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Devil_Cry rated it
Sage Monarch
May 4, 2019
Status: c370
I can't understand why Deathblade chose this novel for translation. The previous novels picked by him were too good in quality especially ISSTH. When I saw this novel at Wuxiaworld and saw It is translated by Deathblade, I had thought it will be an amazing novel like previous ones. But all my hopes shattered after reading 50+ chapters. Then again I thought may be after some chapter there will be good plot and character development. So I chose to read Raw chapters as well. I read till 370 chapters and... more>> I can only say one thing : This novel is not for me why? Let me tell my thoughts.


MC is too dumb he reveals his secrets to others like it is nothing. He knows there is danger but he still insists to live there and go there. He doesn't even warn his aunt. In this novel it seems author doesn't like female characters because most of the women will be killed by stupid MC.


This novel had potential and author could have developed story in a good way but he didn't.

I am sorry to say but this novel is complete sh**.

I only hope Deathblade will choose a good novel in future like previous ones not like this one. <<less
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Devil_Cry rated it
The Scholar’s Reincarnation
November 13, 2018
Status: --
I read the Manhwa and I must say It was one of the best novel based manhwa I have ever read. The Character development was very good whether it was MC or the people around him. One more thing I want to say Manhwa is good but It still lacks the essence and essence is present in Novel because Novel provides more information regarding plots and character development. Sometimes In manhwa story jumps like sparrow but Novel goes with step by step which is why I prefer novel more than... more>> manhwa.I would like to request the translator to update more chapters.

Note :- Sorry, My English is not good. I hope people will not criticize me for this. Thank You <<less
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Devil_Cry rated it
Lord of the Mysteries
March 17, 2019
Status: c2
At present this novel is my favourite one. Why ? Let me describe few things.

There is no harem yet this novel is very good.

MC reincarnated in another world and start his journey in the filed of mysteries.

The novel is well written and the author and translator both update 2-3 chapters every single day which is great.
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Devil_Cry rated it
Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant
August 8, 2019
Status: c173
I was fed up after reading so many xuanhuan and xianxia novels. I wanted to read something new so I tried to read other novels and finally found some novels based on romance, history and food.

This novel is so far good although there are some chapters which irritate me but the story is enjoyable and worth to read.

I thanks to previous translator from *Kitchen & Novel* and I hope *WebNovel* will soon update after Chapter 173 :-)
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Martial God Asura
April 27, 2019
Status: v8c3898
I had started reading this novel when It was introduced at wuxiaworld. As a friend said in review section for some people this novel is best but some people doesn't like this novel.

Some people always scold Bee and criticize him for the plots he didn't fill. I understand too but Bee has been writing this novel since 2013 after War God Asura. This is not an easy task to write too many things but at least he is doing somehow. Although I too want to read more chapters but I... more>> respect Bee's Dao heart :-p <<less
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