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Dayfinder rated it
Kusoge Online (BETA)
December 5, 2016
Status: v1c1
As someone who avoids most LN due to slow-paced translation and how they seem to fall into a few common shortcomings that WN can (but don't always) dodge, I still recommend highly this novel. The quality of translation is great, and the quality of the work itself is solid. So far, I've been impressed enough to preemptively write this review due to having read a good chunk of Nekomimi Neko Offline and really seeing how the author drives the story in a more successful direction.

I would predict this story to... more>> be a solid read for people who like Kono Subarashii due a few parallels in subject and direction. <<less
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Dayfinder rated it
Meikyuu Toshi no Antique Shop
July 6, 2015
Status: --
I might be a bit partial since I'm the one translating it, but this novel is shaping up to be great.

The central focus of it is a very RPG-like environment, which has been done before, but more on a co-operation and 'Item' side- This is the Antique Shop of Labyrinth City, not the Giant OP Main Character Slaughter House.

I look forward to see what other items the crew are going to appraise together, looking ahead everything from an Unadorned Steel Ring to a Strangely Serpent-like Dagger, every item seems to... more>> be a bit more than the author might claim.

Has LN adaption, 240k total characters on the webnovel (about 35 thousand of which are now translated), and relatively good reception in Japan (making a profit off of the novel release, enough so for the second volume to be out by the end of the month).

Currently 48 chapters released, 6 done (would be about 12 by now if not for the good ol' real life sh*t excuse).

Should anyone pick this up to read, I hope you enjoy and I hope I can get up to date with the author within the next few months. <<less
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