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Nuptial Chamber Next Door
June 11, 2018
Status: c6
I created an account just to review this trash. The story is typical, the translation so-so, unedited and clumsy. But translator is very inspired to do this and as a reader I can only be grateful for her sharing her translations.

But that doesn't stop you from reading. What truly makes this trash is authors extremely obvious racists and nationalists comments in the story. First half story takes place in time skip to japan. But Everything Chinese is superior. Author never misses an opportunity to diss Japanese genes, cuisine or other... more>> nationalities. When the heroine gets lost it's the fault of the *indian* who drew her an inaccurate map. When hero gets sick for a week it's due to eating sushi (btw heroine totally disgusted first time she try sushi of course!) I could overlook all until that the worst part came. Heroine gets angry at ML for helping a Japanese kid. Here's an excerpt. U can judge by yourself.


Is your brain fried? Are you a fool to be playing a hero in Japan? In order to save a child, you don't even value your own life? When these Japanese devils were massacring Nanjing, they did not even blink! And you are saving their child? Since when have you become their national hero? Arent you worried that thousands of Chinese will spit on your grave?"

(T/L – Apologies. This is the original text. Translator has no opinion)

Ye Zhengchen was shocked!

" I also regretted after I rescued the child, but at that time, it was an instinctive reaction. I didn't have time to think."


such trash for pig minded people. Why translate this sort of thing ?! Why blame an innocent child for fking history that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual situation. MC bit*h why are you even in Japan!? <<less
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This novel is based on double cheese burger chinese novel gendre : transmigrator double rebirth cultivator mumbo jumbo harry potter magic tricks mic mac.

so this modern coca cola fan woman transmigrated during a stupid accident dies once, dies twice and this story is about her third chance to live. To sum it up : The adventures of a cockroach.

... more>> 20 year old into the body of 7 year old. the wet dream of every pedophile. and the author seems a big greasy pedophile hidden under a cuddly bear disguise.

The plot and story are good but premises of this novel if you don't open your eyes and mind, things are pretty disturbing.

The beginning of novel : it's all about child grooming. if you don't know what child grooming is : Grooming is when someone builds an emotional connection with a child to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or trafficking.

although MC 's finally objective is not to jump the other 6 year old kid, everything the author writes about these children gives me nausea. Author is constantly drooling over seductive children beauty, tender white flesh and even gives the 6 year ML sexual awareness and physical attraction to the 7 year old MC. it only gets worse from here. 9 year old ML is drugged with aphrodisiac (yep child sexualisation guys) by a horny maidservant. Lusty 9 year old ML he starts to fantasise about his blood sister MC.


text quote#Last night, when a maidservant drugged him with aphrodisiac, he immediately shut himself in the palace, but his mind was filled with his sister's figure.

... Her sweet smile, her melancholic expression, her carefree manners, all these things blurred in his mind... and... when she practiced martial arts, her sleeve swept aside to reveal her white skin. When they fought closely, his eyes were drawn to her bright red lips... Gong Jue felt himself going crazy, so he spent the entire night immersed in cold water.


and what does 20 year old MC bit*h in a 10 year old body advise the 9 year old boy ?


"The maiden was already lying naked on your bed, why didn't you just vent on her! In the future if you encounter such a situation again, how can you torment yourself?"


the MC is white female lotus burger with Mary Sue cheese and topped with mayonnaise sauce cheat in her arm (space in which she carries sh*t from previous two lives modern life and ancient china life and this randomly draws out modern objects and pulls out rare pills from her ass, I mean spass, uh I mean space.

Every male is harem type generic and ofc right when she hasnt even started menstruating yet but everyone finds her so attractive and fall in obsessive fascination for MC . BTW the ML is cold (yandere to be) type, the prince gentle brother type, and the other little marquis/duke is wild fiery type. where's shota? GURLS it's over 30 chapters and we are still stuck in kindergarteners playing adult games. they are all OP shotas atm.

MC can be considered to be likeable [or else author won't sell her crap) but overly cheesy and inconsistent. And her rebirth purpose is obscure, because she doesn't want revenge, just goes about being white lotus mary sue eating and cultivating and groping children (for sleazy authors satisfaction) .
MC real title should be Latrine Princess, because despite the dark previous life between her and her murderer, her first accomplishment is not some smart revenge scheme but a nationwide sanitations upgrade!

Indeed, the reason the population is soooo grateful to the daddy emperors pet (because that's what the MC really becomes, her [adoptive]daddy emperors spoiled pet princess) is the modernisation of sewage and invention of toilet paper.... Latrine Princess For the Win!

im really reading on with a knife under my neck hoping the kiddy sexualisation fantasies of the author dies away soon. because despite the above details the plot seems promising and interesting only because of ML (ex murderers) obsession with her, and her seemingly trying to escape his advances....#rolls eyes. <<less
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Cyberlina rated it
The Overbearing Chief Husband’s Favorite: Baby
October 18, 2018
Status: c100
Plot is absent. Character development / growth is nil. Two dimensional protagonists with personalities as flat as my ipad screen.

but is readable light mood story.

story is like this : young fool tries to escape being r*ped/molested by stepbrother by contracting secret marriage to dashing ML. Only to be constantly happily r*ped thoroughly each and every night over and over again and each morning goes down to make breakfast while humming a happy silly song and holding her sore backside.

she is happy because at least it’s legal r*pe ya know. She... more>> is a married missus and all. So it’s alright.

so ifyou are the type not getting some in your stale daily life and want to drool over her situation then this story is for you. Very nice story for dumb ignorant virgins <<less
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Cyberlina rated it
The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
November 7, 2018
Status: c200
Not a story for babies.

