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Dante777 rated it
Peerless Martial God 2
January 28, 2019
Status: c600
This is a crappy continuation that should have never been written. The domineering, ruthless and determined Ling Feng has been neutered and he became an indecisive bit*h creating his own problems. He has people trying to kill him and he just let's them go when he would not have hesitated to kill them in book 1. The author wants to try and make it seem like Lin Feng has grown but, all he has done is become a pu*sy who lets enemies live and they always come back to cause... more>> trouble.

The author eventually gets with the program and gets back to the usual Lin Feng for a bit but, he has a bad case of making too many of his enemies like cockroaches that always seem to find a way to survive. It's like the author has no other written ability other then to reuse the same sh*t over and over


At one point he simply let's one of his enemies live for no apparent reason when he could easily have had him killed by the Blood Emperor watching his back.
They sent a group to kidnap 2 of his wives and their newborns and setup an ambush to kill him. After killing most of them the son of the Heavenly Emperor arrives to kill him but, the Blood Emperor comes out to kill them instead however LF just let's them leave.
It makes zero sense other then to drag the story out and even the Blood Emperor doesn't agree. There was no threat from the Heavenly Emperor because at that point in the story the Blood Emperor was at peak strength which was equal or greater then the Heavenly Emperor who was severely injured from an earlier battle. Everyone knows this but, LF the cockroach creator just let's him leave instead of killing him.

Then once again that same son tries to kill Lin Feng when he's trying to secure the Chu family to his side. What does Ling Feng do? His opponent uses his so called sure kill move and after Lin Feng undergoes a breakthrough, instead of killing him in retaliation he simply lets him leave like a b*tch.

Later one of the cockroaches kidnaps his Grandson with the help of someone who was using the situation because he wanted to form an alliance with Ling Feng. He did not get involved with helping the cockroach and allowed Ling Feng and him to settle things on their own. So what does Ling Feng do? He abandons him and lets him live.

Over and over he has seen that there is always a way for someone to come back from being killed or abandoned and yet the idiot decided once again to leave his enemy alive.

After being resurrected you would think that he learned his lesson from the previous cockroach who orchestrated his death but, this author just ends up destroying a good character for a lame fan fiction. Over and over his past enemies come back to cause trouble and the idiot just keeps repeating the same mistakes.

This author ends up ruining part of the ending of book 1 for Huo Shi Yun and Mu Yun.

Book 1 ending for Huo Shi Yun:
"A thousand years, you're so silly." Lin Feng walked up to her and took her in his arms. Huo Shi Yun shivered. She had never felt so happy in her life. How painful, a thousand years of pain! At that moment, she finally felt happy, and she couldn't stop crying uncontrollably.

At the end of book 1 after searching for Lin Feng for 1000 years they are finally reunited But, apparently that meant nothing to LF as we never hear anything in book 2 about her.

Book 1 ending for Mu Yun:
"Mu Yun finished healing people and she sat down next to a tree. She looked nostalgic.

At that moment, someone brought a chair over to her and sat down next to Mu Yun. She turned her head and looked at him.

She didn't want to stay away from him, ever again.

Mu Yun had been in the tribe for a thousand years, she had never left even for one day. On that day, she finally left with a young man. Nobody blamed her. They just hoped she'd have a happy life."

Unfortunately, she doesn't get to be happy. This ending implies that she will finally be with LF however, after he takes her with him he apparently never accepts her.
We see her again when he returns to back to his home world were now she runs her own sect of healers. He is unconscious at the time but, she helps heal him and then asks for them not to tell him she helped.

So we're to believe he showed up to take her away after she waited 1000 years and after that he ditches her? C'mon now! That is not something LF would have done but, because that's how the new author wrote it, LF comes off looking like a dick. If he was not going to accept her then he never would have taken her away.

This novel even makes Lin Feng into a real dick. Over and over we have seen him come to the defense of female friends and/or loved ones whenever they are being forced into a relationship with someone they do not love and yet, here in Book 2 he basically manipulates/forces a girl to have to accept his friend as a potential partner because he doesn't want her chasing him.

This girl is the last Inheritor of an Ancient Dragon Sect and she originally chose LF as her future husband to help revitalize her sect. She does not try to pressure him because she knows he is trying to keep his distance so as to not get her hopes up as he already has many wives.

First he offers her help by introducing her to Some Dragon's he knows to help her with Recreating The Sect she is an inheritor for.

