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DarkPresent rated it
Show Me the Money
August 23, 2018
Status: c65
When reading description of this novel I thought that MC would be someone smart, cunning, shameless, fixated on earning money. Author is trying to make character look smart but in my opinion it is just not working. Somehow the whole world is doing everything it can to help MC for no reason at all.

Imagine negotiating with "intelligent" NPCs.

Here it looks like this:

... more>> MC-"Hey man, the reward you want to give is too low. Give me 10 times more gold and also teach me alchemy"


At least try to make it believable, first we have description how NPCs are so smart and lifelike and next moment they proceed to give freebies to MC for no reason at all, he gets everything he asks for.

Another strange thing- why bother with whole "LEVEL" concept if it turns out meaningless? Author clearly never played any mmorpg, propably any game at all... There are stats, levels and each level difference is supposed to make it harder to kill enemy and yet MC easily smashes enemies with triple of his level. Cmon, difference in stats between them would make him hit it for 1 dmg and enemy would have like 10 000hp... If levels and stats are meaningless then why introduce them at all? Just say that all this vrmmorpg takes into account is skill of players and nothing else matter. <<less
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DarkPresent rated it
MMORPG: Martial Gamer
March 12, 2018
Status: --
Don't let all those 5* reviews mislead you... This novel is decent only if you are willing to turn off your brain while reading it. The MC is way too OP and he became like that with 0 effort in the game part. I have no idea how are they ever gonna give him troubles. Throw him 1 v 100 enemies? Tell him to slaughter whole city alone?

You want some examples? Sure, here we go, from memory, so can be not 100% accurate.

... more>>

-MC starts the game 2-3 days after it was already released, meaning other ppl had 2-3 days of a headstart compared to him and yet he is somehow the first ever person to finish "beginner village" and trigger update of the game. So at this point you look at this and are like- heh, MC is so godly OP, there is no way in hell that other ppl can catch up to him.

-MC is soloing boss that is more than twice of his level (MC was around level 12-13, boss was said to be above level 40, since he dropped level 40 sword). He does it effortlessly... He levels up by grinding mobs that are also near 10 levels higher than him, narrator keep on describing how noone else is able to do that. We get it even more now, our MC is godlike character that cant be ever compared to other players.

-Now the best part! MC joins a guild, sure, why not? And in that guild there are magically a bunch of ppl who are lvl 14, while our godly MC is only lvl 15 himself. How? How is it possible for them to be so high level if our MC was first ever person to reach lvl 10 and he keeps on grinding on mobs and bosses that are impossible to kill for anyone else? How is this supposed to be logical? Those people are also nowhere near as skilled as MC so how they got to this levels so fast?

So... If you want to read this turn off your thinking. Godly MC is soloing bosses way more than twice his level and I bet he will keep on doing this while a bunch of "normal" (highly skilled but not "godly") players will be somehow able to keep their leveling speed near his.


EDIT:Another one of strange things- MC plays the game to earn money coz he wants to help his wife (they both are living off her earnings only- basically MC is a martial arts neet incapable of normal work) and yet he gives out for free few items and skillboks that would be worth quite a bit (he saved few grills ingame and killed a boss, gives them drops coz he is a nice guy, reject when said girls wanted to pay for items). How can it happen if his main motivation is being able to help his wife and share her burdens?

TL;DR This is the biggest issue, if you create "godly" MC you need to create a bunch of godly side characters (his friends and enemies), otherwise it is just dumb how normal people are able to keep up with a god. <<less
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DarkPresent rated it
Shadow Hack
March 13, 2018
Status: c170
At first it wasn't even THAT bad, only somewhat average, but with time annoying things kept on pilling up.

... more>>

MC is making decisions without any planning ahead. He kept on telling how he must keep his powers hidden till he is sufficiently strong and yet few chapters later goes ahead and becomes known to the whole world as one of the strongest fluxers ever. There was no real reason for that, just because he wanted to get some items...