Not a story for little girls dreaming of prince charming on a white horse.

and for those who's reading list is full of titles like pampering wife overdose, pamper wife to death or pampering pampered evil pimp's peerless supersaiyan wife.

Not for those pervs and clean freaks drooling on a virgin ML protagonist who kept his plaything in a locked box for 2000 years specially waiting for FL to be born and offer his virginity to her on a platter (like most of those Cn novels anyway)... more>>

This is a story in a story. FL gets sucked into a story she was reading and the author spins another story from here... AND this trip into that story it's a rollercoaster of emotions.

I have not come to seek comfort in this story and the plot will not comfort your parched hearts. because the characters are so true to their personalities and don't succumb to plot armour, it's a very bittersweet narrative. remember FL isn't even looking for romance so you as a reader can't be that stupid to look for romance for her!

ML is flawed, FL is flawed. like everyone who read this I was extremely disappointed with FL and ML. Ugh especially the FL, in my eyes she got all the symptoms of disociattive identity disorder aka split personality disorder. Her excuse is the body doesn't belong to her so she thinks she can enjoy the situation or s*x or carry a pregnancy plus giving birth on commission #rolls eyes. Plus keeps talking to ghosts voices in her head randomly. yes it's random. and her acting cool is more like creepy.

So because I don't like this weird woman Many times I also wanted to drop reading. many times!

but believe me! Hang on tight! don't give up on this novel because the latter plot development is great and unexpected. plus the voices go away for a good while hahaha. Plus later she sorta settles for one identity

well almost. later she disguised as a man yo! even tried to marry a woman yo!

, discarding the multiple identity naming during reading which was giving me a headache. Only then it didn't seem like I'm reading a hilarious crazy woman comedy.

everything revolves about making the right choices. people Lives, circumstances, politics, balance, survival, protection, all depends on bitter strategic choices in this novel. And sometimes sacrifices like loved ones, feelings, money have to made constantly.

the entertainent level of this novel is high. it's not repetitive, fresh each page and beautifully translated. thank you fuyuneko. <<less
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Exclusive Property: Mr. Mu’s Favorite
November 2, 2018
Status: c48
Translator library collection are all almost the same genre of CEO drama rom com. BUT! There are some notable differences in quality and execution of story.

i like this WN 10 times more than the translators other ongoing Favorite Baby story [which was already giving me a headache at chapter 55) simply because :

1. The writing quality is and story telling is way above favorite baby. Favorite baby writing quality reminds me of my 13 year old self writing fan fiction. It's flat and tasteless. The writer is incapable of detailed... more>> descriptions and development of feelings or situations. Basically in favorite Baby author writes like this : she ate an apple. She was tossed all night. She ran. She is sad. That's it.

here the writer is more mature intellectually and is capable of more in-depth writing and describes mood feelings with nice details such that characters feel more rounded.

2. Although the FL might seem stupid she is not brainless. She is just a very insecure isolated bunny and I found it adorable how she latches on that thick thigh she suddenly found to protect her pitiful self. And it's pretty funny.

FL, is no struggling student. She has a job and does it well. But domestic wise she is just pretty helpless because she is lonely and has no backing and is always acting like a cornered scaredy cat. But put her in her professional field she will bare her tiny fangs and draws out her tiny claws and can analyse people and situations pretty sharply. just because she isn't consyantly face slapping her family members like other aunty genres doesn't mean she is stupid. I found FL pretty realistic and very feminine.

ML although severe, and inflexible seems pretty sensual (physically demanding) is tolerable, as he is not a vicious rapist sourpuss and is still in the middle of sorting out his emotions with this arranged marriage and unwanted package. For now He is like a big lion/ king of his territory, but who was dumped with an airhead kitten and doesn't understand what the heck to do with it. Play with it, kill it, abandon it or since it's so cute, raise it?? <<less
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Cyberlina rated it
The Demon King Addicted to Robbing the Bride
November 11, 2018
Status: c20

the narration is so nice that I was really transported into their fantasy world.

As for characters, MC is really very cute and innocently, sorta naive but Spunky!! She’s a heavenly maiden reincarnated as a hedgehog lmao. And this is romance hahaha

... more>> the Gods, immortals and spirits act their age and power. That is nonchalant, insolent and don’t think about the future. Their schemes are for their personal immediate gains selfish pleasures. Just like a bunche of rowdy teenagers.

The females/girls of a behave like 15/16 years old girls, fresh, energetic, envious and passionate. True to youth and human nature. I liked that refreshing characterisation a lot great break from marysues and white lotuses galore on novel updates.

There no 25-30year old aunties stuck in teenage bodies here.

no unnecessary details and conversations.

recommended. <<less
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Cyberlina rated it
Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!
October 18, 2018
Status: c28
i want to say first DO NOT, do not be deterred by the r*pe tag. ... more>>

it occurs only once during the wedding night, ML drugged by a dose of aphrodisiac so strong it was tested on Horses lol


so the premises are quite hilarious and it's a very enjoyable read. there's no transmigration or rebirth just a very feisty FL and our usual block of ice ML

FL calls nicknamed him 'pan of cold noodles' and even calls him 'cold noodles' to his face lol'

but really their interactions is what makes the story lively. there's an adorable little bun there's mention of food (FL family holds a pastry shop) and there's detailed sexy time so I am going to add the smut tag.

this is pretty well written and the translation flows quite nicely. Ignore the mean comments of ungrateful brats below as the translator is not doing machine translation nor is living off sponsors. so enjoy a free web novel and advise if you recommend to read it or not and don't complain about quality if you didn't pay for it...

The story is barely starting (translation at 28/83chapters) and there's so much room for character development yet some immature reviews already bashing characters and plot. <<less
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