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DemonKIngArata rated it
In Different World with Naruto System
February 19, 2017
Status: c252
I don't know why this light novel getting so much hate it's really good in my opinion I mean who doesn't want a MC with a sharingan? Though, I do agree that he seems to be getting everything without training for it (except for the nature forming thing) but he also has to get use to using it otherwise it could may as well kill him. We also have to remember this novel is not complete unless you read the raw. From what I read I enjoyed it very much.
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DemonKIngArata rated it
Shoujo Grand Summoning
April 1, 2017
Status: c41
Novel is recommended for those who likes overpowered systems to assist the MC and MC gets a whole bunch of overpowered abilities from the anime world. The MC starts off as a newbie then rises to higher levels each fight and missions. The MC was a security guard otaku then transferred to another world with "System". He starts off weak and then becoming stronger and stronger to complete more missions from other worlds and such. Now the only thing I want the MC to have is a sharingan then life... more>> would be perfect. (Personal Opinion) <<less
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DemonKIngArata rated it
Girl, I’ll Teach You Cultivation
June 7, 2018
Status: Completed
All I can honestly say is that this was an excellent novel. Though, in the beginning, you might think this title is misleading, towards the end of the story it becomes much more clearer. I can honestly say I enjoyed this story very much, and that I recommend for all those who read to not give up on it until the very end when it's complete and when the full translations come out. Although that'll probably be in 1-3 years, I still recommend it.
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DemonKIngArata rated it
Lv1 Skeleton
June 8, 2018
Status: c114

I can honestly say I never gave a story a rating below 3 unless they absolutely deserved it and I feel like the author screwed up majorly. As an WIP Author myself, I can't help but think that this author messed up majorly, especially the part when the MC became a human with the race conversion skill. The MC was quite familiar with the race, especially since his avatar was human.

The fact though that he forgot Double Slash, a skill he was familiar with using due to him relying on these skills as his avatar was a human in the past just mind blows me. Like literally, he had to think of how the skilled work when it was used against him? Are you joking?

I can only say the upside of this story was the beginning which was right up until Chapter 60. The progression of his relationship with Valenor was nice, the pacing was somewhat okay, and the story itself was quite interesting. Of course, until the author decided to randomly add f*cking sci-fi out of nowhere, add angels who I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with is the Christian Gods angels, f*cking Metatron who I think might actually be from transformers, time travel, parallel world travel, and all sorts of shit. Especially since the MC decided to stay with what he knows best during the sci-fi world. Like really?

Who in there f*cking right mind would decide "Oh yeah, I'm just going to keep the same class at the end. It's not like the class Demi-Lich is pure f*cking evil and could most likely destroy my emotions completely." Seriously, what in the actual f. There were two other options, Golden Dragon and Golden Slime. If the MC was as SMART as before, he would've definitely gone with Golden Dragon since it's somewhat similar to his wife Valenor who herself was a Dragon. Not to mention they are powerful beings as well and the evolution of a Dragon would be quite interesting itself. The reason why he chose Demi-Lich before was that he had no choice.

I hate it when a story with great potential just ends like that. Also, if anyone noticed, Creation Magic was f*cking limited. Sure, the imagination is important, but you should know the man himself came from the Modern World. While Teleport and Levitate are amazing skills, he could've made an even better skill to deal with angels. For example, Holy Immunity would've been freaking great in that one situation where he fought Michael and the other Angels. A skill that can destroy magic itself would've been great as well and even if that doesn't work out or it wasn't able to be created he could've just created a physical skill that wasn't reliant on magic. All in all, this story was great at the beginning but went completely downhill. I'll come back to read this when the chapters are finished translating to edit this either giving it a one star up or another star down.

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DemonKIngArata rated it
Emperor’s Domination
March 22, 2017
Status: c791
Emperor Domination is about a person name Li Qiye who is also known as the "Dark Crow". He has once taught or teach immortal emperors and a few other people who were considered invincible or huge powerhouses in their current era. He eventually regains his mortal body after millions of years and strives to become the strongest immortal emperor (or something that surpasses that >_>) and strikes back the people or land that cursed him and held him captive. This novel is recommended to anyone who wants an arrogant, smart,... more>> and cunning MC.

Edit: At around 700 chapters or 650 it shows that some people who have associated with him a ten thousand years ago or so know about his identity as the Dark Crow. In my opinion, the story and plot are absolutely amazing. Li Qiye is attempting something never done before in history which was gaining 13 palaces and he accomplished it! Unlike those MC's in other Xuanhuan novels that crush their enemies with strength alone, Li Qiye does it differently. While there are times he would crush his enemies with absolute strength, almost all of them are from his scheming. He even kills Paragons with just his schemes. Worthy of Tens of Million years of knowledge. For those who rated this 2/5 or 1/5 probably haven't even dive in further to the novel. In my opinion, Li Qiye character fits perfectly into the story especially since you would imagine a person who has destroyed an entire race and hunted them down along with scheming against the whole world. For those who think Li Qiye is arrogant, then let me ask you this. If you were someone who trains Immortal Emperors who were known to be invincible in their era, meet countless invincible existences who could kill Immortal Emperors, basically sent a race to extinction, and schemed against the whole world, wouldn't you act like him as well? <<less
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DemonKIngArata rated it
The Almighty Martial Arts System
September 15, 2017
Status: c48
So far the novel has been absolutely amazing in my opinion. It's just a shame that the translation on this is only about a few chapters each month just like Omni-Genius. So many novels that are amazing yet they could only get translated a few chapters a month and sometimes even a chapter every 2-3 months.

Still, I recommend those who are interested in Game Elements in Modern Day to read this if you have the time and for those who like Fierce Main Characters who are domineering in their own... more>> right to read this as well.

The MC isn't like some of those characters who have a head-start or have a mysterious and unfathomable background. He is someone who started from the bottom of Society and raised to the very peak.

Due to the name of the Novel, Jiang Fei may encounter Martial Art Experts and fight with them. So far this all seems to be a preparation for him to go against Martial Art Geniuses. I have no interest in reading the lnmtl as I feel that if I go to lnmtl and read it I might just spoil it for myself and even gain a few headaches. <<less
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