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Dark_Messiah rated it
Perfect World
October 4, 2016
Status: c147
The story was really good up until the guy entered that dimension.

So at first the MC was kind, likeable, and even didn't want to kill, but through his experiences, his personality slowly adapted a still kind and likeable, but would do anything to protect those he loves kinda attitude. Even when he learns of his past, he didn't want to get revenge, he wanted to rely on himself to surpass the bastard who stole from him. But then, he entered that other dimension and everything took a 180 degree turn... more>> for absolutely no reason. Whereas before he didn't want revenge, he suddenly wanted it, he never stole before, now suddenly he wanted to steal everything, he treated everyone even his enemies with at least a little bit of respect, now he simply treats everyone like a douche.

If this change happened gradually as the story progressed and his experience grew, i'd have accepted it. However, not even xian ni did something as stupid like this where his personality changed in a single chapter, even in xian ni it took dozens of chapters until he became cold and evil-like.

1/5 For resetting the character without context.

Don't listen to people who say things like "Do not listen to the reviews talking about the personality change of a 4 year old". Personality doesn't change in a single minute, not even for a child, unless they have a split personality, which he hasn't. The author simply reset the character without reason, it is that simple. And again, if this happened even if only through a week or a month in the novel with some context, it would be acceptable, but it didn't! It literally happened in minutes, with no explanation whatsoever, in fact, right after he was shown his past memories, he himself stated that he didn't want revenge, he will work hard to surpass the bastard, then he enters the dimension and boom, gimme that, ill break his record, ill take back what is mine, just what.

BTW, the story isn't actually bad, but the sudden change in personality was extremely offputting for me. <<less
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The story isn't bad, it's just that the author makes the MC contradict himself a lot. The MC shouts at god after his death about how he's going to massacre the heroes for not even trying to help him and instead they just killed him outright, and how he's going to kill god for being an arse, then his mother dies and his revenge is destroying some buildings lol. Then, he decides not to actually take revenge on the heroes because he's too weak with his enormous mana pool that surpasses all the heroes and his op death magic.... seriously?

Where did his threats to god go?! Where is the real mc?

Wasted character development at the start is wasted.

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Dark_Messiah rated it
The Crimson Dragon
April 11, 2017
Status: c8
Wow, such a novel to be discovered by accidentally seeing it on the front page. This is a novel, where the MC gets transported to another world and becomes a dragon. The plot so far what little there is of it, is quite good. Although things get streched over multiple chapters, it is to be expected when the chapters are so short. The translation is of good quality, with very few grammatical errors, and is proceeding with a satisfying speed. I recommend reading it, although I also recommend waiting for... more>> a few dozen chapters to be released due to the short chapter sizes. <<less
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I have actually read until chapter 17, because I don't go only halfway.

So i'll start from 1 star.

The good:
Good premise +1 star.
Good character types (appearance (foxgirl never enough foxgirls)) +1 star
Good story outline +1 star
OP MC +1 star

... more>> 5/5 stars

The bad:
Really REALLY annoyingly stupid MC: -2 stars
Really uncool mount (bed, not a dragon, gryphon or other mythical beings that would be cool, nope a bed that has the ability to fly for no reason whatsoever and has a dimensional space in its drawer...) -2 stars
Even if the story and the characters seem alright, everything else seems to be written by an 8 years old.

1/5 stars <<less
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Dark_Messiah rated it
Heavenly Jewel Change
September 9, 2017
Status: v20c164
This one is a hard one to judge. At first I was like cool the story is quite well written, this isn't so bad. But then:

... more>>

Rape happened and then she fell in love with him but whatever it was well integrated into the storyso I got over it. But then her father abducts her nd keeps her away from the MC, still ok, then he figures out that the small tiger that was with him for over 3 years is also a love interest and they get together too, wait what? Still, they were together for 3 years so I guess it's fine? Then she gets chased by her father's men again keeping her apart from the MC... WTF seriously WTF! Now we are at the third love interest and the author isnt even trying anymore, they were together for like a month and the girl fell in love.... WTF author! I know that romance is necessary for these novels, but this is clearly going overboard, why did she fall in love with him for no reason, at least the other ones were with him for years or were saved by him before they did so which is still tolerable but this third sister has no reason to do so, none whatsoever, she even tries to sacrifice her own life for him u wot m8.


