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As this is only at chapter 2 I will not be putting any spoiler tag.

He gets called a barbarian and a monkey, is told that he is only alive/left with both arms is because of the child he is carrying, then say they will test him and hire him to work for them. The MC proceeds to be extremely grateful and think they are really nice people. This coming from 'the strongest' person in the world who admits that he may not be faster than a royal guard.

Without going any... more>> further we know that the MC is 100% dense/ an idiot who HAS TO RAISE A CHILD. Sure he says he may not fit in to Japanese society after the 500 years of training... but really author? Did he forget language and what an insult is? What humiliation is? <<less
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Cyan_Snake rated it
The Villainess Blooms
October 24, 2018
Status: c5
The MC is supposed to be the best of the best at everything, including manipulating people.

Yet when Princess Yua straight forwardly says, "I love Veena-sama, let's elope!" The MC agrees. Yet the MC doesn't realise Yua likes her? Even talking about how Yua will find a good man for herself in the future. It's so ridiculous.

How can the MC not be able to recognize that when she is supposed to be great at reading other people to her advantage?
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Cyan_Snake rated it
Yotogi no Kuni no Gekkouhime
October 21, 2018
Status: --
The MC is a complete idiot:

Can't speak even simple sentences. Only broken ones.

Prostrates herself multiple times when apologizing when it's not even part of their culture.

... more>> Uses twigs as chopsticks when literally no one else uses chopsticks.

Asked for Natto, described by her as 'rotten beans', and thinks that's normal.

Wanted to be breast fed until she was 5.

After all of that the MC is somehow surprised that people are creeped out by her? She who has different looks from everyone else in the family, and acts like ^^, was surprised that people treated her differently? After 8 years, even with not many people talking to her, can't even form a proper sentence because it sounds 'alien' to her.

2 stars for attempted wincest so far. <<less
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