to cultivate can be summed up as "Cultivate very fast, become the master of all elements, the avatar, and make all divine/primordial beings rock hard.." In short, his "main thing" is "everything", which is pretty unsatisfying, considering that the character progression is just Yun Che finding random sh*t all over the place...

... Also, the way he talks to every single one of his 358 wives as if she's the only one just makes him seem like a massive piece of sh*t of a man.. I get that polygamy is supposed to be common in the ATG world, but he has the attention span of a kid with ADHD rolling in cocaine...

But even tho all of these things are really, and I mean REEEALY

annoying, the times when he's not dead are pretty enjoyable (even tho they're somewhat rare). If you learn which parts you can just skim through, you'll find out that it's an ok read..
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DidYunCheGoddamnDieAgain rated it
Upgrade Specialist in Another World
March 7, 2018
Status: v4c500
I'm soaking wet every time a new chapter shows up.. More than this novel being flawless, it's about (so far) having the least annoying crap out of most of the novels I read.. The MC is not overbearing, nor is he a wuss, the character progression feels smooth, he keeps his secrets hidden, but reveals them when appropriate instead of acting like an emo cuck like a lot of other MCs, his powers make him strong, but not ridiculously busted. Compared to other novels, you don't feel like "what the... more>> ****.. what kind of monkey would do something so stupid" nearly as often. Seriously. It happens fairly often that you're reading something and it feels like a documentary about a pack of bonobos. Not here. Obviously, it has it's problems, but as far as novels are concerned, this one gets 10 mouthfuls of blood out of 10... <<less
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DidYunCheGoddamnDieAgain rated it
A Monster Who Levels Up
March 7, 2018
Status: c104
I binged the first 60chapters in a day and I was sad I'm half done with the TLed chapters available.. 60-90 took me another day and I didn't mind the chapters running out anymore. 90-104 took me two days and i've been praying for the sweet release of death with every chapter.. It starts strong, but the MC starts doing more and more unrelated sh*t and at this point it's essentially game of thrones, but with one character doing everything. +You can tell that the author is a beta cuck... more>> supreme, because he can't handle refusing women even if they're the imaginary characters he himself created... <<less
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DidYunCheGoddamnDieAgain rated it
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
July 15, 2018
Status: c300
Keep in mind that I'm not that far in the story.. But considering that I don't intend on reading any further, what the hell..

I know that this is not supposed to be a cultivation novel, but there's a difference between not focusing on cultivation and being downright sloppy..

The cultivation in this novel is literally just about your energy changing colour.. That's all.. You do some kegels, and you move up on the RGB power spectrum.. The MC has a very unique way of cultivating too.. She just puts her annoying... more>> af spirit baby into a bucket of Captain Morgan, and that's it.. Her cultivation is essentially a cookie clicker that runs in the background so that she has more time to have borderline cringy interactions with Edward "the rock" Hogan, the emo yet incredibly muscular vampire, who would do anything for her, because she lent him about three fiddy for bus that one time..

The author also feels the need to constantly remind you just how amazing the MC is, because she doesn't really do anything most of the time.. I mean.. She does stuff all the time, but when it comes down to it, she just sends her owerpowered dude to deal with it.

The main problem I have with this novel are the not-believable and unnatural interpersonal interactions.. Everyones motivations are incredibly vague, and especially Carlos, the raunchy gardener (the male lead) is essentially only doing stuff for the lulz.. + The MC is one of those.. You know them.. The characters that can slay gods and devils by pulling quilin horns and phoenix feathers out of their a***ole. You can tell that much like 50 shades of grey, the author is just translating his/her sexual frustration and longing to get slam jammed by a jacked dude of questionable origins into this work.. Even you, as the reader can feel the sexual tension.. You're constantly tense, becouse you're unsure wether you can handle another poorly written sexual scene, hoping that it will never come.. But it will.. Again, and again, and again.. And again... <<less
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DidYunCheGoddamnDieAgain rated it
Godly Model Creator
March 3, 2018
Status: c70
In the last 10 chapters, the words "little loli" were in about every other sentence.. The characters don't feel human, the "romance" (including this loli arc or whatever it is) is so forced, that you'd be happier if the MC turned into a 1000 year old virgin like wang lin, the whole story and progression feels so clunky, that you often don't even really know what is happening and wether you want to know in the first place.. Also, MC hunted some weak ass doggos for 2 days like 200... more>> meters away from the city gate... he was bad at it.. ever since, the author talks about him, as if he's some sort of superman Bear Grills, expert at survival, hunting, tracking and whatnot.. How did that happen? Am I gonna be a wilderness expert too, if i'll go to pinterest and make a doggo s*x doll like the MC?

Had potential in the beginning, turned into Sonic fanfiction-like quality crap... <<less
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