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Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)
November 9, 2018
Status: c46

"Although it was pure nonsense, I was thinking that although world conquest might be difficult, assassinating the demon king might be doable."

Was I the lunatic, or was the night study the lunatic! --A certain student council president’s quote


When you compare to the original RATH... this is the level up ver. with more details and elaborate and most importantly Hilarious
To whoever gave 1star are those who want to read serious novel and lots of nitpicking and had not read the First ver. and I bet they hate most Japanese and Korean novel.... might as well just stay at Royal Road and stop complaining Asian Author Novelist mentality

I PRAISE OUR TRANSLATOR Eevee for choosing such fitting group name and translating this novel
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The Legendary Mechanic
December 26, 2018
Status: c769
OK so this novel is fun to read and quite fast pace which is good but starting will be hit with bunch of stats sometimes with each time main class breakthrough upgrade like every 20 level gap?The rate of release of raw is average one per day (as sometimes author sick and some emergency) But most importantly SMH the translation......

When you first read it, you will think it's good and the words per chapter is short but actually NO! They cut bits here and there like each sentence few words... more>> and I start doubting that they actually MTL first and when those incomprehensible words in MTL can't translate or make sense they just cut it off and voila edit it....

Utterly disappointed like why the PADORU you cut here and there and sometimes even the whole short paragraph.... You think what?As long no one read the raw and compare it's safe? Although sometimes jokes or humour will lost in translation. Tsk tsk a great novel but shame on the translator laziness

Ah by the way anyone wanna know the short life/bio of MC before he become NPC is at beginning of chapter 2 (quite short) and MTL ver. is readable not some incomprehensible things you would see if you MTL KR novel <<less
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To the 6 vote who rate 1 star, they seriously don't have humanity. Such warm and cute story, the plot is not bad quite good slice of life, there's some chapter about dark part yet heartwarming.

Just a teenager 18 y/o who used to be cold blooded soldier become a doting parent when adopt a Demi human demon child which found in the forest. Can't blame him but he is not a lolicon just a helpless doting father~
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DevianT rated it
Dungeon Defense
July 26, 2016
Status: v1c5 part2
Just read finish till the latest. Man I understand what Shalvation (TL) mean when he explained ... more>>

"This site was basically made to translate the Korean Light Novel known as Dungeon Defense. As a Korean citizen who’s actually better at English than he is Korean, I’m doing this translation as a method to understand Korean better (I’m like below average level).

Anyways, I hope you guys are able to at least get some entertainment out of this novel, because I sure as heck did. I normally don’t read light novels made in Korea, but this one was too amazing to pass up."


This novel is really interesting and got different POV to let you understand the story and process. Just like review from 'I your Father'*but for this one it would be a crime to not do so* It's really a crime not to share such good novel to other people. Many thanks to Shalvation to translate thus novel :D <<less
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DevianT rated it
Running Away From The Hero!
July 31, 2016
Status: c3 part6
Such awesome novel.

It's skip all bs introduction like life when young, process etc etc. Straight to the story and hilarious as hell. Totally worth reading like all those reviews state, stop thinking and read reviews just read it, you won't regret! :D


*one of his student 4th gen baby sit his current student*: regained my confidence. Right, I have the legendary bat in my hands! I have the weapon that can even defeat demons like Sutr!

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Alright since past 10 chapter I will rerewiew and will be edit in future.

(Will try to not spoil as much as I can)

Demons strongest weapon is a NEET with her cute mascot which she saved. It's a good slice of life with a cute MC which how she interact with others and you can say that the author slightly s*xist? The encounter rate with men is high but short chat unlike women a few but interact with them often.... Well all is good with how the mascot retort... more>> to MC but no one understand the mascot. <<less
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DevianT rated it
I Studied Mainly Textbooks!
July 5, 2018
Status: c22
I really hope someone pickup the novel as it is really good.... This satisfaction tho short and no edit but was fun to read as we are looking through the life of Calculation Slave LMAO!!

Chamber of Secret Kek, well played and thx alot Chamber-nim for all the novel you translated before going national/military service
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Obaachan (28) is Free
August 16, 2017
Status: c6
The starting of chapter were good but once MC gain items...I guess everyting went bad is like someone/author just gave her a life that wont have any struggle, it's like even if anything went bad/wrong in adventure/life....
Everything will be conveniently solve an smooth sail away~

Starting good but later on is basically retorts to items... And it got worse every chapter
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