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DeathStroke96 rated it
Library of Heaven’s Path
April 24, 2017
Status: c100
The first 100 chapters are not anything special, I had my curiosity spiked towards this novel due to many people saying how they were willing to lnmtl it, so I read it, I will say that the first 70 or so chapters were ok but even that's stretching it a bit too far...

basically what this novel revolves around is face slapping, and misunderstandings to make the main character look as if he was a god, but don't bring in logic into it- a lesson I have learnt from my first... more>> senseless/logicless xianxia, so I never bring in logic and this reviews rating doesn't change my opinion of it even if I mention a logic point, however let me ask you this question, how the heck does a 19 year old become a teacher of 16/17 year olds because thats what I understood from it, they might have been 14/15 if I memory is not serving me properly...

characters are 2 dimensional - all you find is them looking down on the MC, you clearly have those bad and good guys if they dont look down on the MC... I find the library power interesting but it is also applied stupidly because the author could have had it that upon touching a book it would be instantly copied into his library instead of him opining and looking through each book and looking like a ret*rd which the characters in the novels also assume but than he face slaps them and they are assumed to have misunderstood him for some messiah...

nothing special about the novel, so if you have nothing better to do than give it a go, in my opinion it is a totally avoidable novel... <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
Divine Throne of Primordial Blood
May 27, 2017
Status: c180
So decided to mtl it and the quality doesnt decrease, we have been introduced to the female lead, unsure whether it will be loyal to female lead or harem but it is shaping up to be loyal to female lead due to the actions of a certain character within the novel, in the spoiler tag...

the MC is really cool and you would really like him and really support him in trying to stand up to those that wronged him and the like but mostly he also acts his age when... more>> he is with the female lead which is also nicely shown.

overall the side characters are for now quite interestingly developed, and I am hoping that we get to see more of the MCs mother, spoiler about MCs dad


although his dad may seem cool when he supported the MC initially, but it can be seen how easily manipulated he can be, and truly he is an as*hole and I just hope that when the MC grows stronger beats the sh*t out of him for what he is doing, plus as I mentioned actions of a certain character, its his dad who took in more than one concubine and than could care less about MC and his mother because the MC is blind and when the MC and MCs mother confronts his favourite concubine (who btw tried to kill the mc) he would rather chose the concubine over MC and MC mother, such an as*hole I really wish the MC kills him and I do hope that he doesnt spare him because of filial piety

that the asians love to spout!!


*************Update below is the old the review**********************

AMAZING!! I havent experienced a novel such as this in a very very long time!!

what I mean is that I haven't experienced a situation in CN novel where the first 5 chapters have gripped me so much that I am even tempted to mtl it just to binge all the available chapters, its that amazing!!

well thats all I can say at the moment, when I read more chapters, I will update it, but it is soooo good I suggest reading the tl'ed chapters as soon as possible even if the tl speed isnt out of this world because this novel is absolutely worth it!!!!! <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
Pivot of the Sky
March 23, 2017
Status: c50
It is good!!

The writing is very well done!!

Chapters are very very long!!

... more>> Cultivation seems pretty simple- similar and at the same not similar to Coiling Dragon-basically it is warrior and Mage in similarities anything else is completely original!

Reminder; the first 10 chapters are the prologue which set up the story, so if you think it is slow or that the MC should have already been a half god or something than sorry to disappoint!!

Overall I think that this is the best novel that is currently being tl'ed at radiant! Why you ask because the MC is not some kind of trash from a good clan but a normal youth from a normal household that has been helped by a family friend!! <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
Stealing The Heavens
December 25, 2016
Status: c53
At the end everything is condensed into bullet points if you dont want to read the review;

Absolutely worth a read, for now there has not been much seen, but the protagonist is clear headed and doesnt go against his personality/characteristics as it is always seen in other novels for example (not related to this one) the character knows he/she should not cause trouble on the outside but still does it. in this one the MC knows that if he causes trouble and everyone know he did it would cause major... more>> trouble to himself and his... so what he does is sneak around and handles matters in the dark like his character was explained in the early chapters...