He tells her that she can have an alliance with his city so her Sect will have it's own region like all the Ancient sects that are coming out of hiding.

However, when his friend tells him he likes the girl and would like to pursue her LF ends up basically putting her in a position where she is forced to accept the feelings of his friend even though the one she cares about is LF.

When the time comes for her to Setup her Sect he tells her he will not form an alliance with her unless she can form another alliance with another Powerful Sect or City. He does this knowing that the only option for her is his friend who with LF's help, setup this little scheme to put pressure on the girl to accept his offer for an alliance. She does not want to accept because she knows this guy has feelings for her and she has feeling for LF but, LF knows that her creating her Sect is very important to her so He puts her in a situation where she has no choice but, to accept the alliance thus giving LF's friend the impression that she may accept him.

She ends up getting hurt by LF and tries to convince herself to move on but, at the end of the day LF comes off looking like an as*hole for manipulating her.

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Dante777 rated it
The Lord’s Empire
July 30, 2019
Status: 2500
This is a crappy novel no matter how you try to spin it. The logic of the author is simply ret*rded. The MC is simply a hypocritical POS! He goes around raping and stealing any woman he wants regardless of whether or not she is married then tries to act like what he is doing is right.

At one point in the story he forces 12 Light Priestess who were members of his empire to change their affiliation to a Dark God. They do not want to so because they have... more>> been dedicated to their faith since they were children and want to remain faithful. The MC tells them if they do not do so willingly he will force them into prostitution or force them to kill their family members if they do not do so. Some try to kill themselves and instead he ends doing to usual r*pe converting them to the Dark.

He is always saying how once someone is a member of his Empire they will live great lives and they will be his people but, in the end he just turns out to be a POS who will abuse his own people.

At another point in the story he sees some Tauren about to r*pe his brothers wife and he finds it disgusting so he intervenes and injures the Tauren only for him to go and r*pe the woman himself.

Ya, that's the type of ret*rded logic the author keeps putting out and he wants people to see the MC as the so called hero lol

He gets enraged over and over at the actions of his enemies when he himself is carrying out the same actions or even worse but, because it's the MC the author thinks people are s*upid enough to just turn a blind eye to the blatant hypocrisy!

For the first 600+ chapters its pretty obvious that the author is a virgin who has no idea what it's like to be with a woman. After that he just starts writing to live out his personal NTR Fantasies. It's the same damn plot over and over and the next 1000+ chapters after that. The only thing that changes is the location and names. Why Chinese idiots paid for this is beyond me.

Around 1300 Things go to sh*t and fast! The story then completely shifts away from the main story so that for over 300+ chapters the MC going can go Tribe from Tribe of different animal species yet, do the same damn thing every chapter. He arrives, taunts the leader, beats him and screws their wives/relatives. If you can name an animal then there was a chapter where the MC went to that animal tribe and raped it's women. What makes it even more hysterical is he gets enraged and disgusted when he sees some men and woman having an or*y and of course kills them and takes the women.

What's worse is that we get a repeat of the Exotic Beast Arc when he goes on the Spiritual God Arc for another 300+ chapters. He does the exact same thing over and over and over. You can literally just skip over 90% of the arc and you will not miss anything

I actually find myself wishing someone would kidnap and screw some of his wives to give him a little Karma

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Dante777 rated it
Strongest Abandoned Son
November 21, 2017
Status: c833
This book's author makes it very hard to remain interested in his book. Overall I like the world he built but, he makes repeated s*upid plot choices that make it hard to even keep reading. After this review I have decided to put this one hold and read something else and maybe my frustration with the authors horrible writing habits will go down enough to finish the book.

Someone hitting on or trying to steal one of the MC's wives, female family members or other female friends happens about every 20-30... more>> chapters (not an exaggeration). This same plot progression is regurgitated over and over and over (x500).

He writes the MC's wives into idiots. The MC tells them that he is leaving to go look for resources and he may even be gone years in the process and tells them to wait for him at the City they just spent hundreds of chapters working to build. This place was meant to be their home for their family to live in peace. So when the MC vanishes for 10 years what do the idiots do? The leave to look for the MC. Because the idiots left, after just 2 years the City they worked so hard on starts to be corrupted and slow taken over by their enemies. But, where were the MC's most trusted and powerful people who he left behind to protect the city? They went looking for the MC going through an array leading to a small world where many Hidden Sects are located.

