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DaveM rated it
When A Mage Revolts
October 6, 2017
Status: c101
First off, note the parody tag in the tags. It is important. The main character basically lacks most of the knowledge otherworld travelers seem to have for no reason. He doesn't know how to make soap, gunpowder, he isn't somehow a gourmet and for the most part if an ordinary person wouldn't normally know something, he can be counted upon to not know it either.

His cheat isn't the best (though it saves his life from time to time, so not the worst either), and basically everything is over the top,... more>> most of the people are dumber, more cunning, more vicious, or more arrogant than you'd normally expect. In a ten point scale on personal and personality attributes in this world, it seems you'll never find a 5, but is more of an inverted bell curve. But as I said, note the parody in the tags. It is important.

Various readers hate the main character, I don't. He's genre savy, hard working, reasonably cunning, and only vicious in situations where his ability to continue living is at stake. In the start he was an everyman, neither successful nor a failure, going though his everyday life. He ends up in a situation where there is a better than 90% chance of dying and lives through it. He isn't always able to win, and when he can't, he uses his head. His head isn't the greatest tool, but he isn't dumb as some would claim. Given he has a somewhat high chance of dying about once every 3 chapters on average, he does pretty well. He does have the merit of a high ranking noble family, he also has the demerit of it. All in all, a normal person is dealt a crappy hand, but there are 2 or 3 cards, in their current configuration worthless, that might be able to turn into a good hand. He sees that and chases that small beacon of hope.

The writing in the beginning is a little lacking, but it improves a bit as time goes on. It is funny, abet in a dark way, and this guy is probably more realistic than the majority of protagonists. If I had any complaint is that he is rather lacking in the protagonist power in the beginning- it takes a while more he can make a decision that actually affects anything. At best, he manages to survive. Still, it is not a bad read. There are many things I feel that were better that I dropped before chapter 20. It's sort of fast food for the soul, not the warmest, certainly not the best, but the greasy, salty goodness is satisfying once in a while, all the same. <<less
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DaveM rated it
Release that Witch
January 21, 2017
Status: c219
My favorite series of all the ones I'm reading right now. The majority of the events take place in an isolated backwater, particularly in the beginning, so the world-building can happen comparatively slowly, which is a great advantage with reading in a setting such as this. It doesn't have unexplained but familiar game elements but leans more realistic (for values of realism that include magic) nor does it have an omnipotent bugged main character, rather he's about as killable as any royal, which is to say, somewhat difficult but not... more>> because of omnipotence. His main abilities are knowledge from his previous life as an engineer, and perhaps more, someone who grew up in the modern era, and the resources he has in his current life as a royal. The other characters have their own motivations and personalities.

My only complaints regard the handling of the church.


The reader isn't shown the good side of the church and it does far too much evil. I don't really mind the relative evil or good of the church, I just don't buy that something that is that blatant with as many information leaks as it potentially has (because of escaping witches and what not) would be able to possess that level of overt power. Especially since every witch is ultimately someone's daughter, and there are several who still accept their child as their child after she becomes a witch.. I'm not saying that they need to be any less evil (they're after all motivated by the most evil of phrases, "The ends justify the means") just that the reader should be shown a little more of why the faithful are so faithful. Standing up against monsters is not enough, after all, humans are too greedy to see such a thing as a benefit when it is actually happening far off. At least, in the long run. Plus, with all the starvation and what not it can hardly be said that the church is doing enough to overcome what should be seen as strong negatives and suspicious behaviors, such as the existence of the various pills and a superhuman army.

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DaveM rated it
Himekishi to Camping Car
January 4, 2017
Status: v1c4
Slow paced story about a man who spent ten years saving in order to retire early to a simple life of traveling around in an hybrid RV only to end up in another world. But, well. The very day he got his new toy, he ended up in another world, and, well, ending up in another world didn't really change his plans on how to spend his retirement at all.
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Fairly light read about a guy and his dog in another world and how it takes about that much for them to become productive members of society. For certain values of members of society. I liked it.
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