Cultivation hasnt been explained that well yet but all we know is that there is Houtian and Xiantian unknown what is beyond but probability is that it is likely something along the lines of foundation establishment... (so the only thing that I could say isnt very original is probably the cultivation levels) the breakthrough in each realms are properly explained why they happened instead of saying that he gained enlightenment and finally brokethrough. The MC also has a unique cultivation technique that can only be used by him (another cliche part I guess) but there is also a reason why only himself can use it... (so I guess that is a plus).

Nobles... well lets say that at the very least they are not handled the same way as usually.

1. Cultivation Levels (however unsure about it too much as I only read the tl chapters and guessed)
2. Unique Cultivation Technique (special reason not going to explain as it is a spoiler)
3. Nobles but they are handled properly... mentioned in the plus...

1. The MC does not go against his character... doesnt do things on the outside for the most part but in the shadows
2. Clearly expanded on cultivation and why breakthrough happened
3. Scheming... including on how to handle different kinds of nobles... sort of using a borrowed knife to handle enemies
4. The MC is staying away from sexual interactions because it would destroy his cultivation ability... so likely only a single love interest cant be sure but from one of the reviews above it is somewhat stated that there is no harem!! <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
Pursuit of the Truth
December 12, 2016
Status: c99
One of the best you can find out there;

The MC is not one of the barbarian birth as he was adopted into the village clan by the villages grand elder and because he has a body of an immortal cultivator, walking on the path of barbarian cultivators is very difficult to almost impossible (think of barbarian cultivators like the western one from ISSTH) the cultivation realms are different compared to the other three popular novels from Ergen however there is one aspect that most people will link with ISSTH is... more>> that cultivators in BTD will condense an Totem Tattoo based on their dao or technique which is really cool.

At the moment all we know is that the MC found a special object which contains memories of certain civilization but to access them he needs to insert special pills into the object according to the memories of how to concoct them shown to him by the object.

The world also knows nothing about pills so he needs to be careful after he made and sold them however the ones he made are only useful to lower level people. Also because of a certain event which caused their surrounding territory and other tribes to be in danger he through bravery acquired a technique which allows him to practice faster but at danger of exploding.

As the second novel of ergen it is awesome however because it is still in its early stages I cant give a proper review at the moment but from what I have seen if the way it continues on wards it might contest with Xian Ni on my list for no.1 from ergen as for ISSTH at the moment it is No.3 because I dislike Meng Hao and his personality however as the story of ATTE or AWE (still ATTE but different name from DB) ISSTH might drop to no.4. I totally recommend reading this one as reading Ergens novels is always a good experience and its always enjoyable. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
Renegade Immortal
December 11, 2016
Status: c1117
Why I think this is 100x better than ISSTH;

1. the world setting is as it should have been very dark and cruel instead of a world like ISSTH where it is a happy place until blah blah blah...
2. The main character is done very well at the beginning a child without talent for cultivation wanting to be a cultivator, whilst having a devil whispering into his ear to become one himself.

3. The character personality is great and could be witnessed strongly changes; innocent child, somewhat scheming youth, a youth... more>> against killing innocents, youth forced to commit crimes to survive etc eventually a brutal killer after which acheivig the goal which forced him to become a brutal killer he decided to walk a normal path where he wouldn't kill unless it was absolutely necessary. As for MH he had some good developments but then became retarded again after around c700 which lost my interest at that point but with this, I read somewhat ahead and it keeps getting better!!

4. Cultivation is more difficult as well as has more complications and other aspects.
5. Romance done somewhat well as you will notice around the beginning of 200s as well as around the beginning of 300s as they are expanded on...

