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I like the premise, but this is a seriously stupid protagonist, and stupid by extension, the author. How long does it take to figure out that something fantasy like is going on. He went through a magical door similar to the closet from Narnia and he's not immediately jumping to conclusions. He simply thinks it's some exotic feature of the house.

I can tell right away, this is one of those authors who fell ass backwards into a good idea but has absolutely no capability to pull it off. Imagine... more>> you wanna snoop through someone's medicine cabinet when you're in the bathroom. This is the sort of idiot who would leave the door open while he does it.

It wasn't until the protagonist started having awkward conversations with the nearby villagers that he started putting things together.

When he goes back to get more supplies, he actually says he's going to make a round trip from another country IN A SINGLE NIGHT.... Seriously stupid author... Just say you are going to your cart which you hid deeply in the woods. At least that sounds more reasonable.

When he finds out the village is suffering from malnutrition, he opts to buy them energy drinks instead of simply fruits and veggies. MORON.... He can't even bring himself to admit to the village that it's obviously malnutrition and that's why he can cure them so easily. They could probably cure it themselves if they simply broadened their food intake a little. <<less
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DarkD rated it
Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
July 26, 2016
Status: c189
This story is basically one of the few overpowered character fictions that while being terrible, are actually written just well enough to keep you reading. For once, there's no harem. So we can avoid those cliches. It's one of those fictions you can enjoy reading, but at the same time you know it's a horribly written mess. The biggest problem with this series is the sloppy translation. There's a lot of rambling nonsense that's very poorly communicated. A few of the problems I point out below may even be the... more>> translators fault. Translators, take notes. Don't be so freaking loyal to the author's original words. If something doesn't make sense, rewrite it in a way that does make sense. There is also a problem with the author trying to be mysterious and failing miserably. There was one part where the author intentionally excluded a part of the protagonists thought process. When Taboo reached level 10. I honestly thought I missed a chapter or something because of the weird ass way the story seemed to skip over information. It wasn't until 50 chapters later that I learned what happened. The protagonist is also stupidly adversarial. Rather than negotiating anything she simply stands firm in her beliefs no matter what. Even if it leads to a bloodbath that could have easily have been avoided. Imagine a messenger coming to a kingdom proclaiming a sincere desire for peace but the king just sits there wordlessly before finally saying "No, there must be a massacre."

As far as the plot goes I'd give it a 2/5. The power growth of the character is also marginally acceptable. She did sincerely work for her power which is more than a lot of these stupid overpowered novel protagonists do, but the skills she's offered are ridiculously unbalanced. The costs associated with them don't make any sense at all. For example, pride is a 100 point skill, wtf. As a comparison, all the other sin and virtue based skills cost thousands if not tens of thousands of points and many of them aren't as good. There are various facets to the skill system the author doesn't even explain. There are these weird ass notations in various skills that look like math formulas, but even after the protagonist understands them, they aren't explained to the reader. There are various skills that the author makes clear are incredible that the protagonist should have to save for their entire lives for, but through certain actions can be acquired easily. Just by healing a few people, the protagonist gains something like a hundred thousand points worth of skills. The world building and skill systems I'd give a 3/5

The overall format of the story is also somewhat laughable. 75% of the story is centered around the protagonist explaining his skills and then re-explaining his skills after they level up. Over and over again. These explanations often take up entire chapters or several chapters. Eventually, even the author becomes aware of how painful these explanations are, but instead of just toning them down, he cuts them out completely and then the protagonist just starts acquiring random skills. I'd give the style a 2/5. The character of the protagonist is basically a day dreaming introverted girl. Overall, I'd say the protagonist is bipolar with how she suddenly and inexplicably changes gears. One moment she'll be saving a town, another she'll be massacring both sides of a war because of some perceived slight. Once one of the gods showed up before her and they couldn't communicate at all. He wasn't hostile or anything, but another god came in to explain things to him. She didn't understand ANY of the conversation between the two, but after the meeting was over, she left with a deep hatred and grudge against this guy that she didn't even talk to. Side characters are never introduced in this story. People come and go, but they pretty much disappear right away. So there's pretty much nothing to say about them. In the end, we're drowned one-sidedly in the protagonists personality. I'm not sure how to rate the protagonist really. She has a personality, but a completely retarded one. 1/5