What makes this all the more s*upid is that at the exact moment he returns from the Small word the group of idiots entered the array leading them in just as he went out. Oh and had the MC not returned at that exact moment the idiots would have all been killed because it was the MC returning that allowed them to survive the trip through the array.

But, the s*upidity continues later when the MC finally decides to go look for the idiots (his wives) and of course at just the moment he enters the array another random array pops up in the Small world and of course the idiots decide to go through to return to their Husband but, of course that would be to simple and the array ends up sending them to an even higher plane despite the fact that they supposedly already confirmed the array would lead them back home.

The best part of this book is the fact that it in-cooperates Modern Tech with the Cultivation world but, the author seems to have become bored with that and has now starting writing your average Cultivation LN. Tossing out the unique aspects of the book now that you got your readers on the line is simply bad writing.

After reading the spoiler below its good to see someone else felt where I was coming from.


This novel is very similar to another "modern setting" novel by the same author. In fact, a lot of the plot were borrowed, but less polished.

After "tricking" his users into liking this novel and get it on the shelves (where the author would be paid) the author changed the theme.

The MC will go to other plaines and the story will be changed into your average cultivation harem story. IE: there will be a lot of recycled plots in this order:

MC finds the entrance to another area/plain. Leaves everything behind and goes there. Finds himself extremely weak compared to the others in that area.
Strong opponent appears who is interested in MC's treasures and/or girls.
MC escapes is constantly in hiding and escaping.
He finds some treasures (usually in some auction) and resources, trains, levels up.
Immediately there will be some anonymous opponents which will be offed by MC.
MC defeats all his previous opponents. Opens up a store/city/clan and becomes the strongest.

A lot of text will be wasted on introducing new fantasy material and equipment.

Whereas the first few 100 chapters in modern setting there were some female leads who had some character (albleit annoyingly), they will be reduced to a few mentions. Newer female characters are introduced, but have flat personalities but will eventually be just another addition to the harem never to be evolved anymore.
There will be a lot of buildup, where new characters are on an adventure with the MC, but the author will soon abandon their roles in the story.

The author tries to fill up gaps by having the MC going back to the lower plains but the explanation rarely is satisfying and rather forced. Thumbsup for the attempts though.

The final third of the novel has some annoying time skips, where the MC will be injured/training/meditating/captive/on the run/creating stuff for decades and even centuries. I think the record is 1000 years, where he gets freed from an injury. The rest of the world just happens to remain the same for 1000 years. Nothing happens. All this enemies will just wait for 1000 years before they get into fight with MC's friends in order for the MC to come and save the day.

It becomes ridicilous when in the end he visits the lower plains where the author remention forgotten characters and attempts to explain the MC's past (and implicitly explains the novel's title). With al the timeskips, MC would have left earth for thousands of years. But when he goes back to earth, he'd still be able to go back to his own city...

The ending is rushed as the author apparently had some problems with the publisher.

Conclusion: nice try, try again harder next time.

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Dante777 rated it
Apotheosis – Ascension to Godhood
January 13, 2020
Status: c3445
Mediocre is the best review I can give this novel. It extremely predictable and the author has created a mess of a plot that becomes more and more boring as the story progresses.

If you want an example of crappy writing then this author is the one you want to read.

****If you want an example of crappy story telling just read below****

At one point in the story the a character is born in the MC's Internal World who is in fact the representation of the Hatred and resentment from the MC.... more>> This character named Evil God goes on a slaughter in the MC's world until he finally tries to kill the MC and fails. From here instead of killing him the the moron MC makes a deal with him that if he manages the Internal World for the MC he will release him into the real world in the future since he is limited in his growth by the MC's cultivation level.

Despite the fact that the Evil God's goal is to kill the MC he eventually lives up to his word and releases him but, does so in a way that the Evil God will remain tethered to the MC so he can never betray him. Eventually, they cross paths again when they are going to enter some restricted area. Of course the Evil God has found a way around being tethered to the MC and now wants to kill him again. He goes on a killing spree in the restricted area killing anyone he can get his hands on.

He takes one of the MC's love interest and leaves her on a massive pile of bodies that he killed to apparently provoke the MC. Instead of killing the MC's love interest he decides to leave her alive and unharmed because somehow were to believe that this is more of a provocation to the MC then to actually kill her. Yup, that's the bull sh*t logic this author wants us to believe.