Well whether you like it or not but you have to know 1 important factor by the time WL was 200 he didn't kill many at most 1 thousand as for MH when he was 200 he killed 100 thousand so when you say that WL is a brutal killer and MH is a cool and nice guy think about it this the fact that by 200 years old MH killed hundred times that of wang Lin by 500 let's not even compare that... because it's huge a difference as MH is murdering brat that doesn't have any proper character development as compared to Wang Lin <<less
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Red Storm
July 6, 2017
Status: v1c3 part1
It's good from what I have seen so far it's enjoyable, I can't say more but I enjoy it a lot, plus some matters have so far been explained and different from the manhu (yulians age is different), the breathing is explained we see more of the relationship between master and student and also we see the masters thought process as he teaches yulian which is great. Plus from the information the tl'er provided the novel and manga separate after the first chapter (novel) so I don't suggest trying to... more>> start where you left off with the manhwa as you will likely get very lost.

plus the support of fans is necessary as a novel with as much potential as this one without the support of fans will likely get dropped and this is not allowed to happen! <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
Yang God
March 30, 2017
Status: c20
Main character Hong Yi was born to a rather influential family in what I can assume is some kind of Chinese empire however his status in the family is quite low due to the profession his mother was in before her death (not a spoiler it is said in the first chapter...

Not a lot has happened but we learnt of the MCs goals and the like...

The cultivation has been revealed to be immortal (dao/tao) and martial (Buddha) and the cultivation sort of links into the description of the... more>> novel.

Enjoyed the first 15 chapters will update this review when the translation reaches 50. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
I Am Supreme
June 24, 2017
Status: c25
Sigh, its a great author with a good track of novels, which mainly are OEM, TTNH and even RITF which I didn't find as appealing as the first two.

Truthfully when I went into this novel I didn't expect anything as the author only had a 2 month break since he finished the nearly 2k long RITF and from what I heard the ending was catastrophic, so I was clearly aware that he was already burnt out and even if he wrote a new story it wouldn't be as fresh as... more>> people would expect.

right so I will bring about the points which I find could have been done much better and this novel would have started out brilliantly.

    1. MC he is just like the previous 3, the know it all with the difference that he didn't reincarnate.
    1. Side characters, we have seen the same kinds of characters in the previous 3.
    1. using the exact same stuff from the first novel, with the difference being straight (didn't drag it out too much) at the beginning.
    1. OP object from the beginning that is inside his body (similar to the pagoda from OEM, but different not an object but a living existence)
    1. even the introduction of the first harem member was exactly the same as in one of the previous novels.
the stuff that was mildly interesting but not too much for me;

    1. cultivation - the least interesting aspect to me, naturally cultivation lovers will enjoy it, to me it is just a power up and nothing else.
Overall I do not believe that this novel is anything special, it could probably have been special and worth reading if qidian didn't force him to write like they did with RITF and look how RITF turned out... I bet that in the last 10% of this novel it will be the same situation as it was with RITF and his excuse that he was forced to write it.

my advice is, if you don't have anything else to read than go ahead with it, otherwise just ignore it. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
May 27, 2017
Status: c700
I will say this, its nothing new really just a different cultivation method, but what I can say about this is that, AGM is an amazing xuanhuan at managing to grip the reader to want to know what happens next.

i will say this that there are those stupid characters that you find in every novel, but this story is just so good (at least to me) that I would be willing to read with lnmtl and keeping up with htl just because I enjoy it this much.

yes the MC is... more>> quite arrogant, but its not like he is a hypocrite, the writing can be seen that the author really improved from the previous disaster that all of us are aware of, well at least most of us, as the story moves on it introduces the new characters which tbh can be ignored as they are not really that important but whats important is what situation the author would place the MC in, as all of them are unique for the most part and the tests he has to overcome are quite enjoyable to read.

i really love the main female MC so far, she is amazing, these recent chapters, what she has been doing to the MC has been so funny

basically she has been teasing him to hell and its so enjoyable to read

the cast although is not expanded on, is also pretty interesting.

yes I know that most of you dislike the author and probably dislike arrogant mcs, but in this specific novel the MCs character and his arrogance are done so well that its impossible to dislike.

fair warning just get past the first 100 chapters as they will seem very similar to the first work of the author but after that, its pure

unadulterated FUN.

ps: this review is although is trying to be not biased because I can see the faults of the story but at the same time is a bit biased because I enjoy it alot, it just I understand that most people have different mentalities when it comes down to stuff they read, so whether you read it or not is your decision, all I will say is that if you overlook the flaws you will have tons of fun reading it. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
Legend of the Great Saint
May 20, 2017
Status: c118
Update: well my review stands that there is almost nothing new about it, except of 1 aspect the MCs cultivation is not as it seems and it brings to the field something interesting ... more>>

MC turns into an actual monster, after cultivating to a certain level and even has a monster core

and this sets this novel apart from the normal immortal cultivation and tbh I am curious how the author would progress with it.


