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Reign of the Hunters
August 21, 2017
Status: c122
Lets cut the crap.

This story is fcking amazing, and I'm glad I found it and decided to read it.

The MC is a female and she's playing this realistic game (similar to the game in Sword Art Online, but obviously 10x times better cause SAO is a piece of sh*t), and yea, she has cheats because she comes from 10 years in the future. She came back to make her relationships last this time around, since her past self was a sh*tty person.

I love her development, and her laid back nature.... more>> Her morals are righteous in their own way I guess

"kid, your parents died, deal with it and move on stop being such a prissy sulking brat and making others worry for you" or "you fcked with me and spout some lies? Bruh lemme make your lie come true" (she frigging stole a guild's treasury cause they posted sh*t about her and on top were literal douchebags so they deserved it


that spoiler might've changed your mind about this fic, but srsly try it out. I'm not good with my words, but honestly it's a good fic to try out. You see her meet ppl she has already met in her past life, change her mistakes and develop relationships rather than staying a lone wolf. She's smart, and knows her way with the game. The story is easy to follow and understand, and I'm hooked. You gotta try it to understand what I'm saying I guess. Just do it. <<less
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