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Daymian rated it
I am the Monarch
October 22, 2017
Status: c184
I'll try to make this quick.

The story takes place in a fantasy/medieval world where the MC died and came back in time when he was younger, so he uses his knowledge and experience for trying to become a monarch by getting military achievements.

Ok so this is a not so common plot for reincarnation/travel in time stories, the story actually is kinda interesting and you may spend hours reading this, because it's pretty entertaining.

... more>> But then, there will be a moment when you realize how monotone and f**ked is this novel.

I've readed almost 200 chapters (184) and the story has been the same sh*t from the first chapter.

Also the characters development is unexistent, the seconday characters are there just for make MC look greater, the antagonist are there just for die by MC hand, every character you meet on the story is there just for the MC usage.

Finally, the translation isn't so good, it seems that the translator has limited vocabulary since you may heard all the characters saying the same phrases and insults during the novel, also those disturbing and totally unnecesary sound effects. (Maybe this is not author/translator fault since I'm not native english). <<less
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