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If you possessed the power to level up every time you walk, then what would the first thing you do?

Easy, go on a sprint! You would not only get healthy, but by the end of the day you would have increased in one multiple if you were to do the same thing everyday.

So, you run 4000 steps per day, which is probably double the average amount, do you that for 2 days, and you would be a total of level 12, 000.

... more>> Yes, that is the awesome power.

And you know what this stupid f**king protagonist does?


So, not only does he not use his magnificent ability, it's basically shown that the author literally went f**k all when they made it. It's a bed that can float, a teenager is perfectly alright with being molested, not to mention she also partakes in it.

And frankly, he has walked the least human amount of steps there f**king is.

I swear I got into one of the later chapters and he was level 200. He walked 200 f**king steps out of all of his!

And the most annoying thing of all... is the f**king title.

"I level up just by walking. In 10, 000 steps I'll be level 10, 000."

Why the f**k do you care about 10, 000?

In a year that would be f**king miniscule!

If we say a person walked 2000 steps in 365 days, we have 730, 000 levels in a year!

And you know what? 10, 000 is a little more than 1% of that total value and he cares about it?

For f**k sake, this guy must get his priorities right, he should run around for a year, then to molest girls if he wants.

The molesting isn't my problem, the f**king idiocy he has to his power is.

Well, it's short, but peace! <<less
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DahAnnaKushina rated it
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
June 12, 2016
Status: v6
I admit, I liked it... I really did like it...

Then it went f**k all.

Okay, first of all, there was a few reviews who are going to make the same point as I am...

... more>> Such as the one by Amplify, which states the first volume was pretty good and the rest was absolute sh*t.

I liked the first volume... I would rate it about... 4 stars if I were to be magnanimous, but yeah... the novel as a whole is utter sh*t, and if it can't stand together as a good novel, then it is rubbish.

Firstly, the character's attitude, I like it, the need for survival, but then again that's me on a daily basis, so that's probably why. It was after he discovered he was being left behind that he wanted to get revenge and kill everyone.

Which is why I like him. If it stayed like that the entire book, then I'll go with it, I would have rated the novel 3 stars!

But it f**king didn't.

He wants to survive more than anything... but doesn't want to be heartless.

Well, he talked about how everyone was naïve to think survival requires convention. Well, look who is being f**king naïve now!

That's not even past the first volume and the sh*t head is already contradicting himself!

Then comes the girls! Oh the f**king girls.

One is a vampire princess who he initially rejects because he didn't want to get involved with her. So... he let her join him.

Of course, I was alright with that as far as I saw it they had similar attitudes and were similar in power. It's like they were both just travelling for one reason.

Oh... wait... here comes the f**king therianthropic human who decides to be just the f**king ckuster f**k of tropes! So, this bunny girl suddenly is useless and insecure, and always required the others to help her as far as I'm concerned. Oh, she also has strong ass feelings for the protagonist.

Well, she's stereotypical, fell for the protagonist for some unearthly reason. And now has the other heroine be a stereotypical sh*t. What the f**k?

Now, remember naïve little protagonist? Oh, he suddenly is even more f**king naïve, have you seen how he acts? It's like watching twilight trying to act.

Well, as you can see... I'm on volume six. And I've covered some basic points.

Well, let me tell you one thing...

Utter. f**king. sh*t. Happens.

I'm not joking, the tropes only grow, the other side story for heroes is in some God-awful place where filler stories exist.

Ugh... I'm just so pissed off at how this book turned out, I thought I was thinking it was getting better, but I stopped.

At this point, if it even gets better, it's too late. The author should have made it better ages ago, and no diverted to some random sh*t. <<less
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Let me begin with a question:

You've died! Oh no, feel free to imagine your death however you wish. But, you realise you're in the world of a dating simulator where you are a prince who is school! What's your first course of action?

... more>> (1) You choose to embrace your royal blood and become a king, even a golden ruler. You resolve to work hard on your studies and aim to be a king that is not an idiot

(2) Screw it! I'm going to be who I want! I want to be a soldier, it's always interested me! Heck, even a scholar, after all since princes are apparently still relevant, you must be in the past! I shall become a legendary person who seeks knowledge!

(3) Oh... I guess since I'm here I must be obligated to do it. And even if there's options such as fame and fortune, I guess I should help out that one character I really liked! I must go against the game's logic and get married to the character I love!

