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Cyberxion rated it
Martial God Asura
June 4, 2017
Status: c1650
I have read this novel all the way to chapter 1650. This is not an uninformed review.

  1. The main character is total selfish rapist who doesn't use logic and does his own thing saying that whatever he believes to be right, is the only possible option.
  2. Every arc is the exact same in a different setting with different faces. 1) starts at the bottom as weaker than everyone. 2) offends someone way stronger than him by being a d*ck. 3) gets saved by random old person he impressed. 4) gets stronger by some cheat. 5) bangs the local beauty. 6) kills whoever pisses him off, moves on.
  3. Novel has no suspense as there is always some random old guy to come out of no where and save MC
  4. No character development for any character, and for all of these people being hundreds of years old and wise, they act the same as the spoiled brats of rich families. The girls in his harem are all s*x dolls who only care about if the MC has looked in their general direction.
  5. THE BIGGEST issue I have with this novel is that it can have up to 2 1/2 chapters OF JUST REACTIONS. Like, the MC does something strong and scary. "Person 1 was scared, not just scared, but really scared, so scared he wet his pants. he was more scared than he had ever been. it was scary. the MC scared him.
    Person 2 was scared, not just scared but really scared, so scared he wet his pants. he was more scared than he had ever been. it was scary. the MC scared him. Person 3..." for 2 CHAPTERS. When you can skip chapters of a novel at a time and not miss anything, it has reached a whole new level of filler.
The translator does a wonderful job, and there are very few typos. It is... more>> high quality and with a good English flow. But a translator is not an author and he can't make the story better. Avoid more than the first 100 chapters of this one unless you want another 2.8k chapters of filler. <<less
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Cyberxion rated it
The Strongest System
October 28, 2017
Status: c373
This novel is freaking hilarious. It has a great mix of comedy types (shamelessness, highbrow, lowbrow, ridiculous situations). This is not a "fight against hard enemies and barely survive but level up last minute and win" type of novel. From the get-go, the MC is way too OP. He doesn't really have any challenges (except for one instance), and he probably won't have too many in the future. What makes this novel great is how the MC deals with his level of OP in crazy ways that are just way... more>> too funny. There is a small portion where it tries to turn the novel serious, but it passes by quickly and I thought it was a nice break so I could take a breath from laughing so hard (binge read up to c. 120 in 1 go). THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS NOVEL, if you know that, it is one of the best out there at the moment.

edit chapter 121: the MC is the perfect mix of a total idiot and a lucky genius. It is one of the few MCs who gets away with not optimizing his skillset, his choices, or his companions. You just expect him to make terrible decisions, rationalize them, and then use his OP-ness to cover it all up in a totally unexpected/shameless way. The MC's character matches his choices, and it makes for great reading that sucks you in and makes you want another laugh.

Edit Chapter 373: This novel has been using the same troupe over and over again (MC saves party in need last minute) for most of the past few chapters. Normally, I would have a big problem with this and rage at the story being only filler. But the thing is, every time he comes to the rescue, something totally ridiculous happens.

From shooting down a god with a giant OP dildo, to using custom Viagra (Biggra) to make the lightning striking him "run out of juice", to dressing up Chicky in an inflatable T-rex costume.

And it is freaking hilarious. I am not reading for the plot. I am reading for the sheer hilarity of the MC's antics and the Authors creative situations. <<less
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