The most annoying things happened in few last chapters. MC pulled out of nowhere ultrastrong artifact that saves the day- sure, why not you may ask? Yes, having it is not the problem, problem is the fact that it appears out of nowhere, 0 foreshadowing or explaining before that that our hero have ever done anything to get that item. It just appears and then author proceeds to explain how MC acquired it one night earlier.


I hate stuff like that, to me it looks like lousy writing and planning. If he acquired item earlier then we should have description, or even a small note that MC went somewhere to do smthg, not have item appear out of thin air later on. <<less
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DarkPresent rated it
The Ring That Defies The Heavens
March 10, 2019
Status: c59
I love VR MMORPG novels but even then this is just too much for me. Game design does not make any sense- it would loose all players few days after release, plot holes everywhere and worse of all protagonist have everything handed to him without ANY hard work or actual talent/skill. He just becomes op entirely due to plot armor. In other novels I tried at least there was something that MC was doing differently than other characters, he was either having different approach to quests and tried to befriend... more>> NPCs, was working harder than other players, had some original ideas to use his skills differently etc. Here we have nothing, MC is strongest player ever coz author said so, no other reason. <<less
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DarkPresent rated it
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
February 6, 2019
Status: c218
So far it is average wuxia novel- typical cliche plot, lots of arrogant young masters, slapping faces, IQ of villains averaging 2 at most, MC IQ around 10 but since everyone else is at 2 he is smartest person out there. Plot armor saving MC even when he makes terribly decisions that are later exposing him to otherwise avoidable danger.

It's not terrible, not bad but at the same time not great or even good, just average. I think it deserves 2.5-3/5
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DarkPresent rated it
Talisman Emperor
November 10, 2018
Status: c600
It's not a terrible story, just average I guess? Main problem for me is in how it is written... Since it is translated on Wuxiaworld then I believe that translation is good, so only problem lies in author. Everything is way too overhyped, people are not surprised, they are "surprised to the extreme" or find something "extremely surprising".

It is same thing with everything else, random trash character B attacks MC, his attacks are described as peerlesly powerfull, capable of moving heaven and earth etc. etc.. Suuuuureeee.... So if random trash... more>> from that sect is so great and "extremely powerfull" then what about strongest disciple from that place? Strongest disciple from same place as trash character B is described using same words bcoz it is hard to "hype" him more than peerlesly powerfull. This sort of kills it for me, because you know, when everyone is "extremely powerfull" then it just simply means that they are all on the same level- so all of them end up ordinary.

Descriptions should wary from character to character, trash character B can be called "strong" and then there is nothing wrong with adding word "extremely" when writing about strength of his elder brother (when he is clearly few times stronger). Describing both of them in same way is just dumb writing and author trying to ramp up word count with empty words.

If it was possible I would rate it 2.5/5 stars, I believe it deserves that much, since half points are impossible I gave it 3 stars here. <<less
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DarkPresent rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
July 3, 2018
Status: c1100
At the begining I loved this novel and story. Characters seemed okay, MC had godly luck (like usual in such novels) but at least it we could see that he was working hard, it was not like bam, eaten phoenix egg and gained 20 powerlevels like in some cases.

Sadly it was becoming more and more repetitive with every chapter.

Can author at least try to use some other "troublemaking" troupes instead of 2:

-My sect brother insulted you for no reason, MC beat him up and then whole sect/family/clan/world is chasing MC... more>> (who is genius above geniuses rarely seen in gazillion of years) instead of ever trying to realise how op MC is and mediate the problem before it escalates beyond redemption

-My sect brother fancies your girls/lovers and obviously according to his bird brain as long as he kills you they will fall in love with him, there is no way the girls would hate him for that or commit suicide out of desperation...

At least half of the current enemies are made simply because how "otherwordly beautifull" MCs girls are and everyone thinks he is not worth them. Not a single person smart enough to actually ask concerned party (girls) if they love him. It was okay when it happened once, twice, three times, but after n'th time it just became boring. It's as if everyone in the universe is pursuing girls when they are supposed to be trying to get to the cultivation peak, strongest power ever etc. <<less
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