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Dan_Niel rated it
You’re My Glory
May 23, 2018
Status: c14
As expected of Gu Man's novels. It's very good. Its still ongoing so I can't say much but I like how the story is progressing right now. FL is the strong-headed but cute type. She is beautiful but does not have many talents so she supplements it with hard work. Meanwhile, ML is not the typical domineering I-want-to-conquer-the-world CEO. He is one who chooses dreams over money and power but later, social pressure comes biting him.

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Female lead has a crush on male lead during highschool but he rejected her. His reason was like: "I want someone who can strive together with me." Like accompany him to accomplish his grand dream.

ML is an awesome top student at that time. FL is not good at studying. ML got together with a top student during college.

Ironically, his gf broke up with him because he does not want to give up his dreams-- something related to aerospace, and gf does not support it.

Years later, FL became a famous actress while ML is thinking of giving up his job at aerospace. The job is awesome. They do amazing things like launching rockets but it is not for a realist. It has very low pay and he literally has no vacations. FL and ML meet again as he became her gaming coach.

ML feels weird because FL is the only one who thinks giving up his dream and resigning from the aerospace institution is a waste. All the others, including his ex-gf were goading him to accept high-paying jobs, which were more realistic. They were like: "You are the most outstanding in school but you waste your IQ in a difficult and low-paying job.

I like the lesson the novel gives to ML: The one who can accompany you to your journey might not be the one who is as outstanding as you, but the one who supports and believes in you.

Oh... The FL is similar to the ML in one aspect. FL also broke up with ex-bf because he wants her to retire being an actress. I quite like the second ML actually.

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