It's okay, I mean there is nothing wrong with it, and it does have some good parts as well. But truthfully there is nothing new about it, it's a pretty standard xianxia with slightly higher quality than most out there.

the main character could be said to be a reincarnated, from modern world (btw actual reincarnation he was born in this world not transmigration) I like the fact that it slightly touched upon the reincarnation and the fact that he has memories of his past life even if it was briefly. MC at the moment is probably on of the rare xianxia MCs that isn't a hypocrite (at least from what I have seen, unsure about future chapters). Also he is pretty generic I guess, but is self conscious about what he is becoming as he cultivates and does what most xianxia MCs do...

the cultivation is body based only basically he focuses on the body whilst everyone else on Qi...

one major part that I liked is when a 2d character young master challenged him the MC said something along these lines which is dead rare in this genre


that characters with power over others degenerate mentally to savages that like to bully others

which in my opinion is a plus.

overall, at the moment it is quite good at least better than most out there, so if you have nothing to do and are looking for something to read might as well give it a go, at least you will not be disappointed and Will likely enjoy it.

reason for 3/5 is because I am used to the genre so most of the stuff in it wasn't really new to me but at least I enjoyed it enough for me not to feel like being forced to continue with each chapter. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
April 12, 2017
Status: c1560

Honestly this novel has been a disappointment, as compared to Renegade Immortal (Xian Ni)...

Why do you ask? Very well the first 100 chapters were the most biggest boringness you could ever experience in a novel, and it wasnt any useful other than MH getting the stupid mirror and blowing the asses from furry beasts - thats it!! I know that the english audience, for some reason found it hilarious or something, but to me it was just, meh...

but lets ignore the boring stuff and focus on the mass murderer... more>> that Meng Hao is, because usually people compare Wang Lin and call wang lin the evil one because he killed and the like... so lets make a simple comparison by the age of 200 for both characters


Meng Hao killed around 100, 000 cultivators/people, when Wang Lin was the same age at most he killed around 1, 000 cultivators/people - there will be people saying that Meng Hao was defending himself, but wang lin was just randomly killing - well then thats also incorrect, as most people that wang lin killed was due to them trying to kill him as well

so from both cases MH the bigger butcher, now at the age of 500


MH killed around 1 million additional cultivators just so that his technique could grow stronger - that was a pointless slaughter of 1 million, at that point Wang Lin, stopped killing and at most killed around 500 people since the last comparison and the reason was because they tried killing him first


To me ISSTH was somewhat readable from around 150 until lets say 800 but this is a rough estimate and here is the reason, why I nearly dropped the novel but decided to continue reading although I already invested a significant amount of time into it


lets say that from c1 MH was potrayed as this character that was against killing and the like and as he killed the more conflicted he was becoming to the point of his heart becoming black (literally - something devilish) and it could be seen how he was struggling against it and the like, so what did ergen do? easy solution have a spirit severing that was out of this world that directly shot his cultivation to half immortal and deleted all the characterisation that was revolving around this struggle!! but thats not the worst part if all that deletion was never going to be mentioned again but around 1400 guess what, it was brought back under just a different name demon something but was explained exactly as the devilishness meaning that, the deletion by severing was utterly pointless


Of course there were some memorable arcs in this novel such as the alchemist arc, but thats the only memorable arc that I can think of on top of my head, if you asked me to do the same for renegade immortal I would be able to list at least 5 or so and thats only from the translated chapters...

Now people say that it is hilarious or something, honestly I dont remember laughing from anything from this novel unless I did and my memory is foggy, but at least I can honestly say that, this is a very mediocre xianxia as compared to Renegade Immortal which in my opinion is one of the best novels currently in translation...

but everyone has their own opinions I guess, if they prefer something worse over something better than its their choice...

