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Perfect World
October 3, 2016
Status: c167
This Novel is absolutely amazing. I'm not sure why its getting so much hate. It almost seems like people are trying to purposely bring this novel down. This novel has a new way of cultivating and a world that I've never read before, and I've read A LOT. The story is fresh and something brand new but has some very light similarities to other novels.

A lot of these reviews are full of crap. Some are saying they couldn't understand the cauldrons and weight, when they clearly explained what it was.... more>> So not sure why that part is getting so much hate. Once the MC actually enters the first realm and others they still give it a description of what it is. I'm seeing reviews saying that he gets stronger by drinking milk, which is total bullsh*t. It has nothing to do with anything, the villagers just teasing him for liking to drink milk even after 1 year old.

Al lot of people are also saying the MC has a personality change after he finds out about his past which is also total sh*t. His personality never changed at all. If anyone in this novel finds a bone as amazing as the MC and doesn't try hard to get it it would be absolutely ridiculous. How the hell does the MC get perverted? Its just really... I can't even explain. The MC had a terrible child hood and practically the entire clan abandons him after another clan member forcefully stole something out of his body when his closest people betrayed him at around 1 year of age. The MC was only ever nice to the village and then grew up in and really desired to find his parents again. The MC's personality never changed.

No the MC can't lift millions of pounds of rock, which some people obviously didn't read and then came and said that he had ridiculous strength but its entirely not true, almost like they made it up. They really throw their reviews out of proportion. <<less
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