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Daemonwolf rated it
Age of Adepts
April 8, 2017
Status: c35
Yes Age of Adepts is inspired by WMW, much like how people said Ultimate Evolution was like Terror Infinity. But this does not make this any less awesome. The principle is initially the same but it quickly makes a right turn into its own path like Ultimate Evolution did. The MC is more of your average Joe than a selfish scientist Leylin is, because is AI chip was meant for the common public and he just haven't to be of the first batch to test it out. The... more>> AI op level starting out is nowhere near as broken as Leylins was, at least so far. The magic principles and types seem to be similar to WMW which I also like as this will probably help the author from going astray by screwing up the power system by trying to unique.

Overall I expect and hope this will be just as good as WMW as the UE was in comparison to Terror Infinity is. <<less
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