Well, I'd you chose 1, congratulations, you're the people I find my rivals and have no respect for, but I still consider conversationalists who are fun to talk to, after all you aimed high, you shot for the skies! You chose to forge your name into history!

2, we probably wouldn't get along well Because I would consider you my enemy, as you would be in my way and I would have to end you. Being a medieval soldier sounds fun, I've always wanted to try it and being a scholar with your semi-omniscient knowledge would be hilarious!

If you chose 3, well... you're kind of a pessimistic and naïve little idiot... like the protagonist here. Do you think everyone has common sense and not think it's just a phrase to emphasise how people are inattentive. Do you think everyone marries for love? Awww... so innocent.

Well, I'm presenting to you... Deus ex machina man and his love story!

Oh, I apologise, I mean "I've appeared to have reincarnated as a love interest in an otome game"

Let me start, and I hated this for "My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending." There's no reason why they reincarnated into the game, they just ended up there! You're in a fantasy world, and there's not even an explanation why? Or how?

Well, that's me just nagging, I still have a few others which I haven't read yet, they might be interesting!

Do you know what's so lovely about this novel? The characters have no depth and are there to fuel the linear plot.

Angelica: The supposed Villainess with a sense similar to... Heroines. She scolds a guy for leaving their fiancée, because to her it's not just. She is shy and is quite submissive towards the protagonist? Oh, she also seems perfect for the protagonist who loves everything about her? Oh, this is just a happy ending, ain't it?

Robert: True, he's a god damn retard. I just think the author got lazy, I don't know if they did or if this was intended, but I personally think so. He's like the right-hand man of the Villainess, or bitch as she's commonly referred to. Here's all that Robert has done: Abandoned his fiancée, didn't like that angel girl scolded him, told the protagonist about it and blamed her for butting into none of business, got scolded by said protagonist, then later introduced the infamous bitch to the protagonist because she wanted to thank him.

Sure, they are programmed like that in the game... but Robert sounds like an average chap. If anything, I just see that Robert is just a guy who prefers another girl instead of a marriage tying him down and is an every man for themselves kind of guy.

I like him, but he's still a retard.

The protagonist, or Kyle. He's a naïve little sh*t. He thinks everyone gets married for love, can control himself quite well and appears to think he's better than everyone else. Going into detail would make this too long, Kyle is the kind of protagonist who is said to be strong somehow, but is really just like a seven year old who learnt a cheat online.

The bitch, or Michelle, is who I want to talk about. Why? I know nothing about her. She sucks as far as I'm told, but why or how, that's the mystery. Sure, she seduced a bunch of guys, but that's just in the eyes or mister protagonist. I have literally stopped reading because there's nothing for me to go on!

About that, the plot is too linear! It's a boy rejecting a love triangle and acting all Romeo on someone, that's the entire plot I can see. It just seems that every other character is a stock character who has no depth! Daniel for example is just a perfect butler, he has been a Deus Ex Machina for the prorat the entire time!

Oh, I should summarise....

-Main protagonist who is a strong believer in this thing called Love. And refuses to accept any form of reality which is dealing with the idea that he is really the naïve idiot. Who isn't taking advantage of his position.

-The Villainess was always the heroine apparently, as far as I'm concerned she went from not being cliche to being cliche. Not to mention she's perfect for the protagonist.

-Characters aside from the aforementioned two have no depth and are to me just lazy stock characters who are to fill a role to further a linear plot.

-The main protagonist has knowledge of how the entire future will play out, and yet he relies on Kyle's memories? They're irrelevant as far as I'm concerned, everything popping up seems to require his knowledge.

Well my first review and I wanted it to be good... but I could not ignore how bad this looked. <<less
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I am bored, and you know what I do when I'm bored? No, because that's a secret, but when that gets boring I go to writing reviews!

Anyways, welcome to... "Probably the worst brother for a Yandere sister." Since I'm not a fan of smut or even ecchi for that matter... this review is biased, so... what the f**k were you expecting? It's my review.

Firstly: "Oh God, an old man kissed me, he made undress and is s*xually harassing me and is attempting rape." So... clearly the logical solution is to... more>> murder the f**k face, which is what I would do. Then again, I'm not a woman. Well, since this is a Yandere sister in the making, it should happen! She said something along the lines of...