Eventually the MC is able to defeat the Evil God and take him back into his Internal World. He is informed that the Evil God in fact makes the perfect material for the MC if he decides to create a Clone. However, the MC in his infinite wisdom decides that this would be to much of a waste so he eventually figures out how to create a Clone while leaving the Evil God's personality intact instead of having it wiped out the way a normal clone is created. Because this is totally smart, right?

He then decides to release the Evil God AGAIN and guess what he does next? That's right! He betrays the MC AGAIN and were just suppose to believe this bullsh*t is believable.

I recommend you read something else if your don't want to waste hours of your life reading this crap. <<less
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Dante777 rated it
Tranxending Vision
August 6, 2019
Status: c500
A Crappy Novel by an weak author. The MC in this book is an idiot and the whole "For China" BS got old fast! MC shows no balls and just keeps bending him over and letting the government screw him over. By Chapter 200 I was honestly thinking he should say "f*ck China" and just go work for the US!

The same damn plot is used over and over in this book. He gets dragged into something by a woman despite wanting nothing to do with the situation and he just... more>> goes along with it like an idiot. Every time it ends up leading to some love rival appearing and wanting to remove the MC through sabotaging his businesses or trying to kill him and his people. MC always ends up not doing a damn thing because the Government always has some BS excuse saying its not time yet due to the enemies connections. We then get a couple hundred chapters of the same crap over and over until they are taken down through the MC's risking his life and the Government just ends up being useless and takes all the credit and rewards.

He does this for China repeatedly and they always try and manipulate and take advantage of him to get what they want and they always use the same bullsh*t excuse of "It's for the Country"

What does the MC do? He complains and says to himself that he can't rely on or trust them but, he ends up just going along with them anytime they come to him. He is supposed to be just a tech advisior and instead they are sending him in war zones where he is almost killed and he just goes long with it like a little b*tch!

I wished the MC would just have the balls to tell them to f*ck off and sever ties with them

If you enjoy a pu*sy MC who just bends over and takes it from just about anyone then this is the novel for you

It's a waste of time to read. <<less
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Dante777 rated it
God and Devil World
February 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Great potential flushed down the drain!

This went from an amazing apocalyptic Litrpg novel and devolved into your basic cookie cutter Xianxia novel in the last 3rd of the book.

All the fun in the book went away when the author completely dropped the God and Devil system and the Litrpg elements. At this point it's obvious the author got stuck and decided to stop writing an apocalyptic litrpg book and switched over to a cultivation novel.

This completely wasted everything written up to that point a it felt like I was reading... more>> a different book. If he wanted to write another genre he should have started a new book instead of destroying an already successfully established story.

We spent so much of the book building up to some great final battle on Earth and in the end all the MC did was disappear from Earth for the last 3rd of the book to go on his cultivation journey then he suddenly returns to Bust out a Thanos snap that kills all his enemies and then the book just ends. This was a horribly lazy finish!

What's worse is that the author wants to continue this crap when it no longer has anything to do with with it's original premise.