Overall, it's a subpar read. I only really read it because I like fantasy, non-human protagonists, and overpowered characters. So if anything, I'm actually biased in favor of liking it. 2/5 overall <<less
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It's a gimmick read. The plot and writing aren't terrible so if the gimmick sounds interesting, I suggest reading until you get bored.

If you want to know what's wrong with it, basically the writing is childish and the characters are cliche.

There's no depth to the writing at all. No subtle world building, no interesting narratives, it's got the gimmick and an ability to write English in complete sentences.

... more>> The characters are all pretty much harem cliches. The minor characters have no realism in them at all.

(spoiler ahead) one of the early antagonists is a leftover demon girl trying to continue the work of the deceased demon lord. However once the protagonist captures her, the village is "too kind to execute her" or give her any meaningful punishment at all. So she becomes a new member of the village under house arrest. I'm sorry but that's just unrealistic and chronically stupid. You just left a war with those people, and now an entire village of people are just "forgiving" her with house arrest? If you're 3 years old maybe that's how it works. <<less
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A perfect example of how a bad writer gets a lot of reads by having an interesting idea. I can accept that I want to read certain cliches from the asian market. Transported to another world, over powered characters, I'm fine with those. It's just the half assed writing that bugs me.

First of all, the character comes to the realization that he's in another world way too quickly. He basically wakes up, looks out the window, and he realizes that bizarre fact almost instantly. I don't know about you,... more>> but I'd think that I was kidnapped first. Or that maybe some neighbor installed something weird on his front lawn that I was just too sleepy to see first thing in the morning. Or that I was in another house very similar to my own.

Yup, the other reviewer nailed it. This author has a urination fetish.... As of chapter 4 I've read two instances.

I'd say this is definitely one of those gimmick series where you just have to ignore the plot and read until you're bored. There is no lasting appeal to this series. If it insterests you, it probably won't for long. Don't read this expecting character or plot. Pure Gimmick.

Even I can't help but criticize the characters. I try and put that out of my mind when reading trash, but this is just too horrible. Every character is a pushover. They get beaten back once and all of a sudden they're offering to make the protagonist their king... This is what killed it for me. I quit at chapter 6.... <<less
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DarkD rated it
Battle Through the Heavens
June 7, 2016
Status: c736
As of chapter 250

The story is pretty good, don't get me wrong. I read up to chapter 249. The plot works and is careful to tread around the "so OP it's just stupid" problem that so many fictions have. The story is something I would call a downhill slog. It starts out with a lot of promise, but the further you go into it, the more predictable and monotonous everything becomes.

The criticisms I have is mainly the over the top descriptions in the fiction. For every piece of information... more>> we have to read through five pieces of fluff information. Someone says something, then there's like five paragraphs describing every detail you never cared to know.

Secondly, the plotline around 200 becomes increasingly predictable. It's what caused me to stop reading. I just felt like I knew exactly what was going to happen. Reading something so predictable just felt incredibly tedious.

Aside from that, if you're looking for deep characters... The protagonists might be a little deep at first, but he becomes rather shallow after the first story arc. The other characters also trail off quickly. The author has various character archetypes he uses, and once you know them, you know it all.

Feminists might also dislike this book. The protagonist often makes vulgar threats about raping girls (which he never carries through with) to get what he wants from them. Beyond that is just standard stuff for the time period, but is rather heavily prominent (arranged marriages, prostitution). Also, the author has made the protagonist get intoxicated a couple of times at which point he does unintentionally r*pe some girls.

I know he's done this at least once, maybe twice.

