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DMR rated it
Potatoes Are the Only Thing That’s Needed in This World!
November 7, 2018
Status: c18
What really brings this story down is the badly done slapstick.

Normally, the slapstick "abusive" situation have a proper basis. For instance, it makes fun a girl getting angry for seeing a boy read porn in front of them. That anger is transformed into a hit for slapstick. Basically, exaggerating either an emotion people can relate to or an action people can relate to into violence.

But for this, there is no basis. There is nothing to relate to when the MC is treated badly. And as such, even though it is... more>> not the author's intent, it makes the characters and side people look bad. It's just too mean spirited to be viewed as comedy.

It has no basis. It's just done with no proper reasoning. It has nothing to exaggerate.

And even after hearing about the MC's tragic back story, nobody cares and just lets it go through. There is no difference. The MC has no freedom of choice (even for comedy) and it's done by people he is not close with.

Like, if it was his brother or parent of really close friend/girlfriend that forced him, that would be one thing... but near random strangers??? Like... wtf???


If it were not for the badly done slapstick, this series would actually be funny and interesting.

In fact, if the girl that treats the MC bad was instead his wife that was tired of the MC's potato obsession and laziness, then her nagging and rage would make sense.

And for her retarded brother, if his troubling the MC was done more secretly instead rather than the clear bullying, then the girl getting mad at the MC would also make more sense and be funnier (cause then it would be her seeing the MC bully her mentally retarded brother) and it'd be a comic misunderstanding.

But those 2 simple changes could make all the difference. Because then, there would be a basis to follow the slapstick exaggerations towards the situation.

But... the author does not do that. There is no basis and it's just really bad and mean spirited. <<less
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Frankly, I just had to stop at chapter 28.... the main character is just too stupid for things to be enjoyable.

He doesn't get that the level of things is lower and he doesn't get that the value of items is higher... he's just too unbelievably dumb...

And there is no character development in this short time. Now, a story doesn't HAVE to have character development to be enjoyable... but if the MC starts out THIS stupid... then he needs quick character development....

If you want a fun story about an OP MC...... more>> this isn't for you... it's a badly written story about and OP MC and the entire story just has one freaking joke replayed over and over again... the MC not understanding anything...

Now, some people may still like this... but objectively... this is a badly written story... <<less
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DMR rated it
Because I’m a Weapon Shop Uncle
October 31, 2018
Status: v2c27
Honestly, I'm mixed... it felt like a Japanese slice of life style Isekai but then is evolving into the darker kind.

One advantage over the Chinese novels is that the characters often have more complexity and reasoning and they are built a bit better than the Chinese tropes that call themselves characters. I mean, these characters kinda fit tropes, but they aren't complete tropes.

But frankly, the story feel rapidly changes from a light hearted slice of life, to some dark depressing story about trying to bring the races together, though in... more>> many ways, it was obvious it'd go that route, but it still feels pretty bad.

It feels more like a Japanese Web Novel, and it starts off as those slice of life Isekai, into the darker dealing with racism Isekais (the Isekai genre itself is kinda broad if you think about it)...

This is kinda good, but also kinda... dull (?)... I feel mixed about this series. <<less
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Okay, for people complaining about him being OP... his OP-ness isn't a big part of the story. It's more of a slice of life kinda thing, not really a battle story or sh*t like that, so being OP doesn't ruin the story but helps give reason to ignore battle issues and stuff.

For slice of life stories and stuff, being OP isn't a problem.

That being said, this isn't a story about him being a black smith either, it's just his side job, so don't expect much there either.

Many people seem to... more>> have an aversion to over powered characters... but should note that it's what being OP does to the story that should really matter.

This isn't a drama either, so don't expect too much stuff like that. It's meant to be a cute fuzzy story wish set mini arcs that are their own little story.

If you are expecting a drama, this story isn't for you. If you are expecting a battle story, this isn't for you. And if you are bothered by a character being over powered even when it doesn't actually take anything from the story, then this isn't for you. <<less
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DMR rated it
Sovereign of the Three Realms
May 23, 2018
Status: c1356
This was a pretty good series as far as these Chinese Fantasy Web Novels go. It has the trope of stupid villains who are making enemies with people because they just can... and our MC just steam rolls people.

Hoped they can avoid the "girl is kidnapped and MC has to save her from family/clan" bs...

... more>>

They don't


But then, it just gets bad. The only real strong point of these series is that the MC gets justice for all the BS done to him and all, but...


He just lets off the people who kidnapped his mom, humiliated his father and threw out his brother. And he never once complains to his sh*tty sister. I mean, if her "master" was good to her, she'd have been good to her whole f***ing family. Where is the so called filial piety that's supposed to happen??? Why is it only used when the MC tries to get justice to protect sh*tty characters.

And maybe if the people instead felt real regret and stuff it wouldn't be a problem, but they don't do that either and try to act like that villainous woman was somehow good. And the MC even gives them priceless gifts.

It gives absolutely no resolve to the negative feelings the author gave us for so long. Over 1000 chapters of a single negative event and instead just feels empty. If, instead, it was something like the husband not willing to leave his family clan and them trying to keep them apart to protect her or something, I'd understand.

But to let go such cruel and evil people and act like they did nothing wrong???


This novel, not only does it stretch things out so long, not only does it have too many side plots that take away from the story, but then it adds way too many serious events that take too long and don't have a satisfying conclusion.

And sometimes, the villains have really dumb motivations.. and not the dumb "I'm a bla bla bla person who randomly attacks people, die and then my family tries to avenge me" dumb...

Instead, there is this guy from a dragon sect who expects our MC to just give up his PRICELESS dragon/friend... for some reason and decides that our MC is life and death enemies with him.


And lets not forget "status"... when our MC lacks status, everyone tries to bully him for it. But when he gets status... it's not really much better.

Honestly, I regret reading this series. It just leaves a really bad taste.

It has every flaw of other Chinese web novels, but it has even more because of how dumb (even by dumb enemy standards) some enemies are, and how little satisfaction it gives for punishing evil and horrible things done (which is pretty much the only good point of these novels and why they are even liked)....

And don't misunderstand and think that these are the only flaws... it's just that every other review seems to explain every other flaw.

This series is seriously not worth the read... you shouldn't waste your time... <<less
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