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Dashj6217 rated it
Nidome no Yuusha
January 6, 2019
Status: c64
I read till the point where I just dropped it. I understood why many translators dropped it too. Someone said to give it a try it is not a filthy whore, but it is but worst it has multiple STD's (bad things) which makes you gag.

The first thing is the MC is stupid actually strike that he oblivious and a complete dumbass. I am sorry to say this but from his flashbacks, he should know sh*t was up when he first met the demon lord as he said she saved... more>> him. That's a red flag in bright daylight if I never have seen one, to begin with.

He was betrayed and chase down. I am sorry but his experience does not match what he has shown. I was betrayed so I will go and torture people because they chase me down. No sane person would think that way. If he were insane it may be found as I understand being betrayed could make someone insane, but he is sane to me to know better.

I can say I like the other novel with the healer and stuff because he has justification for why he is like that. Drugs do sh*t to people and he has done many wrong things, but at least he is somewhat excusable but this MC is not.

He finds out that he transported to the past and punches the princess thinking he the same place dying. Doesn't make sense, I thought running away and being betrayed would make him observant, but nope. He is in the summoning chamber again and his strength is weaker yet he does not connect the dots instead takes I think 5 chapters before figuring it out pathetic.

Second, he does not try to calm down and use the situation to his advantage he goes and starts to torture and talk about everything while torturing. Now I am not sure but fighting for 4 years, being 21 (mentally), and being betrayed and chased down should at least make really mature but for him, it seems like everything went back to zero along with his stats.

He could wait and try to gain their trust along with power grinding his way to the top before turning on them, but nope he goes and torture the princess and the knights then leave them alive. Does not make sense. He tortures people in order for them to feel the pain he felt does not make sense.

He should hide and make a bunch of incidents and make it so that the people who betrayed him are chased down instead. That would be an act of more satisfying revenge.

Next, the bunny girl shows up and join why not she also wants revenge. He wants an accomplice why because of its more fun that way. Forced Harem member. Next, let's continue some more he makes her vow on a sword which makes it so that if she dies he dies and vice-versa what in the actual f*ck is he thinking. He did not learn anything in his last life. He tells his secret to her and gives her almost everything. But I stayed strong and press forward.

The breaking point to me was the second forced harem or maybe 3 forced harem member the elf/dark elf. She is not needed like the Bunny girl. Demon lord is alright and maybe the saintess since it would make sense why she attacked him. I am honestly disappointed to have wasted my time to read this mess. Do not recommend for anyone to read this mess. <<less
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Dashj6217 rated it
The Novel’s Extra
June 3, 2019
Status: c318
I am honestly giving this novel a 3 the only reason the first arc or at least I consider it is the Cube arc. (I will only do a few minor spoilers such as the arcs and such but not major ones) At this point, it is literally one of the best novel arcs I have seen so far from any novel from the way it begins and the introduction to the characters and their development and many other things. I would rate this a 4.5 star, not 5 because... more>> of some plotholes of how Cube is the best yet still gets invaded all the time with tons of spies in it and the Korean nationalism which tends to go out of hand.

Now, after this arc with the 3 year time skip, the quality of the novel drops by some it still pretty good, but not as good as the beginning. It drops again during the Tower of Wish arc and continues to go down to an honest 1 rating for me once the whole Orden arc and the Demon arc ends and begins.

I will say the thing that killed me the most was maybe unrealistic of how Korea is number one in the world because it has the most dungeons or whatever and how China and US are depicted as at most third rated with little to no mention of Japan, Russia, Germany, and many other nations that are world power I will explain why I feel that way in the 1 (). Next is the misunderstanding that can be annoying along with the fact that MC made a girl go through mental disorder because of him not telling the truth. I would go on and list more problems but that would take too much time and would open a lot of spoilers, so I will stop here, but if you read the parenthesis below it will explain why I think the world building is, in fact, bad and has little to no sense (my personal opinion and somethings can be wrong or I could not explain it that well.)

1 (I will begin with the author states that Korea is number one because they have the most dungeons or something along the lines and then states that because China and US are spread out they are at the bottom tier that needs help from other countries. First China and the US are very selfish to a certain degree as both would not ask for outside help at all. Second, China with its large population should be able to handle the dungeons because of their large number.

The US even though its spaced out people also has a lot of people in it plus the fact that the people in the US can be kind of crazy or inventive they would at least come up with something a long time ago. You can argue that the outbreak happened around 70-80 years ago but the US was still a powerhouse along with other countries Korea has never been a powerhouse. Now let's begin with Korea being first and how Korea is the standard language like today's English is not realistically possible.

First, Korea would still be split between north and south with the different ruling at this time unless that was completely changed but it never stated it so it is out. Next, even if Korea had the most powerful dungeons the other nations like Japan, China, Russia, and those around would definitely attack it and gain control or monopoly over the land thus they would be nothing more than slaves.

One of the reasons why English is so widespread is because some languages have common points to English since English is derived from them making it easier for them to understand it while Korean has some similarities to China and Japan but not enough to warrant everyone to study it. It would be more realistic if Japanese or Chinese became the norm before Korea ever did. Korea had no major invention that has shocked the world thus them becoming the best within the electronic field surpassing everyone is no, no unless they kidnap all of the famous world inventors and steal their tech. I would agree more if it was Singapore than Korea.) <<less
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Dashj6217 rated it
Legend of Ling Tian
March 23, 2018
Status: c5

Dropped this garbage very quick. First the MC is learn people used him in the first life, but did not try to kill them instead as they are even worse than the people who crippled him.

That was not a major problem for me, but his reincarnation was as this what caused me to dropped after reading it. It had me like "oh god" as he was reincarnated into a yellow people world you did not understand I am not racist as it said yellow people and he was excited about it. I hate novels with no creativity as everyone is the same skin tone might as well make them all the same gender to (Male). The author is like most Chinese light novels that play with themselves to the Chinese flag and it anthem thinking that they are the kings gods of the world. That world would be hell as it is like a black reincarnate into a world full of whit people they would think he is a specially specimen one of its kind a half breed between a gorilla and human to form him and lock him in a zoo for studies.

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I am just going to write this to cancel out some people's high evaluation of this crap worth of a novel. First, it takes way too long for him to get sent into the dungeon and waste like 20 or so chapters just for the brief introduction which could be handled in about 5 chapters. Someone said he is smart and uses his brain, no he doesn't overthink and overcomplicate things. Not only that the way the classroom acted was too cliche seeing someone die or get sent to their... more>> death right before your eyes will most of the time people will say this is unfair and will try to deny it or fight back against such tyranny. Now let's move onto the dungeon it is boring as hell especially with the stupid flashbacks in between which should not have been added or going to the other classmates which are from the girls' side of view who you know will apart of the harem which is stupid and forced as hell. Now let's talk about realism: he was basically starving and dehydrated in a dungeon after being there in less than a day. A person can survive and not be dehydrated without drinking water for 3 days while someone can live off of just water for weeks to months without food. He keeps acting like not having food or water for more than 4 hours would kill him. The fight scenes are not there or to be more precise all it is is paralysis, sleep, and poison words as fight scenes and a whole bunch of ogooghngh dhhshs as the enemy monster would say with description on how they look when they are dying which it keeps getting repeated over and over again and again.

This is a boring novel with nothing unique about SKIP IT. <<less
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