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DarthBlood rated it
Age of Adepts
April 9, 2017
Status: c36
Like others said, it's very similar to Warlock of the Magus World. The MC gets an AI data chip thing that helps him process data, but I think this one starts off weaker than the chip in WMW.

While the plot itself is pretty interesting, I'm not a fan of the MC. He is someone who constantly gets bullied, and yet he never even thinks about getting revenge.

The supervisor of the tower he's living in comes by with 2 cronies and ransacks his room, taking all of the loot he's... more>> acquired over years of gathering. He stands there and meekly accepts it. There's no thought of anger or a hint of revenge. He just thinks "Man, if only I was stronger".

Later, he goes to take a mission that suits him just right. It's challenging but not impossible and has decent rewards for completion. An antagonist much stronger than him (and the supervisor from before) pulls some strings and he ends up being assigned a mission so hard that even the antagonist has a high chance of dying during it. What does he do? "He smiled sadly to himself." That was a quote from the story. Again, he doesn't think about getting revenge, he just accepts it and goes off by himself to train a bit.

WHERE IS YOUR BACKBONE??? Obviously, he's weaker and strength is everything so I don't expect him to go and pick a fight with the antagonist, but to not even have a bad thought? Come on man... <<less
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DarthBlood rated it
Castle of Black Iron
August 3, 2018
Status: c600
It's not as racist as everyone seems to claim. The only people mentioned as of ~600 chapters are the chinese, hebrew speaking people, black people, and "the Slavs". All the races are stereotyped, but not in a bad way (no bad stereotypes about the hebrew speaking people or black people). The Chinese are superior at cultivating, which makes them the strongest people in the world. The MC's one black friend is described early on as physically bigger and stronger than him. The Slavs are described as having bearlike figures, and... more>> the interactions with them give off a Viking vibe. The hebrew speaking people are never described explicitly as white, although it was mentioned they did have lighter and fair skin.

So read that first paragraph again. Racist? Nah. Plays into stereotypes? Yea you can say that. Later on there is a lot of self praise for the Chinese though. Still, the author has done a good job of not actually insulting other races.

Unfortunately, stupid math plagues this story.

  1. The eastern continent in the story is 20, 000 miles north to south and 20, 000 miles east to west. That's 400 million miles squared. The earth is 200 million miles squared (in comparison, the USA is 4 million miles squared). Earth's population is ~8billion, while the eastern continent's population is 6.7 billion.
  2. To travel north to south in this continent (20, 000 miles), it would take a train going 100 km/h (60 mph) "at least half a year" if travelling 22 hrs/day. In the same paragraph he then says "it would take a person at least 20 months". Now if you do the math, to travel 20, 000 miles at 60 mph for 22 hours a day (2 hrs for break/refuelling the train), it should be 15 days. Soooo where'd the 6 month estimation and 20 month estimation come from??? Stupid af.
  3. Early on, we find out about the world's currency. 100 bronze coins = 1 silver, and 100 silver = 1 gold. Therefore 1 gold = 10, 000 bronze (a typical economic system). The MC's dad has a 10 gold yearly salary. That's 100, 000 bronze salary. So why is the MC constantly mentioning how poor his family is and how paying a 2-3 bronze extra for food is devastating???
Another unfortunate problem has nothing to do with the story, but the absolutely horrendous editor. What is the point of an editor when every chapter is plagued with dozens of errors (mostly grammatical and syntax). It makes the story very hard to read. The first 100 or so chapters didn't seem to have as much of a problem. It's later on when the editor is complete crap.

Overall, the bad math doesn't hurt the story, but the poor editor is an issue. If you can ignore this, plotwise, this is a solid story. The MC starts out very vulgar, as can be expected of a boy going through puberty, but as he grows, he becomes much more mature and his perversions are toned down a lot. And honestly, I'd rather see a pervert MC than a beta male MC like Japanese novels tend to prefer. <<less
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The Magus Era
June 5, 2017
Status: c421
I'm writing this review to talk about the unbelievably stupid power levels in this story.

In chapter 6, we learn that the basic measure of strength is a "stone". One stone is described as "the hardest rock in the Southern Wasteland jungle. Each of those stones had been carved into a three-square-foot cube. " Now try to picture that in your mind. The weight of a 3x3x3 foot cube of rock is estimated to be about 2+ tons or about 2500 kilograms, give or take a a few hundred pounds depending... more>> on what site you referenced. This is ONE STONE.

Children of about 6 years old, at the VERY FIRST cultivation level, have a strength of TEN THOUSAND (10, 000) freaking stones. That means these 6 year olds can lift the equivalent of three Eiffel Towers. Please, just imagine that.

Very early in, the MC's power hits the range of MILLIONS of stones. And he meets a princess half his age who's able to carry hammers that even he is unable to lift.

Usually, there should be some suspension of disbelief to help with unrealistic stories, but this...I can't. <<less
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DarthBlood rated it
Overlord (LN)
April 22, 2017
Status: v11c4
It's so hard to put how I feel about this story into words. I love it so much, but at the same time, I despise it.

Like all the other reviews have pointed out, it's an OP MC being thrust into a game world turned real. Each chapter is probably 20k+ words, compared to the maybe 2-3k word chapters on sites like Wuxiaworld or Gravity.

What I love about it. The massive world building. It's not the MC that makes this good, it's the multitude of other characters that play a... more>> part, because a true OP MC like this just isn't fun to witness. On a scale, if a normal human was lvl 1, a strong warrior was considered lvl 20, and the most knowledgeable mage was lvl 50, the main character would be lvl 1000. That's how OP he is. It makes everything pointless. So huge sections of the story focus on the weak humans or demihumans (lizardmen, dwarves, goblins) and how they play into a bigger world of politics and war. There are countless plot lines that intersect and admittedly, and if you don't like verbiose and lengthy reads, this wouldn't be for you.