The story format is also extremely repetitive. Protagonist goes somewhere to get training, runs into a group who rubs him the wrong way, spends the next several months slaughtering them. It's very entertaining the first few times, but gets a little repetitive later.

EDIT as of chapter 628

OMG the plot armor is thick in this one... The protagonist will regularly disappear on long training jouneys as is typical of wuxia novels, however, when he comes back, like clockwork, the current antagonist will make his move just as the protagonist finishes. Literally, everyone welcomes the protagonist back after not seeing him for two years then tells him how his brother is about to be killed tomorrow unless he goes and saves him....

That's not even the end of the plot armor. The protagonist will literally show up to defend his friends and family the second before a death blow is about to fall on them. I mean c'mon author, after 600 chapters, you still haven't figured out how predictable you've just made the series like this?

Spoiler warning, Xiao Yan will always show up at the last second and save the day. Just imagine the most cliche timing possible. There, I've just spoiled most of the series for you. End of spoiler.

I'm not even exaggerating. I just read a section where Xiao Yan shows up at the last second like three times withing a few chapters of eachother. OMG such cliche timing...

The BS luck is also very real. If the protagonist goes to the auction to get an incredient, he'll somehow BS his way into leaving with every valuable item he didn't even know he wanted.

I also feel the need to restate how drawn out the explanations of everything is. They literally dedicated a page to describe a scroll being opened.... I am not even exaggerating... I realize that wuxia novels often use a lot of adverbs to describe everything, but this isn't even that. It's just drawing out the scene from a paragraph to a page.

As of chapter 650 the pacing of the story has become overly fast. The main plot line seems to be the only thing being developed and the slow paced fun adventures seems to have halted. It seems obvious that the author wants to hurry the plot line at this point. It's sad because the main plotline is probably one of the worse aspects of the story being as predictable as it is.

Spoiler warning: Just assume that every bad guy will never back down until they're either crippled or dead. There, I've spoiled the other half of the story for you... End of spoiler.

There's also an incredible amount of term reuse. No matter who it is, what country they're from, everyone describes everything the same way. "Dog who's lost his home" "Completely lost his face". I don't care what culture it is, you go to any country in the real world and they'll describe things a hundred different ways depending on the person.

In most good stories, the characters get more interesting as the fiction goes on. In BTTH, they get worse.A guy who had an interesting personality at his introductions, usually loses any unique traits he has after a couple arcs. If a character is a good guy, they'll become more happy and jolly as the story goes on. If a character is a bad guy, he'll become more evil and plotting as the fiction goes on. Basically, they'll become more like generic good and bad guys the more they're used.

My end opinion of this novel is that you should read it until the uncountable flaws wear on you. This is an author who is INCREDIBLY consistent in his writing style. There is literally no improvement at all from one chapter to the next. In fact, I'd say the writing style devolves a little as it goes on.

As of chapter 730ish, the protagonist starts getting things too easily. and things start getting boring. There's no longer an "underdogs struggle" and instead becomes a "top dog negotiates with underdogs and gets everything he wants". This is a problem because the most interesting part of this series until now has always been the protagonists underdog struggle. That's gone now. I'd even call that 80% of my reason for reading this series until now.

Ugh, how many times does the author have to reintroduce Xiao Yan. Every chapter he spends like 3-4 paragraphs describing "Somewhere over the magical blah blah mountains, a black figure was blah blah blah" OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This is something an okay author would do once every book just to quickly reintroduce the protagonist a little. This author does it nearly EVERY CHAPTER...

The gloating from the bad guys is killing me... Every battle, it takes at least a chapter for the villain to finish gloating about how hopeless fighting them is going to be... You think reading my review is long? Well, this is about how long a villain in this series gloats for....

