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Deicide rated it
The Desolate Era
October 21, 2018
Status: Completed
Honestly I wanted to enjoy this novel but it's best if you can just speed read through and not be horribly turned off by all the cringy repetitive speech and sometimes silly sound effects excessively thrown in with the most lazy and disgusting manner for the author's extra monies.

I managed for a long time but after that reading became an ordeal, and the only good parts were anticipating what would happen next (which is an acceptable reason to enjoy the novel by itself, author makes situations well enough).

There are a... more>> lot of parts where you are unable to fully follow with the authors intent though due to poor, often redundant, description choices--I perhaps blame the worldbuilding overall? In any case it really feels clunky when you try to "get into" situations within the novel.

Why mention the speed of light if you have no following reasoning to back up how exceeding it works? What on Earth are you talking about regarding these constant optional talent definitions that you change so often? I'm not sure I remember feeling good about how heavenly daos were divided and described either

... for Pete's sake just a little more attention would have made everything flow so much better. I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty there as it's been a long while since I've read this, I just wanted to make sure I got this review out of my system.

There are definitely merits to this novel, but mostly within the occasional intrigue/settings, not really sure if it's worth the headaches but I do recommend you read some and see if you can get past it. <<less
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Deicide rated it
Versatile Mage
November 30, 2018
Status: c2489
You should absolutely read this novel. The author is creative with his use of items, spells, world building, in fact I'd say he is outstanding with much of it, especially the world building.

The main character may be lacking in social skills, but he makes up for it by being a very self-made, strong-willed, logically overpowered badass. There's an immense sense of satisfaction you get when he gets his more cheatlike powers and trashes on folks with them--but probably because it's not too over the top. The top is sky-high and... more>> yet you can still get an overview and see how small the character still is.

The progression is slowish despite all this, so clearly not giving us a Mary Sue character. Do not give up reading early or you will be missing out on a world full of perils and narrow scrapes, competitions between Juniors and battles between veritable gods, wartimes and building up home, treachery and misfortune, the conflict between lawful good, lawful evil, chaotic evil, chaotic good... and more!!

Read this novel! <<less
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Deicide rated it
Tales of Demons and Gods
November 20, 2017
Status: c459
I feel like this novel is either underrated or overrated respectively when people write their reviews.

When I found it I initially was checking out the graphic novel version, and upon reaching the most current chapter of that I swapped over to reading the written novel itself.

My first impression of the graphic novel-and one that carried over into the written novel too-was that it was an interesting premise provided that the author pulled it off well when he reached the part where little is the same as the MC's past life. ... more>>

In my opinion he half did, half didn't. Insofar as making things tie in together, what little he wrote he did pretty well, and it's always exciting, satisfying, in my opinion to see things tie together well. He did essentially quit though right after things were deviating from the easy-to-write "oh hey I've lived through this situation and am skilled in everything therefore I am nearly God"


The romance was pretty poor so far, but then a wuxia/xianxia and a romance can probably be compared to a cellphone with a computer's gaming graphics card. It isn't usually considered helpful for typical use; sure it MIGHT make it operate better if you could make it function but at that point you lose some of what makes it a cell phone like being easy to store, and the cell phone probably can't really tap the potential of the card anyway.

The world-building was good I feel like, but if I had to choose between "decent" and "great" I'd say it's closer to just being decent.

The action gave me mixed feelings. It was usually above average because of the detail and the scale but still pulled silly things like the whole, "hey let me mention certain things that sound awesome throughout the story but only use them to directly face the enemy when they do the same stuff and suppress by strength".

The main character seemed emotionally dull and, while not quite dumb like many (most??) main characters that authors write, not really exceptional in any way other than plot armor/experience. This is really typical for online chinese novels though, so I guess if you're used to it like me it may not matter to you too much either.

The other characters are all empty ornaments, this is something a lot of authors have issues with. You're lucky if you get so much as a benign personality quirk. Maybe I hope for too much because characters or even civilizations that seem to have their own lives and rhythm are vanishingly rare in online chinese novels. Everyone waits on and is tailored for outfitting the main character.

Now don't get me wrong. I DO like this novel, probably mostly because I'm a sucker for mystery and this novel includes several inside. I don't think it's particularly good but I feel like it could have potential if the author pulls it together. <<less
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Deicide rated it
Apocalypse Cockroach
June 14, 2018
Status: c260
I like the premise and the amount of effort put into explaining a lot of things.

I can't say I care for the fact that despite the effort put into detail, many important details are instead lost.

This may be more because the novel is poorly displayed through machine translation but at many points the author makes things very awkward, hard to immerse oneself in, and even downright confusing at times through jumps in circumstance or location.

The characters are frequently believable and lifelike, which is commendable... you know, whenever they simply aren't... more>> of course...

like half the women the author paid note to at least


I liked most of it, but it's all just a bit too static. Slow. Detail is a good thing right? The author uses it more as a weapon to draw out the chapters, which is better than just slapping in an inbred twat to sh*t on things like some authors or simply repeating themselves over and over and over and over, but it is also hard to comfortably skip over----something practice would fix but I'm not inclined to learn that knack for this one novels way of doing things.

So in summary it's good when you ignore certain questions and it's commendable when it decides to be reasonably paced but the rest of the time it's more of a slog... shouldn't have to slog through imo so I stopped reading here <<less
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