"I'm sacred that an old man will try to kiss me... I'm really sacred." Well, you're the victim of attempted rape, so that's kind of expected. Not really Yandere. "So, please make it so that you're my first kiss, I only want you."

There we go! A Yandere, I was starting to doubt the book, but it came right at me! So... afterwards...

"Hey brother, I will sleep in your bed, since you don't object because you're a horny teenager, I will then proceed to try and have s*x with you." Yandere at its finest, I admit the book is being blunt with the Yandere stuff, but... it literally just went from kid trying to fap, to sister attempted to get raped to kid beating up attempted rapist, then sister comes onto the brother too strongly.

What bothers me is that... the novel showed no indication that the rapist was drunk, yet I thought he had to be... I mean... the dude literally stood there and just became a f**king punching bag and got wrapped up as a Christmas present.

Then there's the mother, the hilarious one:

"Hey, the guy tried to rape you, but hey... I guess I'll get better taste in men." Well, she's the only source of humour I have in this. So, that's that. Not to mention the obvious cock-block. The mom is now the ideal comedian in this novel.

Then she proceeded to let her children f**k.

Now, what I'm frankly curious about is... well the obvious thing... where the hell did the mother go? I'm pretty sure it would be obvious to hear your own children going at it.

Everything else has a lot of explanation actually, the s*xual stuff, like ovulation and mensturation, that's true, how do I know? I study science! It's the first time I've come across a book with facts that are used correctly, who would know it would be f**king smut?

I know I hate smut and ecchi, and the other stuff just sounds f**king stupid to me... like why the f**king guy just stood there and let himself be wrapped like a f**king present.

So, I'm giving it one star, anyways.

I admit, the first three chapters were pretty funny, but we're boring as hell. Not to mention, the brother did everything the sister f**king said! I know she was nearly raped and you're a f**king horny teenager, and frankly I know why you were tempted. Heck, I'll give you a thumbs up for hitting that.

But, seriously, he looks too submissive for a Yandere... next thing we know we have another... there's an odd voice I'm hearing...


OH sh*t!

I f**king went there. Oh well, a Yuuki and Yuno pairing were hilarious anyways, it's like watching tom and jerry. Anyways, that's a wrap!

Ah, but just because I laughed from this, I'm putting it in my Bored stuff reading list.


Okay, so I decided to go back to my bored reading list to see what books were in there, and saw this.

After I came to the novel and saw the review by Kubi, who is right below mine...



I'm not going to read the novel, I frankly had my laughs and am done with it.

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I must admit, I was a little doubtful at first, but it turned out to be alright. Yes, I admit, it could have been better, way better, but as of now, it was still a pretty decent read.

Oh yeah, there will be spoilers, missus!

Firstly, I guess this is one of the books I've actually read which are about reincarnation that provides a reason to why the protagonist actually reincarnated!

"Unfortunately, the man who killed you is going to be reincarnated into another world as a child to become a really evil... more>> person. I need your help to stop him, and besides he did kill you, wanna get him back?"

For that, I will give you 1 star out of five.

Anyways, now what I enjoy is that this protagonist... like every single other f**k face in reincarnation-ville, is given a power (But aforementioned his actually has a good basis behind it).

No Fatigue, an interesting power.

He can run forever! He can stay up forever! He can do everything... just not live... forever!

And the author uses the idea perfectly, it's not such a thing like in the "Jobless" novel, where the Protagonist has to do less just to get the same results, oh no, it's quite the opposite.

Instead, it's along the lines of "You have to do the same amount, same thing as everyone else did to achieve the results you want, but instead you don't get overwhelmed."

He has been given the power of ETERNAL GRINDING!

I said it, he's a grinder in the world, and since he was a child he has been grinding. He even had to plead to his mother to be able to get skills so he can grind them... without misusing them of course.

How awesome does that sound? You're grinding constantly everyday.

Of course, this wouldn't be me if I didn't analyse the story in some way and make a reference to the characters being underdeveloped or something.

The characters were... decent. The protagonist isn't a hard-ass, who is acting all arrogant. He picks his moves carefully and even picks the moves which go along with his values as best as he can. A good protagonist, whose main focus is to solve the problem... not make a f**k ton of them.