More bullsh*t timing. The protagonist learns a skill that has never in history been used before under an EXTREMELY harsh and SPECIFIC requirements and within 30 chapters he encounters a recipe that requires EXACTLY that specific skill to make use of. As a hypothetical comparison, imagine a skill that requires a person to have been a 5 time Olympic gold medalist while also being the worlds tallest man, and you only find the recipe a short time after becoming the first person in history to achieve that feat.

Consistency is also a problem. In the first couple hundred chapters, they made this certain tribe out to have only one or so dou huang and a huge amount of dou wang level combatants. But after a time skip there are dou huangs EVERYWHERE. They pop up one after the other now. <<less
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DarkD rated it
Dimensional Sovereign
January 16, 2017
Status: c95
Great concept. Honestly don't know what to compare it to. Maybe something like Shin Megami Tensei would be the closest. So the protagonist is one of many people with the power of Hwanmong "empty dream". This means that whenever he falls asleep, he's transported to an alternate version of earth where monsters roam. In Hwanmong, the world is like a game where the "sovereigns" are sorta like great generals. The more they conquer, manipulate, and recruit, the stronger they'll be both in Hwanmong and in real life. In the alternate... more>> world, all the buildings in the world turn into dungeons. The bigger the building, the stronger and more terrifying the dungeon. These dungeons can be bought in real life, or conquered in Hwanmong. If you conquer them, then you have to deal with the boss monster at the end of them. Skyscr*pers tend to have terrifying things like dragons at the end of them. The story is an "overpowered" "reaction shot" genre story. I'm fine with that, but a lot of people REALLY hate those. So reader beware. My problem with the series is that it's rushed. The protagonist advances through the ranks too damn fast. One chapter he's talking about the immense gap between him and the tycoon class sovereigns, the next he's kicking their asses and making them look like cheap hacks. Next he's talking about the unreachable divide between him and commanders, then he crosses like 90% of that gap in like 4 chapters.

Another example is the pacing of the missions. I have read up to chapter 94 now and only 17 missions have been completed by the protagonist at this point. There are 100 in total and there are 180 chapters in total. The fiction is finished, so that means in the next 90ish chapters, we're going to have about five times more missions completed than have been completed in the first 90 chapters.

Every chapter seems to go out of it's way to make the protagonist as ridiculously powerful. Enemies are reduced to having a quick introduction and a glossed over fight after which the protagonist gains a massive boost to his wealth and resources. In fact, I'd say that Dimensional Sovereign is quickly losing what made it so appealing in the first place. That's the link to the normal human world where all the technology and stuff is. It's quickly shifting into a straight fantasy series. <<less
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DarkD rated it
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
August 28, 2016
Status: c37
Good story, poorly translated, goes off topic and turns into a standard action series after about five chapters.

First of all, I love the crazy lich idea. My favorite part is when he's experimenting on people. Given that, it was to my immense disappointment that he only really experiments on anyone once and the whole story starts changing gears into a more standard action series after a few chapters.

The translation is utterly terrible. There are points where a paragraph is repeated. There are a multitude of times where the... more>> translation makes no sense given the context.

I don't know if it's the translators fault or the original authors, but the POV changes are schizophrenic and disorienting. There is basically no real indication on when we change POVs. Sometimes there are, but it's far more common for them to go completely unlabeled.

I would still recommend the series, only because I believe most people can just ignore the flaws. And dumping the most interesting part of a series is unfortunately common in light novels.... <<less
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DarkD rated it
Running Away From The Hero!
January 21, 2017
Status: c7
I've read the only other review with a lower than 5 stars rating and completely disagree with it. The protagonist, while weaker than everyone, overturns common logic and outsmarts them at every turn creating a hard working protagonist that overcomes adversity and a crippling handicap. He's not the strongest, but the weakest, capable of outplaying the strongest.

My criticism for this series is different. I believe that story is fine, my problem is the writing itself is rather amateurish.

I often lose track of who's talking in this series and... more>> it can really be annoying. The author doesn't know how to use dialog tags... You know "he said/she said". He just has dialog and we're supposed to guess who's talking.