P.S. Why is it that all LN authors seem to mysteriously contract health issues when they decide to go on a hiatus or when they try to make excuses for a badly received ending? <<less
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Dante777 rated it
Super God Gene
July 19, 2018
Status: c1450
I serious hate this MC and author. The author can't stop using the same damn sh*tty plot points by having him hide his identity over and over and over and then some? I have never seen an author play out the same bullsh*t over and over to the level this crappy author has. It was useful and amusing the first handful of times but, this is just getting f*****g ridiculous. Every 50 chapters is like the same crap over and over with him hiding things he has no reason to... more>> hide. They can get away with it early because the MC does not have the strength or influence so he has to be a little careful. However, it gets to the point where his power and influence are far beyond others and he still keeps hiding like a *****.
He runs into Beast and Spirits and he acts like a passive *****. Like before it was OK early but, it simply becomes annoying when the same crap happens over 100+ times late on in the book. On most occasions later on when he acts like a little pu**y there is simply no reason too but, the author is so used to writing him as such a coward that he just sticks to his guns.
Its so bad that even at the current point of the book the hiding identity troupe is so overplayed that it becomes annoying even when it actually makes sense for him to be cautious. To top it off it only gets worse later on when he even takes on the identity of some Prince who he killed and absorbed. It's so s*upid to think he could just pretend to be the prince and everyone would just go along with it even after he starts showing power and strength he never showed before. Great world building but, the author writes to MC into a pu**y to often to enjoy this. If he would stop using the same crappy plot point over and over then maybe the book would be more readable. At this point I just roll my eyes and skip over any crap having to do with him hiding his identity because that plot point has already been used to death even after 2200+ chapters. <<less
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Dante777 rated it
MMORPG: Martial Gamer
June 4, 2019
Status: c160
This might have the biggest idiot MC I have seen in any Novel. Do yourselves a favor and read something else. MC makes so many s*upid decisions that it makes it hard to read. This book is utter crap! The author seems to think that making the NPC's screw over the MC repeatedly is somehow funny but, in reality it's just s*upid because there is no way in hell anyone would ever play this game with how s*upid it is. This author has done a horrible job of building a... more>> world that is believable and fun. He should give up writing and work as a janitor for the rest of his life so we can avoid this utter crap! Do Not fall for the rating. The rating has been padded with numerous 5 star reviews all from the same person <<less
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Dante777 rated it
Legend of Ling Tian
June 11, 2020
Status: c3
Talk about an absolutely shitty start. 3 chapters in and I have lost all respect for the MC. He is betrayed by one of his sisters, gets crippled and then is setup to be used as a tool by another sister so she can take over after he kills everyone and gets revenge. He could have got his revenge by blowing them all to hell using a remote trigger but, for sh*t writings sake he has to be on site to die with everyone. So in the end he gets... more>> revenge on everyone but, the 2nd sister who used him as a tool to kill everyone just gets off completely free.

What was beyond s*upid was that the MC forgives the first sister who betrayed him and led to him being crippled an expelled from the family. When they are in the afterlife he is laughing and enjoying his revenge when we get some lame ass story about her feeling guilty for what she did. The MC does a 180 and completely forgoes his hate and wishes they can be brother and sister again in the next life so he can protect her....

Yup! That sh*t plot actually happened.

I could give a sh*t if she felt guilty. The only reason I would wish for her to be my sister in the next life would be so I could kill her all over again.

MC is also a hypocrite. He is enraged and wants his revenge because he feels wronged for what his family did to him. Yet, he feels no guilt whatsoever over the fact that he killed numerous innocents when he bombed his 1st sister wedding to get revenge. He tried to act like its their fault for being weak which is just s*upid because if that were the case then he has no justification for his revenge because he is weak and deserved what he got. <<less
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Dante777 rated it
Scholar’s Advanced Technological System
June 10, 2020
Status: --
Such a disappoint.

The time skip was absolute BS!

He promises to marry his fiance when he returns from Mars then goes to sleep for 100 years. Everyone he cares about is of course dead after 100 years and even his research Institute goes down hill.

From there the story goes in the crapper.
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Dante777 rated it
Peerless Battle Spirit
December 3, 2019
Status: c1500
Such a waste of damn time! Don't bother reading unless you are masochist who enjoys repetitive poorly written books..

If I saw the author on the street I would KHTFO just for wasting my time on such a shitty book.

This is one of the most repetitive novels you will run into in the genre. It reuses the same damn plot every arc. I wish I could say I was exaggerating but, this actually happens.

To top it off this has one of the absolute worst side characters ever created. The author seems... more>> to think having an annoying little b*itch running around calling herself a princess and stealing the MC's rewards is somehow funny.

Over and over throughout the book the MC will compete in some grand competition and get some great prize only for it to ALWAYS somehow get taken or destroyed by someone. We will have to sit through 50-75 chapters of some BS competitions which always end the EXACT same way, the MC will get his prize after winning and then the Crappy writing kicks in and MC loses his rewards. This happens at least once every arc.

This author sucks plain and simple. Its like he took every released novel he has read and decided to mash them together into his clusterf*ck of a novel.

I also hated the Translator over at Gravity Tales because its like every chapter he is going in there to write of weak justification for why its such a shitty novel. It's excuse after excuse trying to explain away s*upid decisions. How about you translate the book and leave your bias out of it altogether?

Save yourself the time and aggravation of subjecting yourself to this crappy attempt at a novel. <<less
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Dante777 rated it
Seoul Station’s Necromancer
June 3, 2020
Status: Completed
What a load of crap! I will have to come back later and edit this when I have time to rant over how crappy this novel turned out to be,
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