What I hate... god do I hate it. Everything in this story is built on misunderstandings. Every single problem comes up due to a misunderstanding, and every solution usually is based on a misunderstanding as well. It doesn't help that the MC is your stereotypical beta Jap that's defined by how much of a whiny loser he is. Here's an example of a major misunderstanding. The MC is in an alliance with someone (let's call him X). X is the ruler of a country. X is scared of how OP the MC is, and calls in people from a nearby religious country who hate undead with a passion in order to try to kill him. The MC is doing his own thing, and visits X's country to try to recruit adventurers for his own plan. They accidentally bump into each other at a local arena while X is hosting the religious nuts. The MC, being the beta Jap that he is, greets X super politely, wishes him well, and all that. X freaks out because he thinks his plan of trying to kill the MC has been found out and that the MC has been spying on him the whole time. The religious nuts run away and X, thinking that the MC is going to wipe out his country, pledges his country to the MC, who is super confused about what is going on.

Every time the MC lands in a bad situation, he credits it to there being other players like him who have transcended to this world, and so he acts super cowardly in almost everything he does. The problem is... EVERY bad situation has been a coincidence. In the latest chapter I'm reading, he loses his mental connection with two Death Knights that he summoned to go kill some demihumans and assumes that a player has killed them, which makes him super cautious. In reality, the Death Knights fell off a bridge into a dark crevice. I'm sick of the constant stupid misunderstandings that define this story, but the superb translation and seeing the viewpoints of the other minor characters is what keeps me going. <<less
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Reverend Insanity
March 1, 2019
Status: v1c238
Everyone keeps mentioning how evil the MC is, but I don't think anyone offered any examples. Here is some minor plot details that I will keep as vague as possible. Take a look and decide if this is the kind of MC you are interested in reading more about.

... more>>

1. He needs meat to feed his Gu (basically this story's version of pokemon). He stumbles upon a hunter's trap and finds a boar. The hunter sees him and says "How dare you steal my meat?" MC kills the hunter with the excuse that "he angered me", a typical excuse that the arrogant young master type characters use in other novels. He drags the body to the hunter's home, tells the hunter's father living there that "I've killed your son for angering me. Give me a map of the surrounding area to appease my anger". After the old man does exactly as he wishes, the MC cuts off his head and kills the hunter's teenaged sister.

2. The MC and his team kill a powerful beast. A swarm of wolves approach. All but him and one of the female teammates flee. The MC immediately knocks out his teammate, cuts open the dead beast, and crawls inside like Luke Skywalker did to the tauntaun. He uses his teammate as a shield so that when the wolves start to feast on the dead beast, they end up eating her instead of finding him.

3. In the middle of a large battle, a 15 year old healer girl with cliche healer traits (she's pretty, sweet, caring) is separated from her clansmen. The MC saves her as she is about to eaten by wolves. She is about to thank him, but then he knocks her out and brings her to a secret cave. He wakes her up, then commands his slave bear to eat her, and the bear leaves nothing left of the girl but her brain and intestines. But the MC forces the bear to eat EVERYTHING, and then throws a poison Gu, a fire Gu, and some explosives into the bear's mouth and forces it to eat that as well. Then he kills it and does some secret ritual to create/refine some evil Gu. This one was pretty sick, the author goes into detail describing how the bear took chunks out of her chest, ate her breasts, etc.

4. The MC has kidnapped a village leader's young son and daughter and blackmails his way into a secret cave (not the same one as above), where he finds a Gu that requires two people to offer blood to refine and retrieve it. He forces the two children to strip and then kicks them into the furnace. The author describes them quite vividly screaming in pain as they burn, and as the kids try to crawl out of the furnace, the MC is described kicking them back into the flames 3-4 times before they melt from the heat.


If you're looking for an anti-hero, this is not it. This is Orochimaru turned up to 11 on a scale of 1-10. He is the epitome of a villain. The kind of person that you usually want your xianxia hero to slaughter. I'm 200 chapters in, and I continue to read in the hopes that there is some actual character development where he loses some of his evil edge, but I doubt it's going to happen. <<less
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DarthBlood rated it
The Great Ruler
March 24, 2017
Status: c188
I just finished ch188 out of 275 chapters released so far. I've noticed that up to where I've read, he has killed only one person, and it's an enemy that was so powerful that the lives of his family was threatened. Otherwise, dozens of his normal enemies constantly insult him, try to steal from him, or other things, and the worse that ever happens is that the MC beats them up.

And the thing is, the fight scenes suck. It's just a slug fest. I suppose that it should be applauded... more>> that a cultivation story like this doesn't involve death, but there's no excitement in the fights to make up for it. Baddie uses a move, MC dodges or counters it, baddie gets sent flying away spitting blood. And that's it. The oddest thing is, even fights with super powerful spiritual beasts don't end in death, the minor nobodies just cough blood and get thrown away. BORING!

The one good thing is the relationship between the MC and his love interest. <<less
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DarthBlood rated it
Dungeon Hunter
December 24, 2016
Status: c242

There was a strong start, a strong middle, and a pathetically weak end.
The story goes along great until the last 5 or so chapters. He fights 3 "boss" type characters. The first two fights ended in a single sentence. The last boss fight lasts one chapter, and the MC says "You shall die" at the end. The next chapter is the epilogue. Basically, the author skipped over the actual defeat of the last boss.

The ending is extremely rushed and comes off very unsatisfying. Overall, I liked how it progressed, which is why I gave it a 3/5. If not for that, the ending alone deserves a 1/5.

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