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Soaring the Heavens
January 31, 2017
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Ok. So because of the english version of it was so interesting, I went to binge read the raws and I was not disappointed. The cliffhangers at the very end of each chapter kept making me crave for more and I cannot stop myself from putting my phone down! I love this CN and it differs from the other xianxia novels in its own unique way.

The novel itself does not focus much on cultivation which is good. Not only that, the training montage was more well written than any... more>> other stories I have read. And although the MC himself is not strong in the beginning, he's quite clever, using his wits to get him out of difficult situations. He might seem like a pushover right now

but the times will eventually change him and he will no longer be the same guy we know. Experience changes people and the MC is a fine example of that. And nobody can denied that humans can be fickle and selfish at times.

Even though it is harem but the MC doesn't go around collecting every single girls he sees without rhyme or reason unlike other typical harem novels. And he doesn't throw himself at every girls he see either which is great.

Even all the other characters that appeared were not for show and had their own stories to tell. However, the story itself is probably one of the realest I have ever read. Things are very grim, coldblooded and heartless in the world the author created. Conversations exchanged between the characters are full of double-edge swords and hidden meanings. What differs from the usual cultivation novels is that the author had shone spotlights on the 'fights' between government officials as well.

All in all, I highly recommend this novel! <<less
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