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Rebirth of a Supermodel
October 11, 2018
Status: c40
Look, I really wanted to like this novel. I'm a sucker for transmigration premises, where you'll have a kickass MC about to conquer the world (in this case, supermodel world). It may not be the best literary work out there, but I thought there'd be enough plot and content to keep me captivated, much like QWTFD.

But forty chapters in, I can't take it anymore. I'm not sure if the translations needed proofreading, but when you have sentences using THREE exclamation marks !!!, characters whose dialogue just breaks your brain, and... more>> dialogues that run along the lines of this:


Shen Xiang, "?"

Xi Ze replied to the puzzled Shen Xiang. "Since you have to divide the models in accordance to level and Ming Yu's level can't be judged, then... he is at the highest level."

Shen Xiang, "(⊙口⊙)!!!"

Ding Bo drinking water, "Cough cough cough... "

Acting as if he didn't notice his agent and the director of Muse's Pr department's aghast eyes, Xi Ze raised his right index finger to his lower lip, speaking as if he was embarrassed, "Temporarily set it to the highest level."

Shen Xiang, "!!!!"

What do you mean by temporary?

It seems like you are still very dissatisfied with the highest level!

Come out, say what you aren't satisfied with! I will let you know who is at the highest level!!!

(/"≡ _ ≡)/~┴┴


Are you kidding me? Inserting chat emoticons into a piece of literary work? Even worse, these are littered on almost every chapter, to the point where I'm starting to suspect the author is depending on this gimmick because she lacked the talent to pull off proper prose. Nevertheless, I gritted my teeth and pushed through, because it does have an interesting premise, and I am interested in the MC's journey, but no. I have had ENOUGH of the stupid emoticons that has no place in a NOVEL, and I regret ever reading this. <<less
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