PS: that greedy male character thing was also a very tedious thing to like, I mean the best was to describe MH is to just call him a spoiled brat that likes money to the point of extortion which is not really funny whatsoever as at times, it is a but over the top!!


there are 2 good arcs in the entire issth novel one has already been tl'ed early on around 200/300s the violet sect/alchemy arc after that we had to wait for over 1000 chapters for another good arc which will be around 1450 to I think 1525 something along those lines, it will be focused on Chu YuYan and without true MH being involved but it will be about her happiness, so only 2 good arcs in a novel of the length of 1600 chapters whereas renegade immortal had twice that in only 400 translated chapters... this speaks for it self, and the reason why issth is because of the translation speed, which people choose over the better ergen novels which is a true shame. <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
February 19, 2017
Status: c50
I only read 50 chapters so my view may be biased. But in my opinion if the story (characters, world development) Is good but when you read it and it is boring then there is not much point to it. I've seen reviews saying stuff that doesn't really matter but never mentioning that the story is boring and at times the story switches to stuff that doesn't really matter.

I give it something between 2.5 and 3 because it is not mindless and there is something good in it but... more>> nothing more because it is so BORING that you really have to force yourself to continue... <<less
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Ze Tian Ji
April 22, 2017
Status: c443
For me it is one of the most amazing novels currently in translation! How great would it be if the other novels by the author that don't have a tl were to be picked up - slightly off course sorry...

This novel is slow, there is no point denying it, and simply it is not a novel for new readers of the xianxia genre, why? Because they started off with very quick paced, and simple writing and that's the kind of novels that they are looking for, so there's no point... more>> for suggesting it to new readers of xianxia or for new readers themselves to pick it up because a result will arrive by those new readers rating it something between 1-3 stars. Why do I think like this? Simple I was similar, it's just that I don't rate too often, especially when they are not my cup of tea...

The story is about Chen Changshen an orphan that is trying to alter his destiny whilst trying walk through all the plots and obstacles that other people place in front of him.

The main heroine is not Luo Luo but Xu Yourong please don't create misconceptions about Xu Yourong because she was portrayed as bad very early on, as you read on and reach 200s you will realise this as for LL well she in nothing but a sister to the MC.

The story/plot has moved quite well from the arrival to the capital to the latest arc, so there is a lot of enjoyment there, the only thing that I can complain about is that in the late 100s Mao Nis writing about MCs fights had been dead boring and I understand that it is not his strongest suit, but overall the novel is amazing.

I only recommend this novel if you have read tons of repetitive xianxia and you are looking for a novel that is unpredictable as well heavily descriptive and slow paced because otherwise it is not your kind of novel, well at least not yet, come back when you get tired of very simple xianxia! <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)
January 16, 2017
Status: v2c9
I understand that I did not read much to get a better view of the story but I just couldnt take it anymore of forcing myself to continue. Like I understand that people will probably assume that I read a bit and started spouting bullsh*t about the story... but you have to understand the first chapter of this novel was the biggest bullsh*t you will ever read... and let me explain what happened... the MC arrived in a new world and somehow created a meteor strike (out of fuc*ing nowhere)... more>> killed sh*tloads of different creatures including a god and instantly levelled up to lv.3000 something... I would not care about it if it was explained within the entire 1st volume about how he managed that bs... but nope it is not it just happened and we are meant to understand that as logic, then he walks about gets millions of different skills just by doing simple things... like although it may be seen as being on easy difficulty and I wouldnt complain about those simple skills that he acquired by doing simple things, but how the f*ck do you explain a meteor strike as an easy skill to grasp? and then it went on and on until

he got himself two lolis and a normal looking girl just because... and he decided to raise them like pets...

