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Damshooter rated it
Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman
December 4, 2016
Status: c1
By reading the first chapter, you'll know whether this novel is to your taste or not. And it is your choice to continue reading subsequent chapters or give it up. However, even though I myself am not really a fan of drama and tragedy in a novel with romance genre (I love pure straight love with no love drama), this novel does seem interesting after reading the first chapter...

... Enjoy

I'll rate a 5 star because I don't know why there are 1 stars for this novel even though it's... more>> just the first chapter


Chapter 1 tells you almost everything you have to know about this novel. The subsequent chapters show how she overcomes them. Well, quite similar to many other romance/drama novels. This is all I know so far (Haven't read that far for this novel)

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