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Deschen rated it
Reign of the Hunters
March 30, 2017
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The whole "reincarnated gamer MC who's back to change things from their last life by exploiting their knowledge of the game with OP skills/bugs/equip/whatever" isn't new, but most of them don't have a female main character (actually, there seems to be a lack of translated novels with strong female protagonists in general). This one was good enough for me to finish reading the raws for the novel after catching up with the translations. There were definitely flaws in the story, and it can sometimes be confusing keeping track of all... more>> the different characters, but for me the good outweighed the bad and made this novel one of my favorites in the virtual reality genre.

The author spent time on developing the story (game) setting, and the well crafted questlines and NPC dialogues reflect on that, although the MC chooses to skip through most of them.

Romance in the beginning of the novel is non-existent. By the time I was through a good chunk of the novel and the male lead still hadn't appeared, the most "romantic" moments were between the MC and her cousin - and I honestly wondered about the direction this was going or if I was just reading too much into it... By the time the male lead appears in the game, we only meet him for a few chapters before our two leads separate again. Honestly, the author doesn't focus on romance until the latter part of the story, but by the time we finally get there, it's worth it. The interactions and conversations between the two leads as they slowly progress from kill-on-first-sight to lovers is super cute, and was one of the reasons why I enjoyed this story so much. <<less
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