My second criticism is about the changing perspectives. There are often times where the author will replay the same scene over and over again but from the perspective of different people. It gets really annoying when a long speech gets repeated over and over. <<less
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Everyone Else is a Returnee
January 8, 2017
Status: c124
A typical brains-off type of series. It's one of those fictions with ludicrous plots that make no sense at all with the purpose of glorifying the protagonist as much as possible.

For the first twenty or so chapters, you have to completely turn your brain off. This is "invisible dragon" level bad. For example, the protagonist reads every book in the world in something like a century and masters every martial art in another century.

I honestly think this series is based off of invisible dragon. Someone went "huh, that's... more>> a good idea, just clean up the spelling a little, give it a real plot, change the protagonist to a dragon-like invisible human and voila."

The concept is so bad the side character regularly comments how stupid it was. The author's own character regularly insults the beginning of his series....

After the world starts moving again and the plot finally starts, the series is good depending on how much you can turn your brain off and ignore everything that came before it.

Around chapter 120 the series starts losing what little charm it had. In chapter 124, I couldn't take anymore because the protagonist literally goes full chuunibyou. Basically, the author felt he hadn't made the power growth ridiculous enough and decided to double down with something so bad it feels like it belongs in the Invisible Dragon.

If you can put up with the opening chapters, which isn't that hard to do, you will probably enjoy the series for about the next hundred chapters. Then it'll slowly start a downward spiral.

Okay, I started reading this again. The trick is to turn your mind off as much as possible. I dropped it before because too much stupid happened at once and I couldn't go on. But after a years rest, I was able to turn my brain back off.

The first thing I noticed now is that everyone talks like a preteen. Everyone drops F bombs and calls people B****. Even emperors that are hundreds of years old.

The other reviews are definitely right. It's ludicrous how much experience Yu Ilhan gets from his unique exploits and he's only partway into third class. He causes world-wide extinction events killing thousands of fourth classes and that amounts to about 10 levels for him.... Can someone explain where all these fourth classes came from in the first place? How the hell does a normal person level up to that point? <<less
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DarkD rated it
Evolution Theory of the Hunter
May 16, 2017
Status: c63
So many cliches so many weird plot holes. It's not a bad read and it took me until chapter 63 before I cringe overloaded and dropped the series. The author is HORRIBLE at writing characters.

So, the story uses the Korean trend that's been going on lately of having the real world turn into a monster infested playground with hunters and dungeons. It's a pretty fun read, I just wish the execution wasn't so damn cliche. It's better than "Everyone Else is a Returnee" but worse than "Seoul Stations Necromancer".

So around... more>> chapter 58ish, some guy literally walks out of the bushes and says he wants to join the protagonists party because they seem trustworthy. They had no prior contact as far as I'm aware, but he came to this momentous conclusion instantly upon seeing the protagonist steal his kill.

The bad guys are ridiculously stupid. The type that don't know when to back down no matter what. Around chapter 59, the protagonist gathers up a group of thousands of hunters to charge a barricade manned by about 12 hunters. The 12 hunters have absolutely no reason to be confident in themselves and right to the very end, they continue to try and hold the barricade despite being given several outs.

Seriously, these bad guys, they will do the most cliche bad guy act imaginable EVERY TIME... The author is ridiculously consistent on this matter.

This protagonist is so two-dimensional and bland. Basically, imagine a protagonist that makes the right decision every time, has a harem of woman, doesn't realize they like him, has an encyclopedic knowledge of the world around him, and has a skill that basically makes him the center of the hunter world. Good protagonists are supposed to have FLAWS. That's what makes them good. Making the protagonist as flawless as possible is so bloody annoying. I cringe everytime he has a monologue....