What I do find interesting is that for the first major battle, the author shows the difference between non-stop grinding and someone who just trains.

The dwarf guy I believe, he has the ability to enchant and has better vitality, unlike the protagonist who just has no fatigue and telekinesis.

Because the protagonist has grinded to the extent that his abilities are top-notch, he is able to face against the dwarf on equal grounds. I suppose I should say something philosophical about potential, but f**k that!

Well, the parents... are suitable.

The mother likes the father who has multiple wives... I suppose anyone would find it weird unless you're used to polygamy families. However, this is for that world, and it's more of classical era thing. Because of how much prestige the father has, it's kinda obvious that he would have suitors.

Everyone else, I frankly find annoying. The maid is just a normal village girl, and while it's presented in her character, she does not seem to have any use whatsoever.

Melby, while she's there for reason and is basically like the heroine in all of this, she's kind of useless, I don't pay attention to her character for most of it.

So... all of this... accounts to 3 stars.

I've only given that once before.

-The protagonist isn't bad, he's quite interesting to watch actually.

-The characters aside from him do have some quirks, and most just seem to outlive their purpose, but I find them enjoyable somewhat.

-He has a reason for being reincarnated and it is the entire basis of the story! Even the goddess is apart of it and makes it an interesting read.

But... I shall give this the highest I have ever given...



-The actual idea of No Fatigue, is used quite astoundingly. There is a lot cut out in the case of what has actually happened, and you know why? Because no one wants to see a f**king child grinding. Do you want to see a repeat of him using Appraise again and again for the entire novel?

It's a book about someone who can grind forever, and that's what he's doing. It's a magic cheat where he gets everything. He has to work to get it, and the goddess gave him the ability to work forever!

Now, I'm repeating myself.

If this book becomes sh*t, I'm going to change what reading list it's it. <<less
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DahAnnaKushina rated it
The King of the Battlefield
July 5, 2016
Status: c25

Whoo! Review again!

I'm glad to say that this is in fact a novel I am enjoying.

... more>> I'll admit that it's a bit tedious and trope-filled with the fact that he's insanely overpowered, but then again that's probably my only problem with this.

First of all!

The protagonist is f**king awesome. He doesn't give a sh*t and will kill anyone who gets in his way, he is literally in a fight for survival. Of course, he was reborn and had his 40 years of experience to help him, which does in fact make him overpowered. But, the book emphasises that this is his advantage even if he has nothing.

I find it quite enthralling that a protagonist isn't using some weird cheat.

Secondly, the book isn't a "Oh, here's the protagonist, and now here's the other people and back to the protagonist!" It's consistent.

I frankly hate it when books need to make sure that you must know something completely different when it's completely f**king ages away from the protagonist.

In other words, it's immersive.

Thirdly, the book wastes no time, there seems to be no fillers, no actual random relationships which spark out of nowhere and no sh*ts which just throw everything off path. It is dynamic and as soon as you begin the first chapter, there's already fighting!

Fourthly! I've never used that before. The other characters are full of depth. Suzy for example, a weak little girl who you'd probably expect to die within the first chapter possesses a class that's rare! She is surviving on an ability that makes others care. The... guy whose name is too long for me to write, he's a leader who is struggling to maintain power.

Of course, there's a few more... who die.

Finally! Everything is all about a system and characters. If characters don't adapt to a system, they are going to die, those who do are also going to die because the system is about killing. The protagonist has had 40 years of experience and understands the system... almost thoroughly. And because of that he makes shrewd decisions and survives!

Well, it's short, but hey, it was a good one.

And you know what?

Five f**king stars, that's what! <<less
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DahAnnaKushina rated it
God of Music
July 25, 2016
Status: --
Hmmm... been a while since I've done a review, and all the ones I tried to do and didn't post were all whiny and immature...

Let's do an actual review of a book which is alright!

Now I sound like a childish TV show, which is mostly just repetitive indoctrination...

... more>> Well, whatever! This is... God of Music!

Now, I've purposely avoided doing reviews on the books such as "God of cooking" or "God of crime". Simply because they were just focusing on things such as... well cooking and being able to cheat.

Now this I found more unique, and here are a few things:

-The protagonist does die and get a second chance like all others, but this time it's different, as he doesn't have the gaming window, instead he has the idea of seeing different lights in either white or grey, of course the intensity of it is most definitely the concern as well, but the idea that it's more believable has gotten to me.