I mean if it just had a bit of sense, like people bash xianxia because of stupid reasons like filler, harem or something else but IMO this is the biggest bullsh*t I have ever encountered from the beginning of reading light novels... <<less
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Master of the Stars
April 16, 2017
Status: c29.2
I have read all the current tl'ed chapter 29.2 and all I am going to say is that it is truly very good, and I will explain what I mean by 'very good'.

here is the case, most readers, jumped to CN novels from JP LNs which have been, written very descriptively and most of the times, those stories, had proper characterisation, story, plot and the like, the side characters weren't 2 dimensional of bad or good, they had their thoughts. Well this is the case with this novel, you have... more>> a novel which is written quite descriptively (which may seem very difficult to read as you are used to very simple writing in CN), the main character is is very interesting (but we haven't explored him yet fully), he doesnt think in 2 dimensionally, and doesnt act that way either. The same goes for the side characters which are very interesting and have their own ideas, and lives, fears and the like. the story is very early, at the moment, but if you are like me wondering when the 'Stars' aspect would start playing a role, I am unsure but some hints were given in c22. Trying giving it a go, I give the story 4.5 but I will leave it as 4 here because no story is perfect. Have fun reading. <<less
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The Nine Cauldrons
May 18, 2016
Status: c118
I like the story overall, tbh I only read CD, ST & DE from IET and I liked all three but my favourite of the three is CD but that is not important. This is a very good novel and I can proudly say that I enjoy it. Like with most or at least with CD and DE the build of power takes a while for the MC and the story around it is quite nice, the only negative that I would say is that IET keeps reminding the readers... more>> that the MC was a grandmaster in his previous life and in this new one he is still this grandmaster because he achieved it in his past life, which at first didnt really get me to think much about these reminders but if you see this in almost every chapter since book 2 until the present it can get pretty annoying however other than that the different arcs and the slow power up with little knowledge regarding anything currently is what is keeping me to check back each day to see what else I can see from the story <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
The Invincible Dragon Emperor
July 28, 2017
Status: c71
It's okay I guess for the genre, my issue is as I was reading with the QI releases until recently that it was too predictable for the most part, which made the enjoyment dull, but its wasnt to the point where I disliked it as the pace of the novel is pretty quick which allows a person to ignore the fact that you can pretty much guess what would happen, and within the next few chapters it did...

tbh the novel I would compare it to the most is AGM as... more>> they are similar I guess, and since I enjoy AGM, I am somewhat okay with it, which is why I read ahead, but I just couldnt be arsed anymore when I reached 70s the side characters are also a bit meh, and if I were to chose between this and AGM I would stick with AGM as I have been reading it longer and got used it...

you will likely enjoy it if you are okay with AGM, but for me its just a choice between the 2 of the same genre and I prefer AGM... also like the other review said, the sister is pretty cool, and also the brain of the sibling duo which tbh I find amazing as a concept as during these 70 chapters that I have read the MC was never stated to be smart or anything and never tried acting smart (except during combat), everything for the MC was decided by the sister, which allowed her to shine in this novel, so my only hope is that she doesnt get forgotten in the future eventually and starts cultivating herself!! <<less
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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
June 7, 2018
Status: v2
im reading the light novel that yen press released just finished reading volume 2, and I can honestly say I am in love with the LN (not sure how I feel about wn as cba reading it).

i haven’t enjoyed reading an LN as much as I have when I read this in a long time, I love the concept of being reborn as a Spider and trying to survive even though you have a human personality, to what extent would you be willing to fall to just so that you... more>> could survive and this makes me want to read even more.

currently waiting for yen press to release v3 so that I can smash through it as soon as they release.

suggest reading the LN it’s worth it! <<less
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Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (LN)
August 22, 2017
Status: v4
It had a boring start (well mainly c1) but that was a set up so, I was willing to ignore that pretty meh chapter, however towards the end of c1 of v1 and then onwards it was fun! Really fun, especially seeing how the MC broke down and then transformed to the bad ass he is was really enjoyable, plus with the intro of Yue and the continuity of conquering the dungeon and the ending about the truth of the world made the first volume awesome.

v2 continued onwards from v1... more>> with an Intro of a new female character and some other side characters and a new dungeon.

honestly with this being my second isekai, after Death march (LN) I have to recommend it to anyone new to either LNs or isekai genre overall but my suggestion is to read the official J-Novel translation as the quality of the translation is huge! <<less
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