I dropped this novel at chapter 63. Because around then is when the protagonist really started to heavily interact with other people again. This author SUCKS at characters and making an arc dedicated to creating cliche villains and explore a horrible two-dimensional protagonist is just about the worst decision the author could make.... <<less
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DarkD rated it
Against the Gods
June 20, 2016
Status: c356
The story isn't bad to start with, but what they did around chapter 350 was just too brutal, it's a problem that evolves as the story progresses. The biggest problem is that the protagonist is a dumbass. He will never back down from a fight, he will always respond to the other parties taunting. He will always make enemies with anyone who causes him even the smallest of slights. He basically wonders from town to town pissing off almost everyone in it. ... more>>

The protagonist is an ENORMOUS hipocrit too. At one point, he tearfully said to his dead wife that he wasn't going to seek revenge anymore.


The protagonists actions in the story can only be described as the most vengeful, spiteful, hateful p-o-s to ever walk the planet. There is intelligent merciless. Then there's just evil merciless. The protagonist is definitely the ladder. The chapter I stopped reading on, was the point where this merciless behavior reached critical mass. This is like, spare no man, woman, or child type of thing. Piss me off, I'll cut of your ears, gouge out your eyes, destroy your spine, break every bone in your body, then cut your thing off. That one actually happened fairly early in the series too, but I could live with that because it only happened to a genuine bad guy. <<less
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DarkD rated it
Only Sense Online (LN)
December 30, 2016
Status: v9c6
First of all, I'm fine with gender-bender. That's not what this review is about.

The reason I am giving this a lower score is because of the continuously degrading writing quality of the author who spends more time every volume dedicated to describing frivolous nonsense Yun does with other players. I'm referring to the tea parties of course. She spends entire chapters describing herself cooking sweets, preparing tea and then eating them with other people. Then the fluffy pets come out and they all describe how cute the pets are... more>> before once again describing everyone drinking more tea. Then they request some sweets to take home with them and spend at least half a page complimenting Yun on the quality of the sweets....

Originally, this series was about Yun, a gender-bent male turned female, succeeding with a skill selection that everyone thought of as useless. How Yun carved out a niche and started a successful shop with it. This part is interesting, but as the novel chugs forward, more and more of the novel becomes dedicated to long and descriptive sections about tea parties.... <<less
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DarkD rated it
She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan
December 24, 2018
Status: c22
The simple explanation for this book is about what the synopsis says. The human race grew to the point of becoming godlike beings, then became bored and went into seclusion, slowly dying off to the point that only one remained. Then she watches as the universe that once revolved around her species, evolves and develops now that the humans are gone.

However, a different synopsis that I think also applies is that this is an argument for atheism. The author pretty much demonstrates how people who can't explain something rationally, uses... more>> "god" to fill in the gaps to create a religion—much to the detriment of that species. <<less
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DarkD rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
June 10, 2017
Status: c1550
I would say this is a great author who rushed the hell out of this series. That shouldn't really come as a surprise though because this is a Chinese author and they pretty much consider anything less than a chapter a day to be slow.

The main reason I say it's rushed is because there are a lot of moments where the author builds up to something beautifully but then completely fails to write a good payoff. Good payoffs are basically those inspired moments in fiction that you literally have you... more>> stopping to admire how amazing they are.

Not to say this author doesn't ever have great payoffs, but he doesn't have them as much as he could. He has a lot of missed opportunities.

Overall though, the novel is beautifully written. Many of the characters are utterly charming and extremely fun.

The overarching story is also extremely interesting. However, the author is another chinese author obsessed with writing about characters with revenge fetishes. He will wonder the world looking for people to piss off and get revenge on. If you cross Meng Hao once, he'll kill you. In the world of a wuxia author, there's no such thing as "innocents". Men, woman, children. All must be tormented to death in a wuxia novel. It's like the author thought "this story won't be complete unless the protagonist tortures an innocent child to death to get revenge on their ancestors."

My biggest complaint is the author's obsession with that bad synopsis up above. I avoided this series for so long because it sounded so cheesy to me. And the author keeps repeating it like it's his favorite part. Maybe it sounds better in Chinese, but it sounds awful in English.