It's more believable because of synesthesia! The condition when senses are mixed together, in this case he can see sound. Now while this certainly won't explain the second chance part it's better than just gaining abilities at random.

-The protagonist has an issue, something which is close to him. Now, it may be odd, but consider it: When has a protagonist who has had nothing wrong with him in his life, ever been interesting? The answer is most likely no. He has a sister with a renal disease, and she constantly has to partake in dialysis to stay alive, and he's late to to work consistently because of it! It's the idea that the main protagonist has a weakness. Of course, at any point the disease may be a bit too much to handle, and add to the story if done right, but until then we have this.

-The perspective is quite a relief as it's not defelopong the strengths of the protagonist like in "I'm really a Superstar." Or "God of Cooking." He is in fact developing other characters, it's like the coach in "Ace the Diamond." He can see potential and personally knows beforehand if someone has made it big or not. I am frankly relieved that there's a perspective like this, however it may not suit everyone's taste, so give it a try and if you still don't like it... well, screw off.


Okay, so the chapters have decent lengths, and the translation quality, which I have never even considered before is good as well, and this book itself has quite the potential.

However... I'm pretty sure some form of plot armour will come in eventually, but if the book is written well, we'll see none!


Also, who else was expecting JooAh to completely rebel about KangYoon's new assignment?

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DahAnnaKushina rated it
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
June 8, 2016
Status: v2c24

I've got only read two otome game books so far, all the others haven't interested me whatsoever because their descriptions scream cliche. Anyways... here's an interesting one... "My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending."

I have pointed it out in my first ever review... the novel didn't cover how the main protagonist ended up in the body of another being inside a God damn game. Any explanation would've been some effort...

... more>> Then again, that's the nagging out of the way... let's get into the... novel.

I admit, that I thought at first: "Hey, if you're trapped in here and as far as youre concerned you only have death coming your way, completely avoid it." I still think that, the protagonist actively threw himself in the face of death as he knows the future.

Then as I went to read on... I found quite a few interesting things. It seems that the player character, or the protagonist's rival is clearly responsible for solving many of the problems in the future, and why Harold didn't take it on himself is far beyond me.

That is an annoying thing, the characters I've seen so far... just... don't argue. What I mean is that all the characters in the games willingly take on the role of that character and their said future. Why? Okay, I've only read two of these, so it's biased as far as I'm concerned, but they take on their roles as if it is their calling or something.

Well, I suppose that is what I think for the other otome game book, but this is somewhat different. I realised as I went deeper into it, the character of Harold is important to shaping the future, the author made it clear, if they don't then there's a worse future for them. So, they had to take it on and actively avoid death.

Well, the book opened doors quite late for me, because... I have gotten bored of it. I admit, the depth the characters had was astounding! All of them, even the butler (I believe) and his fiancée, whose names I wasn't bothered to know.

I suppose it was the butler who had a moral code which made him expose the protagonist's plan to the heroine, the fiancée had a strong moral code as well and was depressed after hearing what the protagonist did. For that, I applaud you author. But, the fiancée still annoys me, after all she is someone who is blatantly submissive and I would think she would be an emo if she was real. But, that's just my opinion, I'm sure someone likes submissive heroines...

Why I also enjoyed was the fact that because of his knowledge he had an advantage... yet even so he knew his decisions were quite dangerous due to that knowledge. The protagonist isn't a naïve pushover, he trains, he learns, he doesn't underestimate people, he acts so that he can survive.

I would marry him if the fiancée was willing to give him up.

I suppose that this is an otome game book I like, even if I read it a while ago and don't really care for any of the other things.

So... I shall summarise...

-Protagonist is a badass as far as I'm concerned, he thinks and makes decisions to his advantage, he is one I like.

-There's a few tropes in here, some of which I'm not fond of, I admit those annoyed me and I was ready to put the book down, and they are the sole reason I got bored.

-The plot isn't linear, it's not: "Get the girl" or "Kill the evil guy". It's more along the lines of "Hey, I know that I am important to shaping a future which sounds good, and I should do that for my benefit, but I also have to survive, wow this will be difficult."

Well, it became boring after a while and it threw me off.

So, I am bored of it. <<less
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