Anyways, the story I like, although it is full of repeated information, it is still tolerable compared to some other novels. What annoys me most in the story is the way the author handles romance and female behaviour. <<less
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Dark_Messiah rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
September 22, 2016
Status: c146
This story is 90% about alchemy, if you came here for a warlock in a magic world, than turn back.

In the first 40-50 chapters of the story the story is about the MC traveling to the academy and he doesn't know much magic at the time. After that, the story focuses on alchemy, with barely any magic or combat.

The descriptions about the mc's improvement in magic are extremely short especially compared to alchemy. Combat usually lasts 1-2 chapters, with around 20-30 chapters of alchemy inbetween.

The AI chip is a cool... more>> concept, but the MC is overreliant on it.

Also the author's naming sense is horrible, why add real world place names into a fantasy novel, it is extremely distracting.

Conclusion: the title is misleading, and the story is EXTREMELY slow paced, with shallow combat and shallow improvement of the MC. 2 stars because of AI chip which was actually something new and interesting. <<less
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Dark_Messiah rated it
Against the Gods
January 1, 2017
Status: c529
+Interesing story, powerful MC, and good pacing.

-Old love interests barely mentioned after a while, too many "love" interests for no reason even though MC keeps saying that the only true love he will ever have is the girl from his previous life, MC is way too lucky and has way too many oppurtunities for no reason, stupid decisions done away with ridiculous actions even though the MC is "clever", stupid enemies.

Originally, I wanted to give it 2 stars, but this novel's stupidity is actually amusing to some level which makes... more>> it worth reading, so i'll give it 3 stars. <<less
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Dark_Messiah rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
December 4, 2017
Status: afterword
I have mixed feelings about this novel. So this novel can be split into 2 parts. Before and after the war.

So, let's start with the first part, before the war. This is the best part of the novel. The story is great, the sructure of said story is great, the plot is followed, and Meng Hao makes steady progress in his cultivation.

Now for the second part, after the war. I was seriously tempted to rate the novel as 1 star after reading through this until the end, and here is... more>> why. Meng Hao's cultivation gets screwed over, along with steady progression. Plots get anandoned leading to never finished plotholes (wooden time swords, mirror background etc.). Author starts utilising time skips far more then before. All the well estabilished characters just get forgotten for countless chapters, then they either get killed off at the end only to be reincanated and forgotten or leave to parts unknown long before that. The story feels rushed as if the author had enough and just wanted to rush to the end. And the ending... whooo boy... he actually ended the whole thing on a cliffhanger...

In the end after calming myself i'll give this 3 stars, because the part that was good was bigger then the part that wasn't. <<less
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Dark_Messiah rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
June 28, 2017
Status: c197
This novel is good, but it also has large (ish) issues...

The first part of the novel was quite interesting but was constantly interrupted by annoying flashbacks that they could've integrated and compressed better.

After that is the second part of the story which is the journey...

... more>> Now, this was kind of boring and drawn out but it had it's moments, however...

In the third part, after they've arrived, at first it is interesting to see how he deals with things, but as the story progresses it becomes kind of repetative...

Now, it isn't bad, its just really boring because there are whole chapters dedicated to dialogue.

As in chapters that have nothing else but 100% dialogue and because of this, the story pretty much slowed to a crawl, not to mention that the MC has seemingly no ambitions at all other than to develop his territory, which, coupled with the dialogue chapters makes this 3rd part rather bland and boring.

I'm giving it 3 stars because when the MC isn't talking the whole chapter and there is action it is actually quite good. <<less
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Op MC that is always good, he is also not an idiot, which is also good, he's lazy, and there is no problem with that either, however, he should go out more, show us the world!

3 stars, to be honest, is should be 3.5 stars but can't do that. Anyways, a solid average novel, it doesn't do anything wrong, but it also doesn't have any strong points other than dragons :). It is what you would expect from a novel where the MC rarely leaves his house.
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Dark_Messiah rated it
Devouring The Heavens
July 14, 2017
Status: c45
This is a weird one. The story isn't bad. The main problem this novel has is that it progresses way too fast, at least up to ch 45 where I'm currently at. He jumped what 2 entire realms of cultivation in 45 chapters? The story also suffers from the same problems too, he just joined a school spent like 1 day in the city the school is located at, not even in the school yet and he has already been recruited into a sect... just what...

I never would've thought i'd... more>> complain about a novel progressing too fast, but I guess there is always a first time for everything. I usually complain about a novel being too slow.

Also the author isn't very good at conveying emotions... he describes what a character feels yet the way they act after said description completely undermines the conveyed feelings. <<less
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