In fact, the title doesn't even make sense until the last couple hundred chapters of the story. In the first 3/4ths of the story, he does say he wants to seal the heavens but is never really clear on why. As far as I can tell, even the protagonist doesn't understand why he's so set on sealing the heavens. <<less
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DarkD rated it
Nidome no Yuusha
August 10, 2016
Status: c6
This is the story of a protagonist who figures out how dense he'd been acting before the start of the story. Then after dieing horribly he gets to start over from the beginning after declaring his deep desire for revenge. Thus begins the torture porn series Nidome no Yuusha. Follow our young protagonist as he takes on the hobby of burning peoples flesh off and laughing about it. Chopping people's limbs off and laughing about it. Etc etc. The overall writing isn't bad, but it's focus is far too on... more>> the grim side. I actually like anti-heroes, but this is a little extreme. <<less
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DarkD rated it
Emperor’s Domination
June 22, 2016
Status: c52
The opening chapter of the story is the most confusing, skimmed over nonsense I have ever read from a published novel. It completely glosses over information that I need to understand wtf is going on... Just in case, I actually reread it after finishing all 52 of the currently released chapters. I felt that it somewhat made sense now, but I still feel that there was an IMMENSE amount of confusing terminology used.

The reason why the first chapter felt so hard to swallow was because of all the weird... more>> terminology. This book is crazy with unexplained, weird chinese folklore. It only starts to make sense after you finish the first chapter, so if you wanna enjoy the book, you have to push yourself through it.

Even having finished all the released chapters, I still don't know what most of the terminology means. Anyone wanna tell me what the "heaven's will" is?

Problem two... Even after the story starts making sense. I HAVE NO CLUE HOW THAT SYNOPSIS UP TOP RELATES TO IT!!!! I've read every released chapter, and there isn't a single mention of a koi fish or bamboo thingy. That synopsis has NOTHING to do with this fiction. This is my synopsis.


Li Qi Yi was a crow enslaved to the heavenly demonic grotto for a million years before regaining his freedom. In that million years, he guided human development from the shadows to fight the heavenly demonic grotto. Now he tries to rise again as the unwanted disciple of a degraded sect. Having learned the countless secrets of the world, trained the most peerless experts, Li Qi Ye tries to rise again.

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DarkD rated it
Gate – Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri
February 27, 2018
Status: v8c8
I loved this story and don't care much for where they took it in the ladder half of the book.

It almost feels like they brought fantasy into the real world in this fiction. It was probably one of the most immersive fantasy experiences I've had. Not that it was particularly well-written, just the concept was so good that I could ignore all the flaws.

Spoiler alert. The problem then became that I wanted to keep the two worlds linked. I wanted the novel to show a stable portal between the two... more>> worlds. Instead in the ladder half they began showing the two worlds couldn't be joined forever because it would break the universe. End of spoiler.

As the story went on though, the series became less about showing off the the JSDF in the fantasy world and more about the politics going on behind the scenes. Long droning political scheming began and it just isn't what I wanted to read in this series. That kinda took away what made the story so immersive. So the first half I'd give a 4.5 but the ladder half is more like a 2.5 or a 3. <<less
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DarkD rated it
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
August 25, 2017
Status: c133
I feel like this novel is an incredible waste of a good idea. It's okay and fun to read, but I feel like it's the perfect storyline for hot-blooded speeches and self sacrifice. One piece style type of tragedy. But the author doesn't use it. It's just left as a rather generic OP MC story. One where the protagonist is interested in his sister rather than all these other girls... Sorry to say, but this author is great at making mediocre works which slides between being good and barely readable.

I... more>> would actually say it's better than the authors newer work, "Everyone Else is a Returnee" on almost every level. The protagonist is almost somewhat interesting at the start, there's no vomit worthy cringe moments, the name of the series doesn't suck, the power growth isn't ridiculous and is now somewhat normal. I actually have trouble believing that this was his earlier work.

