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DaBlizz rated it
Isekai Cheat
August 8, 2017
Status: v3c1
To be clear, this novel (if can even be classified as one) has no relation to the manga of the same name. So don't even bother if you think you'll be able to read ahead in that story.

I have read this up to the latest update, and I still am wondering why I read past the fifth chapter. Most of the chapters are either a) lacking in details necessary for plot buildup, b) spreadsheet simulators, or c) the MC stating he did nothing important in the matter of one paragraph... more>> or less. All of which have very hard-to-follow, poorly thought-up dialogue (if it is present at all).

On the bright side, it was a fairly easy read if you solely take into account that it took me about thirty minutes to read two volumes including a bathroom break and getting food.

EDIT:: (After some searching I found the light novel linked to the manga, but it has no translations as of yet, so don't be too dejected) <<less
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DaBlizz rated it
Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles
December 3, 2017
Status: c77
Overall a very good read in my opinion, especially due to the high translation quality.

Pacing is done pretty well most of the time. There are parts of the novel that seem a bit rushed, but reading through the rest of the novel, the impact of the skips in time is low, and the story still flows very well. The progression from beginning to the latest chapters seems like it would be a bit quick, but reading through all of them, that thought disappears completely.

(for those of you noticing missing... more>> chapters [such as 76], those are chapters which are mostly WOT, character backgrounds, glossaries, etc., and can still be accessed on the translator's website with the prev/next chap. Buttons in adjacent chapters [and likely the TOC as well but haven't checked that yet].) <<less
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