There's actually nothing overtly wrong in this book, I just feel like the author wasted a good idea and I think the sis-con subplot was a bad idea.

The author has a nasty habbit of not telling us who's talking. There can be ten lines of dialogue between 6 people and none of them will be labelled. You just have to guess based on what the contents are. Considering the characters are extremely bland, it's not easy.

The series suffers from "The protagonist is always right syndrome". Where he basically makes declarative statements based on little to no evidence or explanation and everyone agrees with him. Basically, this novel has paper-thin character development and plot building. It started out okay, but after like 30 chapters it fell apart. <<less
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DarkD rated it
World of Cultivation
August 12, 2017
Status: c850
This novel is by no means bad. And if we're just talking about the first 60 chapters, I would give it a perfect 5/5. But apparently the author wanted to end the series really badly and started taking shortcuts to the end.

This novel suffers from the author getting lazy as the series goes on. I read up to chapter 850 this morning and went back and reread chapter 1... HOLY S*** the difference in detail is like night and day. It's like a restaurant that starts off using high... more>> quality ingredients and large portions than every day, skimping a little bit more until they're the same as all the other restaurants.

The author also stops developing several ideas as the story goes on. This story could have easily been a 2000 chapter behemoth, but the author got lazier and lazier and started cutting short ideas he'd had and rapidly starts developing the end of the series. He had all these detailed abilities he developed and almost all of them get cut short as we go to the end. Detailed abilities turn into a bland power level.

The first deterioration in quality happens around chapter 60. I've been rereading the earlier chapters and noticed I'm not seeing the excellent detail I used to see. The detailed training saga's where Zuo Mo makes small steps forward through stubborn determination drop a notch.

This gets significantly worse somewhere around chapter 600 I believe. The author builds up an upcoming confrontation with one of the major sects and when it actually happens, he summarizes the entire thing in a few sentences. No grand battle scene. No detailed fights. Literally, just a summary of the result. The author starts doing this regularly and it pisses me off so much.

They also completely abandon pretty much everything fun about the series as it goes on. In fact, the most interesting portions of the story are all things that the author abandons. By 850 where I am, the series is just desperately cutting it's flesh off in hopes of ending the series a little bit earlier.

One of the greatest parts of the series was watching the details of batallion warfare. The author would get really into it and have all these batallion tactics. Completely gone. All battles are now summarised by describing how well trained they are and weather they are winning or losing.

Comedy also used to be a massive part of the series. The author stopped trying and now all comedy is basically characters performing their trademark one-liners. <<less
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DarkD rated it
The Lazy Swordmaster
July 15, 2017
Status: c126
Blurb: After defeating the demon king, the protagonist accepts death. After reincarnating with his memories intact, he swears to live a lazy life free of adventure. That proves difficult when adventure finds him.

The main complaint everyone seems to have with this series is the way the protagonist displays his laziness. The protagonist has basically made it clear that everyone except his mother is a disposable tool to him and kill anyone who threatens his lazy lifestyle. He has literally said "should I kill her" in regards to his maid whom... more>> he revealed his sword skill to. The maid was completely innocent and he knowingly revealed his skill. So if this sort of personality bothers you, don't read the book.

That is the only major reason to drop the book and I honestly didn't even think about it until I read reviews on the matter.

What I noticed was the mediocre writing from the author. The pacing is a little off. Some parts are really interesting, some are really dull.

One writing habit that really annoys me lately is how the author handles conversations. Basically, imagine if I opened this review with, "And DarkD proceeded to thoroughly review the series. His points were accurate and fair. He reviewed it in such a way that it was hard to disagree with him." The author basically starts conversations like this. I don't know if he's always written like this, but I started noticing it recently and it's becoming kinda annoying.

Overall, it's a decently written OP protagonist story containing dragons, magic, power progression, and much more. <<less
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